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Feeling Groovy

Maybe I’m a bit optimistic but I think Stanley’s days of living it up in my house are coming to an end. Yesterday I was so traumatized by his presence in the crawl space that I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. I wasn’t home today so I don’t know for sure if he’s been around but I just couldn’t get him out of my mind.

I called Mady and she gave me the name of a trapper. It was one of those “friend of a friend’ referrals. I called him. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say. We spoke and he gave me a few good pointers.

Most importantly he said, and he is not the only one, that the squirrel probably found another way out or it would be dead. Look for a fresh pile of saw dust. I went out back and crawled around and found what looked like saw dust and above it — a hole. Yup, I found it. Well, I think I feel better because now I know he isn’t trapped and he won’t wind up dead in my house.

Tomorrow night I will set up a trap on the outside. I’ll probably have to use some patio blocks to line up the trap’s opening to the hole in the house. I say tomorrow night because tonight my partner -in-squirrel -trapping is at the Elton John concert at the Garden. Drew wants no part of it, so I’ll wait.

Getting a new garden shed on Monday. Yay! I’m concerned because I’m having my old shed torn down in the next day or so and I don’t want this to interfere with my squirrel trapping. Maybe I can get them to keep down the noise . . . cut down that metal shed quietly, please.

Preparing for trip to Seattle . .  haircut today, color tomorrow. Bought walking shoes and a raincoat. Am I repeating myself? Signing up for a cooking class one afternoon . . .

Just started reading The Memory Palace. It’s a 2 week loan so I’ll finish it before we leave. Need to bring 2 books with me.

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I Want a Little Camera I Can Love

I’ve fallen out of  love with my Canon Powershot  . . . it’s way too slow. I’d like to get a camera before we leave for Seattle but I can’t figure out what’s important. Size? Changeable lenses?  I’m pretty sure size matters. My camera should be a necessary item —  like my wallet. Need to have it, stick it in a pocket or purse before I run out the door. Not like an umbrella – should I bring it or not? Will I need it and who wants to carry it? If it’s too big I know I won’t carry it around. But I will wish I had it whenever I didn’t.

BREAKING NEWS: Went down to my laundry room and saw a piece of out-of-place insulation. Pushed it in and casually banged on the panel that seals the crawl space and heard a shuffling — and then I saw Stanley stick his head up and out of the crawl space. Damn, he’s still around. I was really hoping that he found his way out. He doesn’t seem as active — don’t hear any chewing. I called Arrow and they said they could send a specialist over to assess the situation for a few hundred dollars (which would go towards whatever it is they recommend.) So I called my guy and once again, we set traps in and out of the crawl space. An hour later I heard him scurrying in the dining room ceiling. Is it possible that he is getting in and out? Is it possible that there are two?

Well, enough squirrel talk. Going to dinner with Sylvia soon. This morning Drew asked where we were going for dinner. I wasn’t sure — probably meet at Borders in Farmingdale and eat at the pizza place around the corner, Bellagio Pizza. “Why don’t you go to Croxley’s or . . . ,” he rattles on. “Did I ask you for suggestions? No, I did not!” My Drew is always full of advice.

When Sylvia and I meet, it’s not just about the food, although good food is a plus. It’s about a place to eat and chat and not be rushed. A place to laugh and discuss important issues. “What color should I paint my house?” I’ve already packed the paint chips. Wonder if she’ll give me some good suggestions. We’ve got a big night planned. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Borders, and dinner. tired just thinking about it.

Better nap and get ready for my big night.

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Stanley, Stanley, Stanley

Tension is rising. John, my very own squirrel trapper and personal gutter guy, came by today. The peanut butter was softening on the counter. I have two traps set in the attic and one in the eave by Rachel’s bed. This fourth one that I borrowed from Ann was going in the crawl space. Peanut butter, cracker, peanut butter — three layers — balanced delicately in the trap. John went down to the laundry room. I was searching the house looking for tape and a flash light when I heard him yell, “I’m here hanging with the squirrel. Here squirrel, squirrel” (I might add that I am paraphrasing.) Really, the squirrel is right in front of me.” By the time I got downstairs all I saw was Stanley’s tail disappearing into the crawl space.

John is pretty sure this is it. I hope so. He placed the trap in the crawl space and this time we put a flashlight shining on the food. I read somewhere, in my squirrel hunting search, that if a squirrel is trying to find an opening he might go for the light. We will see. I didn’t tell John that the squirrel is no longer just a squirrel. He is Stanley to me and to everyone who is reading this.

Almost ready to get dinner together and I just heard a noise from downstairs. Well, I can’t get to the crawl space but I did go in the laundry room. Don’t hear any noise so I doubt the squirrel is in the trap but now I’m thinking he could have knocked the flashlight down. It was just set on the floor. I probably should have secured it with tape. Maybe I’ll hold out til Thursday. I’m beginning to smell squirrel — real or imagined?

Do you think a daily blog is too much. Who the hell wants to read this everyday?

Dinner: Shrimp, broccoli rabe, cauliflower — all with lots of garlic.

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