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Why Didn’t Somebody Wake Me?

My alarm didn’t go off and I slept through the wedding of the century — William and Kate. I heard on the radio they kissed three times!!! Wow. Every station on the radio was yapping about it. Oh well, at least my beauty sleep wasn’t cut short. On to more important matters.

Should I make dinner tonight or not? Drew is thinking Indian food and I’m thinking — Sounds like a nice idea but will I regret not making dinner when you, my drew, walk in the door after 9:00 PM and we have to rush off to the restaurant before it closes. Happens most Fridays.

I bought ingredients for Chicken Tikka Masala. Happened to be browsing through an old issue of Cook’s Illustrated and it caught my eye. I’m thinking of making it as a “just in case” dinner. Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do. Better get going on it because I think I have to coat it with a spice mixture and let it sit for an hour. Break time. Have to read recipe. More later.

Hours later: Getting dark out. No sign of Drew. It’s almost 8:00 pm. I’m hungry. I should have made dinner!!!!! When will I learn????  It’s happening again. The clock is ticking. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Soon it will be 9:00 pm.

I am so in the mood for a nice spicy Chic . . . Damn, what just happened? I was watching the Yankee game and the tv just switched to Kitchen Nightmare. Drew’s taping Kitchen Nightmare and Friday Night Lights. I can’t watch the Yankee game. And Drew is not home yet. Was that thunder I hear? (No, it’s the tv.)


And now I read on the internet that the newlyweds only kissed two times! The truth, I want the truth. Skyped with Cheryl this afternoon and she heard they kissed twice. I told her, “Nooooooo, I heard it was three times!” I don’t think she believed me. Eh, I’ll probably get the best wedding recap reading Doonesbury. Drew, he gets his information from Howard.

Drew is home. Yay!

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Drowning in Junk Mail

A magical moment: Mt. Rainier

Walked in the door at 7 am this morning. House was full of sleeping 20-somethings.  They were off to a day of wine and snacking. We were on our way to the couch for snoozing and baseball.

I put a hold on the mail while we were away. I’ll go through it today. Maybe organize it into piles:  total junk directly to garbage, junk that will make its way to the garbage soon, magazines, bills . . . Eventually all mail ends up in the garbarge — but not before sitting on my dining room table for weeks!

I took a short nap and then put on my sunglasses and drove around the neighborhood — returned library travel books, bought one pound coffee, 3 bananas, some organic greens . . . that was enough for one trip. Now I suppose I should pay some bills so I can throw out some more mail but I’m rapidly running out of steam. Yankees winning 5-1. Is it okay if I fall asleep? Could they be ahead because I am sitting in front of the tv with my eyes open while Drew’s eyes are shut. Someone has to pay attention to the game.

Apparently not me . .  I fell asleep and they won.

Well, enough of this travelling stuff now . .  back to real life Long Island living.

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cables, chargers, face creams, and a bra

So hard to keep track of all the essentials nowadays. I think I’ve outgrown my backpack. Now I have to use a real suitcase. The one screwup, a very important one, is my albuterol inhaler. I brought two from home. Yesterday afternoon we headed over the bridge to the Aladdin Theater. Walked there, it was sunny, misty, cloudy, rainy.

Headed over to a coffee shop. I used my inhaler and rested. Then walked around the neighborhood stopped in a great store called Rejuvenation, 3 more bars and the theater.  Really liked the bars around here. Can’t remember the name of the first one we stopped at.


Second one was Jolly Rogers — watched the Yankee game for a bit while eating fried pickles and cajun wings. The Yankees were winning when we left and my breathing — not so great.


Next stop — The Lamp for a quick dinner before the show. Yankee game on TV — score tied.  (the Lamp next to the Aladdin Theater — get it — Aladdin’s Lamp — ha ha.) Grabbed 5th row seats in the theater next door and watched the Yankees blow it on Drew’s Droid — minutes before the show started. Great place to see a concert. Drew was a bit surprised at the age of the crowd — not young. (Dave Alvin, Peter Case, Chris Smither — not so young either!)


When we got back to the hotel I took a close look at my inhaler — it expired 5 years ago. Do I contact my doctor and have him call in a script and risk paying full price because my insurance might not cover it? I thought about it all night long. Yup, I made the call — better than ending up in the hospital gasping for air. Rite Aid pharmacist called insurance company to get me a vacation over-ride — only paid copay . . . how sweet . . . an override — what did they think I do with an extra inhaler —  albuterol dealer?!

Planning on breakfast at the Bijou Cafe tomorrow — oyster omelets and fresh muffins. It’s near the Powell Bookstore — if it’s raining, that’s where we will be.

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Frolicking in Seattle with Drew

Finally . . . I have Drew all to myself . . . well, him and his Droid, but I’ll take what I can get.

The sun came out, the sky was blue. We put on our walking shoes. First Pike Place Market and then over to the Gum Wall. I chewed my gum — still had a bit of flavor left when I added it to the wall. I wanted to chew it bland but Drew was impatient. He didn’t want to stand in a damp, dark alley (Post Alley) covered in used (vintage?) gum.

Off to Capitol HIll and then to Queen Anne. Lots of walking. Elliott Bay Book Company, Roy St. Coffee & Tea, Easy Street Records — I was almost complaining about the heat. Well, no that’s not true. I did complain about the heat. I had too many layers on. Stopped in an Irish pub in time to watch the end of the Yankee game. (Yankees win — Yay.)

Afterwards, we are both thinking sushi.  “Wait a minute, that great sushi place I went to the last time I was here is in this neighborhood. And it’s that way!” He points up the block.

So we find the restaurant — Shiki, it’s on Roy St. We sit at the sushi bar and order sashimi omakase for two. The sushi chef is super busy. He’s the only one behind the bar and the place is packed. I’m watching him make up a plate. It’s filled with thick fresh chunks of sashimi of all kinds. And then he plops down the top half of  two shrimp . .  eyes, antennae, and all. They were moving — wobbling around as if still alive.

I’m looking at the plate and thinking who the hell would order something that’s still moving around on the plate!

Seconds later, the plate is in front of us. Ahhhhhhhh! Can’t shake that image out of my head. I was afraid to reach over and take a piece of sashimi. Thought it was going to attack my hand — especially when I went for its bottom half. I wanted no part of it. Drew however sucked the life out of it!

Sushi incredible.

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