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What does my KitchenAid refrigerator and my mystery squirrel have in common?

I would like to rid both of them from my house! Yes, it’s true. I’ve had this refrigerator for probably around 4 years. Some of you have listened to me complain over the years and some of you haven’t — all together now:

I love my kitchen. I love my nice white farm sink. I love the way it looks when I walk in my house — especially when the counters are clear. I love everything about it EXCEPT my KitchenAid refrigerator. I thought I did my research. I went to P.C. Richard & Son and looked at all the refrigerators. (P.C. Richard — now don’t get me started!) I looked online.I l glanced through magazines. I can’t remember if Artie recommended KitchenAid but I made sure he knows to never (and I really don’t like to say never) recommend KitchenAid again. The model I bought was the KBLS22ETSS. Looks nice from the outside but open it up and it is a chilling box of horrors!

Since this isn’t about P.C. Richard & Son I won’t bother mentioning the dent they made when delivering. I probably should have returned it and walked away but instead I let them take some money off of the purchase. I really didn’t want them coming back in my house again. Oops, mentioned it!

What I noticed almost immediately is the poor design. Let’s discuss —

Wasted space — the control panel and the water filter take up so much space that I have to drop the shelves in order to fit anything tall. Do I really need this control panel in my face every time I open the fridge. Well, I guess so. This way I can see that I have to set the temp higher than the what’s recommended. (Right now it’s set to 42 degrees.)When I set it to 38 degrees I end up with frozen cucumbers, lettuce, and whatever else I store in my veggie bin. I shouldn’t complain because the bin is so small I really don’t lose much. I put most of my produce in the bin of my small older fridge that’s in my garage — small on the outside but more room on the inside. And that drawer on the bottom — who thought of that — even less room now for the shelves. (And who here likes frozen cheese?) Everything is squished, not just the fruits and veggies.

Did I mention that for the first year, while it was under warranty, the water dispenser kept freezing. They must have sent a repair person every month. They put ugly black insulation tape all over the shelves. Nothing worked and it was a total mess. One repair company gave up and KitchenAid had to send a different one. Near the end of the year they tried to sell me an extended warranty so I can continue this nightmare! I finally spoke to someone in customer service who said enough is enough, you’ve (me) been patient and it’s time to replace the refrigerator but since we have already scheduled a repair let’s wait til it’s done. So what do you think happened? I called back the day after the repairman left, the water was once again frozen, and the person answering the phone said, “We’ll have to schedule an .……” “AHHHHHHH, no way,” I screamed. Luckily I wrote down the name of the person who said she would have the fridge replaced. They found her and it was (replaced.) So the water doesn’t freeze but the veggies do.

And why am i ranting now — because I went to make my darling hub drew his fresh salad for lunch and everything was frozen. UNACCEPTABLE!

Somebody please explain the following statements made on the KitchenAid website: FreshChill™ Temperature Management System regulates temperatures to keep ingredients in optimum storage conditions and FreshSeal™ humidity-controlled crispers help retain humidity for optimum storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. Is optimum storage code for frozen?

KitchenAid Refrigerators –Look But Don’t Buy

I’m actually looking into donating the fridge to charity and buying something that has a fridge that doesn’t freeze my veggies.

I’m done for now. Oh, and the squirrel — quiet today!

Dinner leftovers and bok choy.


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