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Lox and Bagels With a Schmear of Ask Amy

This morning over breakfast and a nice strong cup of coffee I read Ask Amy. Drew read it first. “Who writes these letters? This one sounds made up. Not sure I like Amy’s answer,” he said in between bagel bites.

I am 25 and recently ran into an old friend . . . ” the letter began. Apparently when he was in high school his friends (the popular ones) smoked weed and drank. His mom  disapproved and so he stopped hanging out with them.  Now he runs into this friend only to find out that this popular group all graduated college and are living on their own while he dropped out of college, lives with his parents, and has no friends. He ends with, “I should have stayed friends with these guys even though they did drugs because now I look like a loser in comparison. They made all the wrong choices and are winning in life. What’s left for me?

Duh, 25? What’s left for you? My guess is that if he did remain friends with these guys in high school then he probably still would have dropped out of college, live with his parents, have no friends, and do drugs now.  Gee, let’s see if I can pull out a quote from Amy’s answer. “My instinct is that your relationship with your parents might be at the root of your problems.

So Drew and I read this and both of us were beaming. “Hey, we are such good parents.” We just made it difficult for the girls to hang out with friends (very few) that we didn’t care for. “Who are you with? Nice, but I have to pick you up in 10 minutes — early dinner tonight. I know 4 o’clock is a bit extreme but I’m hungry.” Hannah and Rachel were both home this weekend so we made them read Ask Amy. I don’t think we got the credit we deserved. A smile and a nod would have been much better than a giggle.

So our girls are alright. They like tasty cheese, fresh bread, good wine, and keep good company. Hannah says her hands shake and blames it on Drew. Rachel will never forgive me for the dark circles under her eyes. Some things are unavoidable.

Business as usual today. We took a ride to Best Buy, headed over to Iavarone Bros. and now  we’re snacking on some good wine, fresh bread, and tasty cheese — all in good company. (It’s a family thing.)

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Marry for love or benefits?

I spend way too much time thinking of what I coulda, woulda, shoulda done in my life — and didn’t.

I shoulda been a teacher. (English, perhaps?) Then I would have a pension and benefits for life. Isn’t that so?  Who would think that a major concern in life is “what about health benefits?”

Hannah just received a letter in the mail today from Empire Healthy NY. They are raising rates again — another 7%. I don’t have the letter anymore but I had the feeling that they really didn’t want to do this but they had to. Awwwwww. Hannah thinks I’m obsessed with the cost of health benefits. We ran into Nancy R. at Duane Reade yesterday and I mentioned the cost of one semester of benefits. Apparently I’ve been bringing this up a lot lately. I don’t remember being so concerned about all this when I was younger. I wasn’t even insured way back then. I didn’t have benefits til I married Drew. Let me make it perfectly clear: I married for love and the benefits followed.

Drew thinks I should blog about current issues (health insurance?) and Charlie Sheen. This is my first mention of him and, if you ask me, it’s old news already. So I’m done with him. (Don’t ask!)

I don’t know why I have such a hard time keeping up with this blog on weekends. You’d think there was so much happening in my life that I could fill up pages and pages. We shopped for books, we shopped for cheese and eggs. Now we have to decide where to go for dinner. Busy day. Munching on cheese and eggplant caponata right now. Iavarone’s has a good fresh caponata. They have good fresh lots of things.

At this time I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to correct any mistakes they find in my posts. Cousin Paulie emailed me with quite a few already. Nancy pointed out that  I misspelled Iavarone. Hannah said I switch between Ask Amy and Dear Amy, and, yes, to all who mentioned it, I do know that I don’t always capitalize names. I’ve corrected some. Will get to the rest soon.

Dinner: undecided, at the moment full on cheese, eggplant, and crackers.

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Do Squirrels Favor Salted or Unsalted Peanuts?

It’s beginning to smell a lot like squirrel — all around the house. (Sung to the tune of  . . . . oh, no, no,  just kidding!)

I have an idea. I think it will work — think positive. Washing and drying all my laundry now so I can put my plan in action. I went to CVS today and all I could find was salted peanuts in the shell. Yuk, my lips were chapping just looking at the super sized package. I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I went into Stop and Shop and picked up a jar of Mr. Peanut’s unsalted dry roasted shelled peanuts. Next stop was Ace Hardware where I bought a package of coarse steel wool and D batteries. After that I went to Iavarone’s just because it was there. I didn’t expect to find peanuts but there they were. Roasted peanuts in the shell sold by the pound. So I bought a few.

My dryer is vented through the crawl space and out the side of the house. I originally wanted to take the vent off the outside of the house and put a trap on the outside by the opening but all I could think of were those slothy looking paw prints in the snow all around my back yard. I didn’t want anything finding its way in. So, my alternate plan is to disconnect the vent and put the trap through the cut-out so half of it is in the crawl space and the closed half is in the laundry room. I’ll leave the light on so maybe the squirrel will go towards light and think it is the way out. I’ll use my last Ritz cracker, some fresh peanut butter, and a few whole peanuts.

I think this is Plan E

Apparently this is not working as planned. The opening is way to small for the trap. I’m leaving the light on in the laundry room and I am going to light a candle and make a wish. I can’t tell you what the wish is because it won’t come true but you can guess. Let’s hope he finds the bait and goes for it. I’m so tired of writing about this and I’m sure you’re tired of reading about it. I know Carol is — she has voiced her opinion, ” . . . enough with the squirrel- i love stanley stories too but you’ve become obsessed. there are more important issues, like what happened to our painter? and where can i get carpet?”

Almost ten at night and Drew is out with the boys. I think I’ll go curl up by the front door and wait for him.


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