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I Am So Hungry!

Feels like I spent the day at the gym. I can walk for hours but this bending really takes a toll on me. My legs are aching. Maybe it’s the combination of bending and hearing the scream of the dandelion that tires me. This morning my yard was covered in dandelions again. Where do they come from?  Eh, who cares, they are, once again, gone!

Filled the shed with tools and stuff . . . still plenty of room. I’m so happy with my new shed. I can stand up in it and look out the window. At this point there is more room to move around in the shed than in Hannah’s room, but let’s save that for another day. Wonder what I did with the key. I never had a key for my shed and I never thought of locking it but now I have a key somewhere in this house and I’m thinking, “Maybe I should lock it!” Probably not a good idea. I’ll end up losing the key and I won’t be able to get to my very important gardening stuff.

Today I am thinking food. All sorts of food. Went to Trader Joe’s to buy some mint yogurt only to be told they were out of it. Was looking through my recipes and found an article on coconut oil. Mmm, the shrimp recipe sounded delicious so I bought myself some coconut oil at the health food store.

Came home, already made some Hot and Sour Soup and Stir Fried Green Beans. The ingredients for the Stir Fried Sweet Potatoes and the Sauteed Shrimp with Coconut Oil, Ginger and Coriander. are ready to go — just waiting for Drew to call and say, “I’m on my way home.” (Please, please call before 10 pm!)

Looking for a smaller food processor than the 25+ year old one that I have. Any suggestions? Am thinking of the Black & Decker HC306 but have only seen it online.

Damn, now I’m hungry.

As promised: Afghan Grill Kebob House on Hillside Ave. in New Hyde Park.

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Ding Dong the Shed is Gone

They took the old shed away, but first they had to empty the truck to make room for the pieces:

Random pickings?

Every year I say the same thing, “I have to get rid of this awful rusty leaky shed.” And every year I also say, “Damn, I should have ordered a shed. Now it’s too late, the perennials are popping.” Well, this year is different. I finally ordered it and I’m nervous. Did I pick the right color? Size? I’m looking over at the corner and now I’m thinking I should have ordered a smaller shed. Maybe a different color? Did I really need the window?  Eh, whatever it is it will be new. Right? Did I even need another shed in that spot. Maybe a vegetable garden would have been better. Ahhh, enough!

More importantly, what’s with the squirrel? Well, this morning I took a hammer and started banging on the plywood covering the crawl space. Hannah stood outside to see if a squirrel ran out in the yard. Nope, nothing. It is very quiet in my yard. I don’t see any happy playful squirrels dancing in the sun.

All yesterday I was thinking of elaborate ways to tell if there is a squirrel coming in and out of the opening. Whatever it was that I thought of pretty much flew out the window when I had to crawl on the ground and stick my head under the cantilever. (Am I using this word correctly?)  I could barely reach the two openings. So I took two white plastic garbage bags, crumpled them up, and shoved them up each hole.

Here’s what it looks like:

garbage bag plugs

I already checked tonight and they are untouched. So far, so good. No traps out tonight. If the plastic plugs are untouched tomorrow, OMG, I think I may have stumbled on a new career — squirrel trapper. I’ve learned so much about the ways of a squirrel these past few weeks. Maybe I should calm down and take it easy. I just want this to be over. Close it up and get on with it.

Tomorrow my new shed is being installed. The contractor is coming over to fix the leak by my front door and fix the air conditioning vents that the squirrels destroyed.

Hey, wait a minute  —  March 20 at 7:21 pm EST — Happy Spring! (Did I hear snowflakes in the forecast this week?)

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Think Like a Squirrel

Found the point of squirrel entry into my house the other day and set out two traps after dark. I made sure to add plenty of peanut butter, bread, a few whole peanuts and an additional touch of peanut butter right in front of each trap. The next morning I looked out my window and saw a fat, happy squirrel dancing in my yard. Not happy was I.

Ate breakfast, got dressed and just before leaving I went out back and checked on the traps. Both traps were closed tight. One was knocked over and empty and the other one had a squirrel in it. Could it be Stanley? How many squirrels do I need to catch? Sent Stanley off to a park in Massapequa. I hope he is happy and I hope he is him(?) Set the traps again and on Saturday morning there was another squirrel in the trap. That fragrant peanut butter could probably attract every squirrel in Merrick.

Spent the day in the city. Drove in and used my MOMA membership to get twenty dollar parking for 12 hours. A good deal in that area. Drew and I saw The Good People on Broadway. “I really like that play. Did you like it?” he said immediately upon hitting daylight and fresh air. “Yup,” I quickly reply. “I can never tell,” he quips back. Wandered over to St. Andrews and met the girls there. Hannah had just finished volunteering at the Black Party Erotic Expo. And it was another day, another doctor for Rachel — she met us afterwards. We drank and ate appetizers. I think Drew left hungry. He just doesn’t get the only-eat-appetizer part and he didn’t order enough food. It made him cranky.

Drove Rachel home and on the way ordered a burger medium rare to go for her from Royale. (Now she decides to eat!) Hannah came home with us.

And I am ready for tomorrow. Clean up corner for new shed. Old shed is gone and new one delivered on Monday. Yay!  Also, I decided not to put out the traps tonight. Tomorrow I’ll cover the holes with plastic and leave some strips hanging. Not sure how I’ll do this but this way I can see if there is a squirrel getting in or out of the crawl-space. No activity and the holes get closed up. Otherwise the traps go out again.

Wore my new Ecco sneakers today . . . most comfortable.

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