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Can’t a Girl Get a Pack of M&Ms Around Here?

Exhausted. Walked up to Capitol Hill today. Roamed the streets and ended up in Volunteer Park. Didn’t go in the Asian Art Museum — no rain, no museum — but I did stroll through the Volunteer Park Conservatory. I walked around the Water Tower. I read that if you walk up the winding staircase of the old Water Tower you will see the best panoramas of the city. I thought about it but I couldn’t bring myself to walk up —  just so tired. Maybe I’ll walk back with Drew on Saturday  — oops, just heard the weather forecast — or maybe I won’t.

There are two items I need at all times in my hotel room: potato chips and M&Ms. Now we’re not talking just any chips or M&Ms — I’ve walked over 8 miles in 3 days and most of that time I was looking for just-plain-potato chips. Not thick, not hand-made, not low-fat . . . just real potato chips. And M&Ms — who would think it would be so hard to find a pack. It was not easy  — All I wanted was peanut  M&Ms. Found a small market just as I was about to pass out near the hotel.

Like I said before: I’m exhausted.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I’m tired and here’s a picture.

Tomorrow . . .

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