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This Old House

The leak over the front door is getting worse. I just yesterday realized why my screen door wasn’t closing properly. Thought it was a shoddy door but, no, it’s from the leak. The frame is expanding in parts and pushing the door open. Pulled down some of the trim and water came pouring down. Don’t think that’s a good sign. There is a breeze coming in from my over-the-stove fan. I think the vent is stuck half open. That too is not a good sign but probably easy to solve. The attic is a mess and needs to be cleaned up and the insulation needs to be repaired, replaced, or added — depends.

And, of course, there is the squirrel. Been quiet today, maybe that’s because the sun isn’t out. It’s probably a resting day. Did I name him yet? I don’t remember but I should. And I will — tomorrow. Three traps and he doesn’t appear to be interested in any of them. Do you think he found the water leak and is happily sipping drips of water every day?

Today was a day of going through Rachel’s drawers. Lots of My Little Ponies, Yellow Submarine figures, pictures, so much stuff. And I get to decide what goes and what stays. I could really use help here. Somebody, Anybody . . . .heeelp! I’m in her room going through all her stuff — might find a diary or two — while she is in Florida basking in the sun with Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Eli. Hannah is there too but she did not know the ways of the Florida sun so she is hiding in the shade.

And now that I’m not getting any Border’s coupons I’m back at Starbucks buying my pound of coffee. I get a free tall coffee with every pound because I’m a gold card holder. Their coffee just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I used to look forward to a nice strong steamy cappuccino. Not anymore. Alway disappointed. A while back I bought a cappuccino in the city and it was so tasteless I threw it out. Would have returned it but we were in a rush to see a play. I think the quality is going down. Maybe I’m just too used to strong coffee because when I drink a cappuccino it seems weak, even when I order it dry. Is it the quality of the coffee? Are they skimping on the measurements for a shot? I’ll order tea next time I go in for a pound of coffee. I mean, really, what could they possibly do to a cup of tea?????

Dinner: Leftovers probably.

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