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Rain Jacket and Walking Shoes

When I left the house today it was already starting to rain. According to the NY Times it was only going to drizzle. I left my rain jacket in the closet. I just didn’t want to walk around looking like a scoop of (green) mint ice cream.

Before we left for Seattle I went searching for a rain jacket. Nothing in the stores for me. When I looked at my inbox I saw a 25% off and free shipping offer from Land’s End.  This offer was ending at midnight (3 hours away.) They had a rain jacket with a fleece lining. I didn’t have time to think. Midnight was approaching fast. The problem was the color choices. The only color I ever like that they offer is black.  I shoulda went with it but I was trying to get springy. I just thought I should get a color-other-than-black. I would have preferred gray or olive-green but all they offer are these off colors that I really don’t care for. So I ordered the green . . . and I don’t care for it. I wouldn’t mind neon or olive. If I had time I would have returned it but we were leaving for Seattle a few days later.

I haven’t gotten used to the color. I keep telling myself that I like it but then I see my reflection and quickly look away. It did keep me dry and, if not for the color, it worked well — hood was good, pockets zippered. Don’t care for the little circles of velcro along the zipper.

So I didn’t wear it today because I thought I might run into someone I knew. I don’t know why. Who goes walking in the rain around here?

I do love the ecco biom trainers that I bought. Feels like I’m walking barefoot — and from what I’ve read that is the big thing these days — that barefoot feeling. The ecco biom walkers are leather and too thick but the trainers are mesh. My feet are happy when I wear them. The salesperson at the Walking Store assured me that it’s okay to walk in trainers and that my feet will stay dry. I did believe her but I still wrote to ecco asking them about the trainers — are they good for walking? Will my feet stay dry? They never responded. I wore them and I’m happy but I’m still waiting for an answer a month later!!

And now something about Drew –He moved to his new office this week. He needs help in setting up his furniture.


Any suggestions?

See Drew sit. See Drew work. He is busy. He drew this picture.

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Happy, Happy, Lamb, Chicken

Spent the day driving through the Columbia River Gorge. Heard it was beautiful.

Is there a mountain back there?


Welcome to Portland

In Portland now. Staying at the Hotel Modera. Booked the hotel while we sat in the parking lot of a Starbucks. Good Rate, nice hotel, great bed, and no pets allowed. It also happens to have a great restaurant. Once we checked in to the hotel we really didn’t want to go walking around in the rain. Ate at Nel Centro in lobby of hotel. I had the best lamb, and Drew had the best chicken — tender, flavorful, happy — well, someone was happy, maybe not the meat on our plate. We shared the best beet salad.

Forecast this week: Rain — sun comes out on Friday. Friday? That rings a bell. Oh, right, that’s the day we leave!

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Seattle Weather Report

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday




Picking up car and heading East tomorrow. Word is — rain coming back to Seattle on Sunday night.

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Like Walking In the Rain

and wishing on the stars up above THAT THE SUN WOULD COME OUT!

Light rain, showers, rain — It’s all wet to me.

All week long I looked outside my hotel window and saw Bainbridge Island in between the raindrops. Today it is not there. I’ve been told that Mt. Rainier is hovering out that way too. A rumor, I suppose.

It’s not even noon yet and I am eating potato chips and M&Ms — maybe I should finish off this bottle of wine. I think I am overdosing on wet and dreary. My raincoat is great. I keeps me warm and dry. But you know what is even better? Staying inside with a cup of hot tea and a tasty fresh sandwich on sourdough.

A view from a bridge: An island and a mountain -- yeah right!

I checked the hourly forecast for Seattle on weather.com. Rain, light rain, showers — it’s not looking good. But I have to get going. The bed has to be made and the towels replaced. Wonder how far I have to go to walk off my breakfast of 2 croissants and a half bowl oatmeal?

(Spoke to Hannah today and she is not happy. Her landlord is raising the rent $400 a month in June. There oughta be a law . . . but from what I can see — there isn’t. Suggestions anyone — Under $3000/3 bedrooms/pref. East Village?)

I’m back in the room. I thought once I started walking it would get better. It didn’t. I was out for 3 hours walking in the rain/showers/light rain. My destination was the Queen Anne neighborhood. I got pretty close but then turned back when the puddles were knee-deep. Picked up a sandwich on sourdough.

I think I’ll curl up on a pile of pillow next to the door and wait for Drew to get off work.

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