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A Big Head and Other Fine Highlights of the Day

I called Drew yesterday morning. I was in the city and was hoping to catch him before he left for work. I called him at home with my iphone. Click, click, click, click . . . I put in my secret password and made the call. The answering machine picked up. I didn’t leave a message.

Took a quick walk on the High Line with Hannah. It was way too hot. Ended up sitting in a coffeehouse drinking iced tea to cool off. Hannah had an iced cappuccino and an arugula salad. Met Pam and Jan there. Jan wanted to see the big head in Madison Square Park so we took a walk over to the east side.

A big head, a comfy bed, a cute pup -- a fine time was had by us.

It was a big head . . . a really big white head — in the middle of the park. Took a cab to Pam and Jan’s room on Restaurant Row — The French Quarter. Cute room, tiny, but most importantly it was air-conditioned. Hot day. We told Rachel to meet us at the restaurant at 5:00. Phone call at 4:00: A shrieking Rachel, “I’m locked out of my apartment. I wanted to take a quick nap before dinner.” “Where are your keys?” says me. “Probably on the kitchen counter.” Ahh, a Rachel moment.

Hey, did I tell you about Hannah’s “Rachel moment”? Sunday night we are parked outside of Hannah’s apartment. The car is packed with her luggage and an air conditioner. She looks for her keys and can’t find them. They are in Merrick in her bag in her room.We are in the city. Luckily we found her roommates, unloaded the car, put the air conditioner in the window, and took Hannah home with us. (Sibling side story.)

Dinner at Sosa Borella on 50th and 8th Ave. — still good. And, as usual, Rachel was late. Why on earth she decided to take a taxi in the height of rush hour — from East Village — I’ll never know. And she’s surprised when it takes forever! We had already finished a carafe of sangria and all the appetizers by time she sat down.

Pam and Jan left for the ballet at 7:00 and we sat while Rachel slowly nibbled at her food and ordered another sangria. Afterwards, Hannah went uptown and Rachel and I took a cab going down. I jumped out of the cab at 8:06 and made the 8:08 LIRR. Drew picked me up and I walked in the door and checked the home phone messages. The first message was long and just a bunch of psycho babble. What the hell was it? Who does this? Could this be a butt call?  “That sounds like you,” says my drew to me. And — you know  what — it did sound like me — and it went on and on and on. It was me. Gotta learn how to use my phone. I keep forgetting to END my phone calls.

Still waiting for the original copy of the Bank of America reference letter I requested almost a month ago.

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Remembering Pogs

The capital of Oregon is . . .

Drew and I are heading to the west coast for a short vacation. His will be shorter than mine. I’ll get to spend the days wandering around Seattle alone while he puts in a few work days. Now I remember what I forgot — go to library and check out some travel books on Seattle and Portland (OR.) Any suggestions?

Still time, think I’ll run off when I finish this. Have to get this post done early. Tonight is the Bright Eyes concert at Radio City Music Hall and barring a major tornado, flood, or LIRR malfunction, we should be there — sitting a row or two behind Josh and friend. I hope they will be on their best behavior. I’ll have my camera with me.

The girls will be sitting together in row EE which is pretty close to the stage. We tried to get 4 tickets for them but there was a 2 ticket limit so Josh, aka Rachel’s boyfriend, will be sitting near us. (Does he know this?)

So where was I? Ah, yes, Seattle. Going to spend some time there and then rent a car and head to Portland, OR. Never made it Seattle and I don’t think I was in Portland. I drove up the coast and then over through Spokane — that was in 1976. And I think I was in Spokane on July 4, 1976. Parades, fireworks, yup, I’m sure of it now.

Did you know that Portland,Oregon is one of the top 5 best places to live and/or retire? So this morning  Drew and I were talking about where to go, what to do, and he said, “We could go to Eugene, sounds like there’s a lot to do there. Isn’t that the capital of Oregon.?” “Could be, how should I know?” I respond. “I thought you knew all the capitals?” And that’s when I thought of the hours and hours I spent playing pogs with the girls when they had to memorize all the state capitals. I did pretty good back then. But this is now.


Dinner: Out

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One Fine Day

Quiet day today. Rachel’s here but not. Picked up Hannah from the LIRR station. She’s catching up on some episodes of House. It’s been hard on her since she had to give up the dvr at her apartment. Hannah and her roomies were getting a deal on the box but that’s done with and now so is the box. There’s a good chance that Hannah is napping on the couch right now. I’ll be able to tell when a commercial is on. If she’s awake she’ll fast forward . . . oops, what timing — fast forward and wide awake.

The girlies are off to Florida tomorrow to visit Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Eli. A real treat for all of them! I think they’ll all have fun.

Took a ride with Mady to Zimmerman’s in Lindenhurst and found a great dining room table. I wasn’t looking but Mady was. She wants a couch — a comfortable couch, maybe some chairs to go with the couch. I was pretty surprised that she/we found 2 couches that were both comfortable and stylish. Of course there’s the picking of material, the arms and pillows, and then there’s David. Very stressful, but it’s all just in the beginning stages. I happen to glance over my shoulder at one point and caught sight of this great distressed pine dining room table. My table is 44 inches wide. I think it’s too wide. .., the sales girl recommended 36 inches but I think I might go for 38 or 40. Such decisions. I want that table.

And on top of all this stress, I’ve been calling Ronnie to paint the outside of my house and his answering machine is full and I can’t leave a message. I need to talk to him and get on that list. He must have a list of customers lining up to get their houses painted. Besides, I also need him to help me pick a color. I’ve suddenly changed my mine from whatever it was I chose the other day. Now I’m going for Benjamin Moore new london burgundy (HC-61). It’s a bit dark so maybe I can go a shade lighter.

Dinner tonight sushi with the girls and daddy drew.

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