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I’ve spent the last 2 days thinking of what to write for my first twitter. (Is that correct — my first twit, twitter, tweet?)

I lost interest in Facebook a while back. It seems like a bunch of kinda private conversations gone wild and whether or not I care to read them doesn’t matter, they are posted on my wall every day. I’ve been unfriended by a few people. I get these threatening messages — respond or I am done with you! Well, I guess everyone else, if anyone, of my Facebook friends reading this will probably dump me now.

I started thinking of the reason I don’t mind posting and blabbing away on my blog and I know I’ve mentioned this before. It’s because you come to me and if you don’t want to read my post then you don’t have to. I could be writing this and nobody is reading it . . . well, maybe just a few friends and family that I quiz on a weekly basis. Yes, guilt is effective!

So why not twitter? All I have to do is come up with one, yes, just one, witty, cute, mind-boggling, eye-opening, brilliant . . . quote that people will repeat over and over again and remember for . . . sorry, getting carried away — just a simple sentence or two will do!

The idea to twitter came to me this weekend when Rachel sent me a text. I read it to Drew and he said, “Tell her she should twitter that.” So I wrote back, “Dad said you should twitter that.” And she responded, “I already did, before I wrote you.” Later that night I asked Rachel how can I access her twits and she told me I needed an account. And so a twit was born.

Now sallymaxwell can follow lucytheskunk!

The following took place before this was posted:

txt to rachel:  “Am I allowed to mention licht Eskimo on my blog?

she to me:  “No. Licht Eskimo is off limits.”

me to she:  “I hate autocorrect. (I meant) lucytheskunk.”

she to me: “Fine

me to she: “Yay. Don’t worry your little tush. I only have one follower and it is YOU!

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oh my gaga aaah

Okay Little Monsters — you know who you are — where have you all been hiding all these years and why have you decided to come out now?

I feel like I’m reading, watching, and listening to Lady Gaga 24/7. What has happened? Where did she come from? And why is she everywhere? As long as she stays out of my dreams I should be okay.

Every time Drew turns on the tv there is a gagathon on and, it seems, we keep seeing the same part over and over again. Too much chatting on her part — but the crowd goes wild.

This morning over breakfast I said to Drew, “Why didn’t we push our girls to jump around on stage? Ga is only 25 and look at her. She sings, she dances, she plays dress up. I think the girls would have loved that.” So, as usual, we, the parents, are to blame.

Where did she come up with the name Gaga? Babytalk, maybe? The meat dress, the mask-like makeup, and now what — starting to look so normal — so soon.

I hear she has 10 million twitter followers. That’s way more followers than I have. Wow! Maybe I need to dress differently.

Hey, wait a second, it’s Monday night. Ga will be at Union Square Best Buy tonight for an album signing. Better go put on my raincoat (yes, the ugly green one) and my walking shoes and head out to the LIRR. I can still make it.

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