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Slaving in the Kitchen

Bought some good looking salmon steaks and wild baby dandelion greens yesterday for dinner. I’ve really been in a salmon kind of mood. Marinated the salmon and then Drew called and said, “I’m so full. I didn’t even eat my salad. There was food in the office. What are the dinner plans?” “Um, uh, I marinated the salmon, cut up some veggies but if you are not that hungry I’ll save it for tomorrow.” “But the fish is marinated,” he says. “Yeah,” I mumbled, “and the recipe says to marinate at least an hour and can be marinated overnight.

Okay, hold off on the fish. I might go out for a drink and grab a bite,” he quickly said. I was floored. Here I was slaving in the kitchen — chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing. I give Drew a bit of an out and he grabbed it. “What do you mean? You’re not coming home for dinner?” “You know I was thinking of having a drink with some of the guys and now that you can keep the fish another day I don’t have to feel guilty,” he blurbs. (Of course, you should — feel guilty, that is.)

I’m home alone, it’s thundering, lightening, hailing, pouring. I’m clutching my new Mag-Lite flashlight and stuck in the house with not even one potato chip!!!! Come to think of it I do have some bon-bons in the freezer. And I also have peanuts and a dark chocolate bar. That should carry me into the next day.

Drew ended up working later than usual and not going out for that drink. Instead he drove home in the worst of the weather and I didn’t feel like sharing my chocolate with him. I didn’t and he headed for the cheese and those damn noisy unsalted seeds. Ahhhhhhhh

This morning I was lost. I had no salad to make. No chopping, slicing, and dicing for me again. I’m losing it. I need to use my knife. I signed up for a cooking class in Seattle on Wednesday — Soup and Salad Lunch.

Tonight we ate our salmon steaks, brussel sprouts, dandelion greens, and cauliflower with leeks. It was good. I was happy and so was my stud-hub Drew.

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