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I Want a Little Camera I Can Love

I’ve fallen out of  love with my Canon Powershot  . . . it’s way too slow. I’d like to get a camera before we leave for Seattle but I can’t figure out what’s important. Size? Changeable lenses?  I’m pretty sure size matters. My camera should be a necessary item —  like my wallet. Need to have it, stick it in a pocket or purse before I run out the door. Not like an umbrella – should I bring it or not? Will I need it and who wants to carry it? If it’s too big I know I won’t carry it around. But I will wish I had it whenever I didn’t.

BREAKING NEWS: Went down to my laundry room and saw a piece of out-of-place insulation. Pushed it in and casually banged on the panel that seals the crawl space and heard a shuffling — and then I saw Stanley stick his head up and out of the crawl space. Damn, he’s still around. I was really hoping that he found his way out. He doesn’t seem as active — don’t hear any chewing. I called Arrow and they said they could send a specialist over to assess the situation for a few hundred dollars (which would go towards whatever it is they recommend.) So I called my guy and once again, we set traps in and out of the crawl space. An hour later I heard him scurrying in the dining room ceiling. Is it possible that he is getting in and out? Is it possible that there are two?

Well, enough squirrel talk. Going to dinner with Sylvia soon. This morning Drew asked where we were going for dinner. I wasn’t sure — probably meet at Borders in Farmingdale and eat at the pizza place around the corner, Bellagio Pizza. “Why don’t you go to Croxley’s or . . . ,” he rattles on. “Did I ask you for suggestions? No, I did not!” My Drew is always full of advice.

When Sylvia and I meet, it’s not just about the food, although good food is a plus. It’s about a place to eat and chat and not be rushed. A place to laugh and discuss important issues. “What color should I paint my house?” I’ve already packed the paint chips. Wonder if she’ll give me some good suggestions. We’ve got a big night planned. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Borders, and dinner. tired just thinking about it.

Better nap and get ready for my big night.

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Underwear Supply Running Low

Guess I’ll spend President’s Day catching up on laundry. Drew will be home so he can be on squirrel patrol and follow me into the laundry room with a bat or a few peanuts — his choice.

We did our super president’s weekend sale shopping today. Went to Macy’s with a 15% coupon looking for a winter coat for Drew. No luck. Next stop Sears. That was my choice because they sell Land’s End coats. Unfortunately, at this late date there is not much on the rack. But we did have success at Burlington Coat Factory. Keeping the tags on for now. Snow in forecast tomorrow. Maybe a picture of Drew in his new coat in tomorrow’s post.

Went to the library, took out a few movies. Watched The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Has anyone seen the movies and not read the books? I think it would be so hard to follow.

Also took out WordPress for Dummies. Still trying to figure out what to do with this site. Should I actually be writing something other people would want to read? And how do I get them to find me? Is it the goal of the blogger to attract millions of readers? I am getting closer to that goal — from zero to twelve (well, that might be pushing it.) At least I am writing, if only for myself.

I like to compare it to taking pictures. If I take 100 pictures of an event and I get one great one, it is all worthwhile. So, maybe if I write every day, after a few years I will look back and find a few great posts. Seems a bit pointless. Eh, me just blabbing.

Went to Tiny Thai in Farmingdale for dinner tonight. It’s the second time I went there and was not impressed. Anyone know of a good Thai restaurant?

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