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One Fine Day

Quiet day today. Rachel’s here but not. Picked up Hannah from the LIRR station. She’s catching up on some episodes of House. It’s been hard on her since she had to give up the dvr at her apartment. Hannah and her roomies were getting a deal on the box but that’s done with and now so is the box. There’s a good chance that Hannah is napping on the couch right now. I’ll be able to tell when a commercial is on. If she’s awake she’ll fast forward . . . oops, what timing — fast forward and wide awake.

The girlies are off to Florida tomorrow to visit Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Eli. A real treat for all of them! I think they’ll all have fun.

Took a ride with Mady to Zimmerman’s in Lindenhurst and found a great dining room table. I wasn’t looking but Mady was. She wants a couch — a comfortable couch, maybe some chairs to go with the couch. I was pretty surprised that she/we found 2 couches that were both comfortable and stylish. Of course there’s the picking of material, the arms and pillows, and then there’s David. Very stressful, but it’s all just in the beginning stages. I happen to glance over my shoulder at one point and caught sight of this great distressed pine dining room table. My table is 44 inches wide. I think it’s too wide. .., the sales girl recommended 36 inches but I think I might go for 38 or 40. Such decisions. I want that table.

And on top of all this stress, I’ve been calling Ronnie to paint the outside of my house and his answering machine is full and I can’t leave a message. I need to talk to him and get on that list. He must have a list of customers lining up to get their houses painted. Besides, I also need him to help me pick a color. I’ve suddenly changed my mine from whatever it was I chose the other day. Now I’m going for Benjamin Moore new london burgundy (HC-61). It’s a bit dark so maybe I can go a shade lighter.

Dinner tonight sushi with the girls and daddy drew.

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