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Lake George, New Grandbaby . . . What About Me?

I was on the brink of doing it myself but I really didn’t want to mess up my bathroom, ruin a few towels, stain my clothes and fingers, and possibly get some dye in my eyes. Luckily, Nancy finally found the time to color my hair. I checked my date book and it said — Nancy hair 1:00 on Wednesday.

Wow, couldn’t wait. I wake up everyday and all I see are large patches of white. Not looking good. Not feeling good about it. So this afternoon I ate an early lunch and drove off to Nancy’s. I already decided to go lighter this time around. I usually don’t like it when my hair fades but what caught my eye this time was my glasses — my black frames. They popped out when my hair was faded. I liked it.

Nancy and I discussed the color and then it was a go. Bruce was roaming around the house with his iPad and he showed me the new grand baby pics. Ah, those proud grandparents. I just hope Nancy still has time for me when I call.

O Happy Day!

Ah, not a gray, at least not for today. Tomorrow I’ll probably be covered in white — paint, that is. I’m planning on painting the deck handrails. At least it’s not oil-based.

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