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Time to Wrap It Up – – One Month Later

Fourteen phone calls which probably amounts to at least 2 hours of waiting to talk to a live person and an additional 10 – 12 hours of live person nonsense. . .

Four faxes: One sent and never received, two were WRONG, and one was right but the original was never received in the mail.

One overnight FedEx letter sent from the executive office: WRONG.

One original letter in the mail also WRONG.

A second overnight FedEx letter sent from the executive office received on July 5, one month from the original request: Finally an original reference letter with no mistakes.

Original request for a bank reference letter made on June 6th which I was told would take 24-48 hours to process: Nobody seems to know or care — except me!

My experience with B of A: Priceless   Pretty, pretty, pretty sad, maybe even scary! 


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Exciting, but not so much. Writing this on my iPhone. Eh, much easier on my computer.
Happy 4th.
Tomorrow — fedex from B of A.

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