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Die, Dandelions, Die

I went outside to paint a small sample on the side of the house and that’s when I saw them . . . all of them. they were big and happy. Dandelions, happy healthy dandelions . . . all over the place. Well, I’m happy to report that I snapped the tap on every one of them.

happy no more!

I was panicking because I spoke to my painter and he wants to start prepping the house this week. Wanted a turquoise color but think I like the wythe blue. Can’t seem to find a turquoise I like. Decision making time. More on this after I get Drew feedback.

Would you still visit me?

Ran into Laurie at Pat’s Farm this afternoon. We’ve been veggie buddies for years. We were both part of a CSA. Every year we would sign up for weekly shares at Golden Earthworm. We took turns picking up the shares. Every year I say it will be my last. I love the veggies but one little piece of broccoli does not a meal make. Potatoes we don’t eat and I always need to fill in lots around the edges.

This year I didn’t renew. I hope I won’t be sorry. Laurie signed up. Hope she doesn’t start emailing me during the season to tell me how good the arugula is, or the beets, or lettuce, or ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . what did I do? I’m going to have to find a good local farmers market.

Laurie was buying nuts and yogurt today. She was looking for lemon yogurt. I told her about the chocolate yogurt I buy once in a while in Trader Joe’s. And then she said, “Have you tried the mint yogurt from Trader Joe’s? It’s the best.” I’ve been thinking about it all day but I was nowhere near Trader Joe’s — and with gas over $4.00 a gallon I like to consolidate my travels. Maybe Wednesday for mint yogurt.

I’m mentioning all this because today I bought an impulse item — mint chocolate chip gum. I don’t know what got into me. Must’ve been all that talk about mint and chocolate. I was on line at the store and I saw New Extra Dessert Delights, sugarfree gum. I opened up the packet to this: Have Your Dessert & Chew it Too! I’m chewin’ but this ain’t no dessert!

My in-depth review of The Book of Mormon: Fabulous, absolutely fabulous. Best musical ever.

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I Walk for Lettuce

You know what it’s like — it starts with one piece of cake and the next thing you know you find yourself on the floor, recouping from a major sugar coma, an empty cake platter cracked in pieces next to your head. Right? You know what I’m talking about. Am I all alone here? Somebody say something! I know Jan understands.

Years ago, Pam and Jan brought over a flourless chocolate cake and after dinner we all had a piece. My girls couldn’t finish what was on their plates — too rich, they said. I poopooed them and grabbed their plates. “I’ll clean up. Go away,” I so desperately say. And then I proceed to lick the plates clean. How could anything that is chocolate be too rich? I was glad that Pam and Jan left early that night because I didn’t want to share the rest of the cake. Jan and I could have finished the whole thing in one sitting. But instead it was me —  all by myself! By the next day when the rest of the family was ready for another taste the cake was gone. Happens a lot in this house. “MOMMMMMMEEEEEE, where’s the cake?” As if they didn’t know.

Sugar is my weakness. For Drew, it’s carbs. Give him a piece of bread and he’ll eat the whole loaf and ask for more.  I’ve been serving cheese and veggies, instead of crackers and staying away from fresh breads, potatoes, all that white stuff. For dinner I spiced up some turkey burgers and made a mashed turnip dish. Instead of serving bread I thought it would be a good idea to wrap the burgers in lettuce — crunchy, fresh head lettuce. (Funny but head lettuce is basically white.)

I went to Pat’s Farms and only circled the block once to get a spot on the street. They have the worst parking lot ever. If I can’t park on the street I just keep on driving. Loaded my basket with whatever it was on my list and passed the head lettuce. The whole pile looked pretty measly and the price was $1.99 a head. Not worth it. Didn’t buy it.

Went home, felt guilty that I wouldn’t spend 2 bucks on Drew to make him happy so I put on my sneakers and took a walk to Associated. Their lettuce was $2.99 and looked just as bad. Not good, had to find lettuce so I headed towards Stop & Shop and went directly to the produce department — $2.59! What am I going to do? I caved and bought the lettuce.

I had a good power walk home. Worked up a good sweat, me and my puny looking head of lettuce. Had to peel most of it away to get to the crunchy part. It made Drew happy. Mission accomplished!

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Leave your phone, iphone, droid, blackberry at the door

Find your seat, sit back, and enjoy the show. Yes, I said sit down. My ticket has a seat number on it and I am so looking forward to resting my tush. I’ve given up going to concerts where I know I have to stand — actually that’s not true –I usually give in at the last-minute when Drew says, “you don’t have to go, I’ll go with out you.” Although lately I think he’s on the same page as I am.

Last night we went to Radio City Music Hall to see Bright Eyes. Drew and I ended up eating dinner at Heartland Brewery. I don’t know why– probably because it was up the block from the concert. (Note to myself: Need to find a place to eat in neighborhood — a nice casual pub would be nice . Suggestions?)

After dinner and many texts later, we found the girls huddled in a corner a few blocks away. We stopped at Starbucks before the concert. My feet were already hurting. I love my Doc Martens but they are not walking shoes. I was looking forward to sitting down.

At Radio City I found my seat, sat down, and I was ready for the show. As soon as Bright Eyes walks on stage the entire audience starts clapping and screaming and they ALL stand up. Everyone is  crazy excited. I take a deep breath. They’ll stand for a song, and then calm down, and sit. But that is not what happened. No one sat down for the entire show. What’s with this? I didn’t want to appear to be a weenie-concert-goer so I stood. Drew and I were sitting next to Josh and his friend and I didn’t want him to look over at me and think, “wow, maybe she’s too old to be here.” I didn’t want to embarrass Rachel.

Meanwhile Hannah and her sister, Rachel, were up close and leaning on the stage the entire time. They probably got to actually see Conor Oberst on stage. What’s with the lighting? Bad hair day? Pimple? Sty? Did he not want anyone to see him. Either it was dark and I couldn’t quite see where he was or the lights were crazy blinking in my face and I couldn’t see anything.

I made it thru the concert. I did sneak a sit. And then, instead of hopping in a cab, we walked over to the E train — which, we found out too late,  wasn’t running at night — missed the 12:35 am train, and ended up sitting in Penn station for an hour. I was in bed by 3:00 am and asleep by 3:01.

I’ll say this: Sitting or standing you can’t escape the glow. Maybe that’s why the show is so blinding, and glitzy — to distract the band from all the screen glow from phones, blackberrys, droids, and whatever else battery operated device that fits in a pocket.

Dinner: Chicken sausage from Pat’s Farms, broccoli rabe, and cauliflower, and ginger peanut soup. Yummmmmmm

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