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A View From My Deck in Spring

It is snowing, sleeting, raining, and thundering. Hello Spring!

As promised:

my new shed

Can’t wait to put all my broken flower pots, rusty tools, and my favorite wheel barrel into my new shed. I was pretty nervous before the shed was delivered. I get very anxious when I spend money. When I put my signature on the sales receipt I almost passed out. But I’m happy now. The shed was installed before the perennials broke ground. Now that the shed is here to stay I can design a nice surrounding garden. I sure do hope that those six visits to the gym paid off.

Today I had an impromptu lunch with Carol. I probably shouldn’t write about this but, hey, what the hell, it’s my life and I can write what I want. She picked me up in her car. Carol doesn’t like her car. She’s been complaining about it for years and she is handing it in tonight for a VW. I give her a month of love between her and the car. But that’s not what I shouldn’t be writing about.

We drove to the International Cafe in Bellmore, our usual lunch place. I sometimes order the chopped salad but I haven’t been happy with it the last few times — so, while Carol stepped away to wash her hands, I decided on a BLT on rye. She comes back, sits down and says, “Should we order the usual?” The usual is a large Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. I looked at her and must have given her a pained look because she then said, “Oh, are we getting an omelette and salad?” I was speechless. I was weak. I fell apart and said, “Absolutely, waffles. Let’s just keep it a secret,” I blurted.

We ate, we babbled, we ate some more. We talked about books we read — no details — apparently neither of us are good with details. We both said lame stuff to the waitress and left her a good tip.

One more time: Let’s keep this whole waffle thing a secret. If no one knows, then no weight is gained.

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Stop burping. You’re annoying

The way you show your love is a little weird.” I think Drew was referring to my hiccups (not burping) after drinking a vodka and pineapple juice last night. I leaned over, and sniffed his face as I hiccupped in his ear!

This  is a good one . . . really! I drank coffee and read Amy all the while drew was downstairs on the computer. No sooner is he at the table when he blurts out, “I feel like a star. But I’m not going to say anything to you. I’m done. Our relationship might be over. But my name is not always capitalized. You need to work on your style.

Oohh, is this a task, my dear master?

Going to city today to see “The Whipping Man.” We joined 2 theater groups — MTC and MCC and the other night someone called and wanted US to join the Roundabout Theater Company  — I guess that would be RTC. Two is plenty. One might be even better.

Happy birthday, Jan . . . for your birthday Drew and I uncovered the VW. It’s been under snow since Dec. 27th. Started right up too!!!!!!

Dinner out!

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