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Rain Jacket and Walking Shoes

When I left the house today it was already starting to rain. According to the NY Times it was only going to drizzle. I left my rain jacket in the closet. I just didn’t want to walk around looking like a scoop of (green) mint ice cream.

Before we left for Seattle I went searching for a rain jacket. Nothing in the stores for me. When I looked at my inbox I saw a 25% off and free shipping offer from Land’s End.  This offer was ending at midnight (3 hours away.) They had a rain jacket with a fleece lining. I didn’t have time to think. Midnight was approaching fast. The problem was the color choices. The only color I ever like that they offer is black.  I shoulda went with it but I was trying to get springy. I just thought I should get a color-other-than-black. I would have preferred gray or olive-green but all they offer are these off colors that I really don’t care for. So I ordered the green . . . and I don’t care for it. I wouldn’t mind neon or olive. If I had time I would have returned it but we were leaving for Seattle a few days later.

I haven’t gotten used to the color. I keep telling myself that I like it but then I see my reflection and quickly look away. It did keep me dry and, if not for the color, it worked well — hood was good, pockets zippered. Don’t care for the little circles of velcro along the zipper.

So I didn’t wear it today because I thought I might run into someone I knew. I don’t know why. Who goes walking in the rain around here?

I do love the ecco biom trainers that I bought. Feels like I’m walking barefoot — and from what I’ve read that is the big thing these days — that barefoot feeling. The ecco biom walkers are leather and too thick but the trainers are mesh. My feet are happy when I wear them. The salesperson at the Walking Store assured me that it’s okay to walk in trainers and that my feet will stay dry. I did believe her but I still wrote to ecco asking them about the trainers — are they good for walking? Will my feet stay dry? They never responded. I wore them and I’m happy but I’m still waiting for an answer a month later!!

And now something about Drew –He moved to his new office this week. He needs help in setting up his furniture.


Any suggestions?

See Drew sit. See Drew work. He is busy. He drew this picture.

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Frolicking in Seattle with Drew

Finally . . . I have Drew all to myself . . . well, him and his Droid, but I’ll take what I can get.

The sun came out, the sky was blue. We put on our walking shoes. First Pike Place Market and then over to the Gum Wall. I chewed my gum — still had a bit of flavor left when I added it to the wall. I wanted to chew it bland but Drew was impatient. He didn’t want to stand in a damp, dark alley (Post Alley) covered in used (vintage?) gum.

Off to Capitol HIll and then to Queen Anne. Lots of walking. Elliott Bay Book Company, Roy St. Coffee & Tea, Easy Street Records — I was almost complaining about the heat. Well, no that’s not true. I did complain about the heat. I had too many layers on. Stopped in an Irish pub in time to watch the end of the Yankee game. (Yankees win — Yay.)

Afterwards, we are both thinking sushi.  “Wait a minute, that great sushi place I went to the last time I was here is in this neighborhood. And it’s that way!” He points up the block.

So we find the restaurant — Shiki, it’s on Roy St. We sit at the sushi bar and order sashimi omakase for two. The sushi chef is super busy. He’s the only one behind the bar and the place is packed. I’m watching him make up a plate. It’s filled with thick fresh chunks of sashimi of all kinds. And then he plops down the top half of  two shrimp . .  eyes, antennae, and all. They were moving — wobbling around as if still alive.

I’m looking at the plate and thinking who the hell would order something that’s still moving around on the plate!

Seconds later, the plate is in front of us. Ahhhhhhhh! Can’t shake that image out of my head. I was afraid to reach over and take a piece of sashimi. Thought it was going to attack my hand — especially when I went for its bottom half. I wanted no part of it. Drew however sucked the life out of it!

Sushi incredible.

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Seattle Weather Report

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday




Picking up car and heading East tomorrow. Word is — rain coming back to Seattle on Sunday night.

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Can’t a Girl Get a Pack of M&Ms Around Here?

Exhausted. Walked up to Capitol Hill today. Roamed the streets and ended up in Volunteer Park. Didn’t go in the Asian Art Museum — no rain, no museum — but I did stroll through the Volunteer Park Conservatory. I walked around the Water Tower. I read that if you walk up the winding staircase of the old Water Tower you will see the best panoramas of the city. I thought about it but I couldn’t bring myself to walk up —  just so tired. Maybe I’ll walk back with Drew on Saturday  — oops, just heard the weather forecast — or maybe I won’t.

There are two items I need at all times in my hotel room: potato chips and M&Ms. Now we’re not talking just any chips or M&Ms — I’ve walked over 8 miles in 3 days and most of that time I was looking for just-plain-potato chips. Not thick, not hand-made, not low-fat . . . just real potato chips. And M&Ms — who would think it would be so hard to find a pack. It was not easy  — All I wanted was peanut  M&Ms. Found a small market just as I was about to pass out near the hotel.

Like I said before: I’m exhausted.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I’m tired and here’s a picture.

Tomorrow . . .

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Seattle weather: Same as usual

When you walk into a sushi restaurant and it is crowded on a week night it means one of two things: Cheap prices or great sushi. In this case it was great sushi. Shiro was crowded, so Drew gave them his name and cell number and we went across the street for a drink.

People are friendly and very polite in Seattle. Yesterday when I bought my sandwich, I paid for it with a 50 dollar bill. I handed it over and said, “Can I break a 50?” and he said, “Sure. Thank you for asking.” Oops, wait a minute — did I catch the nice bug by asking? There were other instances of super politeness throughout the day. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It’s just more than I’m used to.

So we are at the bar across the street. There were 3 of us. Me, Drew, and Derek (in from NY/works for Drew.) There was a trivia game going on — guess it’s a bar thing — and in between a trivia question the woman with the dog on her lap turns towards us and directs the following remark to Derek, “I see your parents are visiting.” What do you say to that?  Drew and I are looking over at Derek as he chokes on his drink and spits out the words, “No, he’s my boss!”  I don’t know where that fits in with politeness in Seattle but it had to be told. She did apologize profusely when she saw how we all reacted.

Drew’s phone was ringing while we waited. It was the hostess from the restaurant. Our table was ready. We went over, sat down, and, as the hostess was seating us she said, “Thank you for coming back.”  Sushi great and all employees super polite!

Today I went to my cooking class. On the way someone in a wheelchair, who I am pretty sure was homeless, came up to me and said hello. I said hello and was waiting for him to ask for money. He said, “You from around here?” “No,” I said quickly and kept walking. He kept up with me. “You’re a tourist,” he said. “Well, I never liked that word,” I said. He laughed and said, “Are you lost? You need directions?” “No, I’m fine.” “Okay, have a nice day.” And off he went.

Must be that northwest air. Last year in Vancouver, Drew and I would be looking at a map on the street and all sorts of people would stop and ask if we needed directions. After a few times of this we were afraid to take out the map in public.

The class was fun, informative, and a nice lunch treat. Afterwards Seattle Art Museum to get out of the rain, a stop in at a wine store for a bottle of red from Washington. I went with Syncline, a 2009 Subduction Red,  from Columbia Valley — only 1,488 cases produced. A review tomorrow.

Back at the hotel. Waiting for my honey to join me here. Some cheese, snap peas, and a glass of wine before dinner.

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At least you have flowers to brighten up your stay

What a way to start a vacation. We flew Delta from JFK to Seattle. Our seats weren’t together. They were 2 middle seats. Drew was pretty sure we could change them at the airport and he was right. “The good news is that we are sitting together. The bad news is we are sitting in the last row by the bathroom.” How bad could that be? I was sitting with my honey.

Next time we say NO WAY . . . the aroma of coffee, bathroom freshener, mixed in with the actual smell of an airplane bathroom in constant use was too much for me.  It was a bad idea and it was the first time I ever threw up on an airplane. It was quick and I felt better right away — enough said.

A wet cold day in Seattle — went down to the desk and asked a question. She started telling me places to go. “And if you want to get some shopping in there’s Nordstrom and Macy’s . . .” Ahh, stop right there. Then I asked her if it was going to warm up at all because if not I’m going to buy a scarf. “Oh, a great place to buy a scarf is right up this way,” she points on the map and says, “Nordstrom Rack.” No, no, no, I didn’t come all this way to feel like I’m back home.

Walked around the Waterfront, Pike Place Market, and, as usual, in circles. The flowers and the seafood in the market all looked incredible.


Bought a turkey sandwich on sourdough and went back to the room for lunch. The sandwich was delicious — even the lettuce and tomato was tasty. Checked my email, watched a Law and Order and ate my sandwich. Then I went to search for a Hallmark card for Drew’s dad. He’ll be 92 in a few days and I really didn’t think it would be so hard to find a nice card with lots of words. I found a Walgreens and saw two cards that would have been nice but one was printed in silver ink and the other had print so light I had a hard time reading it. Oh well, struck out on that one. Passed through Pike Place for the third time today and bought some flowers, cheese, and snap peas.

Just like home

Went to the front desk and got a vase. “What pretty flowers,” she said as she handed me the vase, “At least you have the flowers to brighten up your stay with all this rain every day.”

Sushi soon with Drew — if I can stay awake.

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Feeling Groovy

Maybe I’m a bit optimistic but I think Stanley’s days of living it up in my house are coming to an end. Yesterday I was so traumatized by his presence in the crawl space that I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. I wasn’t home today so I don’t know for sure if he’s been around but I just couldn’t get him out of my mind.

I called Mady and she gave me the name of a trapper. It was one of those “friend of a friend’ referrals. I called him. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say. We spoke and he gave me a few good pointers.

Most importantly he said, and he is not the only one, that the squirrel probably found another way out or it would be dead. Look for a fresh pile of saw dust. I went out back and crawled around and found what looked like saw dust and above it — a hole. Yup, I found it. Well, I think I feel better because now I know he isn’t trapped and he won’t wind up dead in my house.

Tomorrow night I will set up a trap on the outside. I’ll probably have to use some patio blocks to line up the trap’s opening to the hole in the house. I say tomorrow night because tonight my partner -in-squirrel -trapping is at the Elton John concert at the Garden. Drew wants no part of it, so I’ll wait.

Getting a new garden shed on Monday. Yay! I’m concerned because I’m having my old shed torn down in the next day or so and I don’t want this to interfere with my squirrel trapping. Maybe I can get them to keep down the noise . . . cut down that metal shed quietly, please.

Preparing for trip to Seattle . .  haircut today, color tomorrow. Bought walking shoes and a raincoat. Am I repeating myself? Signing up for a cooking class one afternoon . . .

Just started reading The Memory Palace. It’s a 2 week loan so I’ll finish it before we leave. Need to bring 2 books with me.

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