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Think Like a Squirrel

Found the point of squirrel entry into my house the other day and set out two traps after dark. I made sure to add plenty of peanut butter, bread, a few whole peanuts and an additional touch of peanut butter right in front of each trap. The next morning I looked out my window and saw a fat, happy squirrel dancing in my yard. Not happy was I.

Ate breakfast, got dressed and just before leaving I went out back and checked on the traps. Both traps were closed tight. One was knocked over and empty and the other one had a squirrel in it. Could it be Stanley? How many squirrels do I need to catch? Sent Stanley off to a park in Massapequa. I hope he is happy and I hope he is him(?) Set the traps again and on Saturday morning there was another squirrel in the trap. That fragrant peanut butter could probably attract every squirrel in Merrick.

Spent the day in the city. Drove in and used my MOMA membership to get twenty dollar parking for 12 hours. A good deal in that area. Drew and I saw The Good People on Broadway. “I really like that play. Did you like it?” he said immediately upon hitting daylight and fresh air. “Yup,” I quickly reply. “I can never tell,” he quips back. Wandered over to St. Andrews and met the girls there. Hannah had just finished volunteering at the Black Party Erotic Expo. And it was another day, another doctor for Rachel — she met us afterwards. We drank and ate appetizers. I think Drew left hungry. He just doesn’t get the only-eat-appetizer part and he didn’t order enough food. It made him cranky.

Drove Rachel home and on the way ordered a burger medium rare to go for her from Royale. (Now she decides to eat!) Hannah came home with us.

And I am ready for tomorrow. Clean up corner for new shed. Old shed is gone and new one delivered on Monday. Yay!  Also, I decided not to put out the traps tonight. Tomorrow I’ll cover the holes with plastic and leave some strips hanging. Not sure how I’ll do this but this way I can see if there is a squirrel getting in or out of the crawl-space. No activity and the holes get closed up. Otherwise the traps go out again.

Wore my new Ecco sneakers today . . . most comfortable.

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I’m Back

Picked up my computer today. Went to Apple with a list and they returned it a few days later saying that they could not duplicate any of my problems. Still have the list. They did give me a new and improved power cord and just in the nick of time because the power went out in the Apple store just as he handed me the cord. No lights, no internet, no service. I left behind a crowd of bewildered Apple users.

But some good did come out of all this. Let’s see — Tuesday I dropped my computer off and went straight to the gym. I’ve been to the gym twice this week. I’m getting things done. Priced shed and bought one. Seriously looking to paint the outside of my house, looking at colors, and called Ronnie to paint. Met Carol for dinner, read a few books, and even vacuumed. I know, your thinking — all this she couldn’t do with a functioning laptop? Sad, but true.

The squirrel is still around. Quiet today, noisy yesterday. Spent a bit of yesterday with my ear to the dining room wall listening to the squirrel. At one point I heard him scurrying in the dining room ceiling. A bit nervous, I ran up to Rachel’s room to see if he was in there but, no, he’s still in the bones of the house. Picked up a third trap from Angelika. She also recommended crackers — Ritz crackers. Maybe Trader Joe crackers aren’t tasty enough. Anyway, when I picked up the trap, she gave me a baggy of Ritz crackers. The traps are set!

Let’s all join hands and send some positive energy to the squirrel. Let’s direct him to the peanut butter. Eyes closed , breathe deep, Ommmm, let him know this is the way out. This is the only way out. It’s a good thing . . . into the trap, pleeeeeaase!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day from the girls

Dinner tonight: Sushi and if all goes as planned, Rachel will be joining us.

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Going’ crazy here

It’s quiet in the house. There is no buzzing in my head and there are no squirrels scratching and chipping away at the bones of my house. I’m pretty sure the squirrels are comfy and sleeping in the mounds of insulation scattered all over the attic.  Yesterday John, my gutter guy, put a trap in the attic and one on the roof. Today the one on the roof was untouched but the one in the attic was snapped shut. It was empty. I think we have a problem here and I think it is the peanut butter. The Trader Joe’s Natural, unsalted and crunchy. peanut butter  does not have a consistency made for a trap. It is too wet and drippy. But it was all I had yesterday so we used it. It was dripping all over the place. Went to the supermarket and bought what was on sale — White Rose creamy. I wanted the crunchy but I didn’t like the expiration date. Now there are 2 traps in the attic, both with creamy firm peanut butter.


TJ's drippy peanut butter

Notice thick firm consistency


Just spent an hour trying to place to pictures I took of the peanut butters. My drew helped but I am still not happy with the placement. It’s getting late and I want to post this. Had lots to say but can’t remember any of it. Opened the mail today and lo and behold — a letter from the Red Light Division addressed to me.  Apparently I was photographed going  through a red light but in reality I was slowing down on Merrick Rd. and making a right turn just as the light was changing. A 65 dollar fine and no points — that’s how they get you. No points — who could resist?

Dinner tonight was chicken soup and the rest of the chocolate fudge cake from last night.



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