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My Kitchen Sink

view from the front entrance

Still love my sink after all these years. I know I’ve given myself a 300 word limit a day but I really really don’t feel like writing right now. Tired.

Finished cutting, chopping, and mincing. Cooked up a couple of Indian dishes for dinner and now I get to sit by the front door and wait for my drew. It gets lonely at the door but tonight I get an added treat. Pam is coming in for the night. She’ll probably get here before drew — all the way from Mexico. I feel pretty lucky — I’m guaranteed a visit when they (one or both — Pam and Jan) come into town because the Jetta that once belonged to Rachel now belongs to them and it is sitting in front of my  house. I know it’s sad but at least I know I get to see them even if it is a quickie.

Tomorrow we get to eat an early breakfast and then go off in different directions. My guess is I won’t see Pam again til it is time for her to head back home to Mexico. I’m okay with it . .  I take what I can get. Probably should have checked to see if there is gas in the car. Already dug up the EZ Pass and put it by the keys.

My squirrel was very noisy today. I have 3 traps all over the place. I don’t know why he isn’t finding any of them. Maybe I really do have to cook for him. Anybody know of a good squirrel cookbook? Going to wash and soak my basmati rice and sit in the back room and read a book — The Glass Cell by Patricia Highsmith.

Dinner is ground turkey curry and peas, palak paneer, and basmati rice. Saving the okra for another day.

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