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Rain Jacket and Walking Shoes

When I left the house today it was already starting to rain. According to the NY Times it was only going to drizzle. I left my rain jacket in the closet. I just didn’t want to walk around looking like a scoop of (green) mint ice cream.

Before we left for Seattle I went searching for a rain jacket. Nothing in the stores for me. When I looked at my inbox I saw a 25% off and free shipping offer from Land’s End.  This offer was ending at midnight (3 hours away.) They had a rain jacket with a fleece lining. I didn’t have time to think. Midnight was approaching fast. The problem was the color choices. The only color I ever like that they offer is black.  I shoulda went with it but I was trying to get springy. I just thought I should get a color-other-than-black. I would have preferred gray or olive-green but all they offer are these off colors that I really don’t care for. So I ordered the green . . . and I don’t care for it. I wouldn’t mind neon or olive. If I had time I would have returned it but we were leaving for Seattle a few days later.

I haven’t gotten used to the color. I keep telling myself that I like it but then I see my reflection and quickly look away. It did keep me dry and, if not for the color, it worked well — hood was good, pockets zippered. Don’t care for the little circles of velcro along the zipper.

So I didn’t wear it today because I thought I might run into someone I knew. I don’t know why. Who goes walking in the rain around here?

I do love the ecco biom trainers that I bought. Feels like I’m walking barefoot — and from what I’ve read that is the big thing these days — that barefoot feeling. The ecco biom walkers are leather and too thick but the trainers are mesh. My feet are happy when I wear them. The salesperson at the Walking Store assured me that it’s okay to walk in trainers and that my feet will stay dry. I did believe her but I still wrote to ecco asking them about the trainers — are they good for walking? Will my feet stay dry? They never responded. I wore them and I’m happy but I’m still waiting for an answer a month later!!

And now something about Drew –He moved to his new office this week. He needs help in setting up his furniture.


Any suggestions?

See Drew sit. See Drew work. He is busy. He drew this picture.

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And Stanley is His Name-O

He’s back and he’s chewing away in the crawl space. I don’t get it. For 3 days there was no sound of a squirrel and now he’s all over the place again. Could he be getting in and out? I don’t think so. Shouldn’t he be dead already — no water, no food? I think so! Every time I look out in the yard I see a squirrel sitting on the deck staring at my house. I don’t like this one bit. I keep stomping and banging on the floor, hoping he’ll run off and find himself in a trap eating White Rose creamy peanut butter. It’s not working. He just quiets down for a few minutes and then starts chewing away again. Stanley, please, I don’t want you to die! I want you set free. Picking up another trap today.

Just received a notice that Verizon is raising its rates soon. Called about the rates — totally confused. And my valued customer discount of 20 dollars a month is expiring in April. Guess paying your bill on time for 2 years doesn’t make you a valued customer. She told me to call back in April when it expires to see if I can get another discount but regardless of that my bill will be going up ten dollars. She was very nice and wanted to keep my business. (Did I mention the Cablevision word?) Called back a few minutes later for another reason and was given different information about the rates but this woman wasn’t interested in keeping my business, even when I did mention the C word. We didn’t click. Think it’s time to call Cablevision and hear them out.

Ordered Drew a coat online today and if it fits we will be twins. How cute. Oh, right, Drew’s new coat — well, it has already been returned. Drew was just falling in love with it when the zipper snapped and, poof, no more love. There’s nothing in the stores so I called Land’s End and found last year’s style. Why last year’s? Because when I read a review someone mentioned that the zipper was no longer 2 way. Not acceptable and apparently I am not the only one who thinks that. People have been complaining and they are changing back. Anyway, found the coat I wanted and managed to get free shipping. If it doesn’t fit I can return it to Sear’s. Nothing to lose.

Dinner tonight more leftovers and okra.

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Underwear Supply Running Low

Guess I’ll spend President’s Day catching up on laundry. Drew will be home so he can be on squirrel patrol and follow me into the laundry room with a bat or a few peanuts — his choice.

We did our super president’s weekend sale shopping today. Went to Macy’s with a 15% coupon looking for a winter coat for Drew. No luck. Next stop Sears. That was my choice because they sell Land’s End coats. Unfortunately, at this late date there is not much on the rack. But we did have success at Burlington Coat Factory. Keeping the tags on for now. Snow in forecast tomorrow. Maybe a picture of Drew in his new coat in tomorrow’s post.

Went to the library, took out a few movies. Watched The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Has anyone seen the movies and not read the books? I think it would be so hard to follow.

Also took out WordPress for Dummies. Still trying to figure out what to do with this site. Should I actually be writing something other people would want to read? And how do I get them to find me? Is it the goal of the blogger to attract millions of readers? I am getting closer to that goal — from zero to twelve (well, that might be pushing it.) At least I am writing, if only for myself.

I like to compare it to taking pictures. If I take 100 pictures of an event and I get one great one, it is all worthwhile. So, maybe if I write every day, after a few years I will look back and find a few great posts. Seems a bit pointless. Eh, me just blabbing.

Went to Tiny Thai in Farmingdale for dinner tonight. It’s the second time I went there and was not impressed. Anyone know of a good Thai restaurant?

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