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How Many Chilis Does It Take To Get Some Hot Around Here?

Finally getting around to making the Chicken Tikka Masala tonight. Bought all the ingredients on Friday . . .  the chicken sell by date is tomorrow (May 3rd.) So we should be safe eating it. My big issue when cooking spicy food is the quality of the peppers. This recipe called for one serrano pepper, no seeds. I used 2 peppers with seeds and there is a little spice in the sauce but I would expect much more when using the seeds.

I have a nice collection of peppers in my fridge: Some colorful habanero peppers,  a pair of firm jalapenos, and a handful of somewhat small serrano peppers. Actually I don’t know if the peppers are somewhat small. I’m not sure what size they usually are. I always thought that the smaller the pepper the hotter the hot!

Instead of cooking on Friday night, Drew and I went to the New Chilli and Curry. We arrived after 9:30 and the place was packed. Food was good but I missed my palak paneer and dahl. We tried new dishes. Can’t remember if we ordered an appetizer. Duh. I’m pretty sure we did. Why? Because the we is me and my drew and when Drew is involved that usually means appetizer and bread. (Yes, we had garlic nan.) Ordered a mixed tandoori dish and an eggplant dish. Delicious.

How spicy you like it?” he asks after taking the order. “Indian medium,” we reply in unison and then chuckle and look lovingly at each other. How did we come up with Indian medium, you ask? Last time we were there with Hannah. When we said spicy we looked at Hannah because we know she is eating spicy but not yet at our level of hotness. The waiter suggested Indian spicy. It was a good hot, maybe a bit too much for Hannah, but I’m not sure. A bit more might have been nice but the food was so tasty we were all happy.

Sauce is ready. Chicken is marinating, asparagus is cleaned and cut. I’m ready to cook. Where is Drew?

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