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Lake George, New Grandbaby . . . What About Me?

I was on the brink of doing it myself but I really didn’t want to mess up my bathroom, ruin a few towels, stain my clothes and fingers, and possibly get some dye in my eyes. Luckily, Nancy finally found the time to color my hair. I checked my date book and it said — Nancy hair 1:00 on Wednesday.

Wow, couldn’t wait. I wake up everyday and all I see are large patches of white. Not looking good. Not feeling good about it. So this afternoon I ate an early lunch and drove off to Nancy’s. I already decided to go lighter this time around. I usually don’t like it when my hair fades but what caught my eye this time was my glasses — my black frames. They popped out when my hair was faded. I liked it.

Nancy and I discussed the color and then it was a go. Bruce was roaming around the house with his iPad and he showed me the new grand baby pics. Ah, those proud grandparents. I just hope Nancy still has time for me when I call.

O Happy Day!

Ah, not a gray, at least not for today. Tomorrow I’ll probably be covered in white — paint, that is. I’m planning on painting the deck handrails. At least it’s not oil-based.

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“So I’m reading with my thing and my thumb hurts”

. . . so says Drew to me one morning. His thing, for those of you who are wondering, is his Droid. The lighting in our house is awful. It’s hard for drew to find a good reading spot, so my stud hubby has taken to reading his thing, especially in bed. Lights out, Droid on. And now it seems it is too much for him. Maybe he needs an iPad — a nice big screen might give his thumb a rest.

I don’t need as much light as he does. Right now all I really need is a good book. I brought 3 books with me on vacation: Foreskin’s Lament by Shalom Auslander, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, and Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland Oregon by Chuck Palahniuk. The only book I read was the Palahniuk book. I was so excited to read that Katherine Dunne wrote her book, Geek Love, while in Portland. For me, that was the highlight of his book. Geek Love is one of my favorite books. I’m always buying a copy of it as a gift — wish I kept track of who I gave it to because I don’t want to repeat gift giving! I lent it out years ago and never got it back — that was years ago when I actually wanted the books back. Now I am happy to read a book, pass it on, and make room in my bookcase.

Fugitives and Refugees was a quick read and I finished it before we ever got to Portland. I started reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on the flight to Seattle but I remember looking down at the book, seeing double, sweating, and, soon after, throwing up. Haven’t opened the book since. Thinking maybe it is time to start one.

Marinating a chicken for tomorrow’s dinner — Roast Chicken with Oranges, Lemons, and Ginger. Really need to post some recipes but now I think I’ll start on tonight’s dinner –vegetable soup with matzoh balls, baby arugula salad, broiled salmon, and broccoli rabe.

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Cheryl has an iphone — Jan has an itouch

I want an isomething.

I sit in the car and write some really good stuff in my head. It’s easy. The music is blasting. I stare out the window, occasionally Drew will point to a passing car, or comment on a lousy driver — I smile and continue the drama going on in my head. It always reads so well. A beginning, middle, end, and lot of good stuff in between. I keep thinking that when I get home i could write this all down for tomorrow’s post. But instead I come home and dribble out a few broken sentences — sort of like this — and it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. And now I am wordless. So that is why I am thinking I want an isomething. I’m just not sure which one. An ipad seems big but the others seem too small.

On Friday Hannah was showing me the apps on her iphone. I love her weather app — today will be warmer than yesterday. I love it. And she also has a compass. What more can I ask for?

“AT&T lets your phone talk and search at the same time.” Oops that was my tv talking.

Think I hear Drew’s car in the driveway. Quiet day and not much to say. Getting tax info together, listening for the squirrel (nothing today) and making dinner. Tilapia again. Can’t make any high smokin’ meals til my fan is fixed. How did I live without it?

Where’s that book I just took out of the library? Can’t remember who recommended it — either Carol or Janet. Found it —  A Blessing On the Moon, by Joseph Skibell. The first page passed the readability test so I took the book out. Also took out the memoir, Blood, Bones, and Butter, The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef, by Gabrielle Hamilton. Read about it in the NYT Book Review. “Magnificent. Simply the best memoir by a chef ever. Ever.” — Anthony Bourdain

Must return to my kitchen to finish up dinner — tilapia again, string beans, and quinoa salad.

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