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I’ve spent the last 2 days thinking of what to write for my first twitter. (Is that correct — my first twit, twitter, tweet?)

I lost interest in Facebook a while back. It seems like a bunch of kinda private conversations gone wild and whether or not I care to read them doesn’t matter, they are posted on my wall every day. I’ve been unfriended by a few people. I get these threatening messages — respond or I am done with you! Well, I guess everyone else, if anyone, of my Facebook friends reading this will probably dump me now.

I started thinking of the reason I don’t mind posting and blabbing away on my blog and I know I’ve mentioned this before. It’s because you come to me and if you don’t want to read my post then you don’t have to. I could be writing this and nobody is reading it . . . well, maybe just a few friends and family that I quiz on a weekly basis. Yes, guilt is effective!

So why not twitter? All I have to do is come up with one, yes, just one, witty, cute, mind-boggling, eye-opening, brilliant . . . quote that people will repeat over and over again and remember for . . . sorry, getting carried away — just a simple sentence or two will do!

The idea to twitter came to me this weekend when Rachel sent me a text. I read it to Drew and he said, “Tell her she should twitter that.” So I wrote back, “Dad said you should twitter that.” And she responded, “I already did, before I wrote you.” Later that night I asked Rachel how can I access her twits and she told me I needed an account. And so a twit was born.

Now sallymaxwell can follow lucytheskunk!

The following took place before this was posted:

txt to rachel:  “Am I allowed to mention licht Eskimo on my blog?

she to me:  “No. Licht Eskimo is off limits.”

me to she:  “I hate autocorrect. (I meant) lucytheskunk.”

she to me: “Fine

me to she: “Yay. Don’t worry your little tush. I only have one follower and it is YOU!

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The Power of Facebook . . . or Not!

Wow, yesterday I posted the link to my blog on my Facebook page and my readership went through the roof! Now that’s exciting. Well, that was exciting until Drew asked me to check the stats and see if I could tell who reads what. It seems he sent a link of my March 28th post to Art Dudley a writer at Stereophile and he wanted to see if any one read it. So I investigated further and noticed that on this particular day (yesterday) the readership was high but there were no high numbers for one particular post. It looked like one person was reading through my blog day by day — all at once and then Drew giggled and said, “Oh, maybe that’s all me. I was catching up on all the days that I missed.” Great, that sure was a lot of days he missed. Can’t believe he let it slide for so long.

Almost nine o’clock in the evening and waiting for Drew. He just called so I guess it is time to start getting dinner together.

(Oops, just realized I didn’t post this yesterday. Oh, well — here goes.)

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Come To Mama

I’m seriously thinking of posting a link to my blog on my Facebook page. Why? Because Drew keeps bugging me about it. “What are you doing? Blogging?” he asks this morning. “No, answering an email before my dentist appointment,” I answer back.

“Why don’t you post your blog on Facebook?” He blurts this just because he does. So I’m thinking — why not? The good thing about it is that you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to (Now I’m hurt.) And it won’t clutter up anyone’s Facebook page with chitter chatter. You go to it NOT the other way around. Okay, I like it. I’ll do it.

So I went to my Facebook page and was about to click on “link” but wasn’t sure so I emailed Hannah.

Me: so i was thinking of adding a link to my blog on Facebook . . . do i go to my profile page and click link and just add it? xoxoxoxoxo

Hannah: No you have to edit your personal information and there will be a part that says website. If you add in where it says link you will be adding it to your wall, not your profile (which can also be good) xo

Me: confused

Hannah: okay. when you go to your Facebook click on “info” under your picture. then go down to “contact information” and click “edit” on the right hand side. when you click “edit” you will see it says “website” with a box for you to paste something. you paste it there and press save. if you paste it with the link button then it will be pasted onto your wall. does that explain it better?   xoxoxoxox love you

As I write this blog I’m thinking of what to make for dinner tomorrow night (tonight is catfish and greens) and what color thread to use to sew up Drew’s pants. (These are 2 things that will make Drew very happy — all that and clean underwear, now that’s a good wife!) The book, Art and Madness: A Memoir of Lust Without Reason, is on the table right next to this computer. I started reading it last week and it is only a 2 week book. I think I like it but I put it down and it is not calling my name. I’m staring at it, I’m touching it, but nothing is happening. I only want to sew pants and fold clean underwear. I really need a book that calls out to me . . . or a life!!!!

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Facebook Picture Revealed — No tighty, no lighty needed

It’s always a good idea to have some sort of goal, so when Drew and I left for vacation our goal was to make sure we each came home with a good profile picture.

outside the sun was shining in Astoria ,OR

I like this picture. The beer hides all that extra stuff I see when I look in the mirror . . . you know, the chin, the neck, the cheek stuff . . . And the sunglasses cover my puffy eyes and dark circles. I don’t care what those expensive face creams claim to do, they are not tightening or lightening anything! Exaggerated smile — that’s what Rachel always says. I tried that while going chin up. That doesn’t work for me. But then someone told me it’s better to tilt down slightly and look up. I tried it along with a few props and there you have it — my Facebook pic.

I have several good photos of my drew. He always has a happy smiley face on for the camera, except when he doesn’t. What he definitely doesn’t have is that melted play doh face that I have in all my photos. Is it possible that I really look like that in real life?

I’ve picked two photos of Drew from our vacation that I think would be good Facebook pics. They were both taken in Astoria, OR when the sun was shining. And check out his eyebrows. Magnificent!

What an adorable face . . . no signs of play doh but I do see a wooden glider.

We’ve spent a lot of time together this past week and here’s what I noticed: Drew with Droid in hand, deep in thought, checking his messages — well, that’s what I thought but then I noticed that he is looking at Facebook. He’s been checking his Facebook page and I’m afraid I have lost just a little bit more of him to The Social Network.

Me? I stalk . . . yes, I do. I hardly ever post on Facebook and on the rare occasion that I do . . . well, it’s like coming out of the closet. Everyone is all over you. Each time I post someone jumps out and wants to be my friend!

Wonder if anyone will notice I now have a face?

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Opening the Floodgates: Posting on Facebook

There — I did it. I posted a comment on Facebook. It didn’t come naturally. I’m more of a Facebook stalker. I read, I look at pictures. Sometimes I even meet Sylvia for dinner and afterwards we find a coffee shop with wifi and stalk around!

I don’t know what made me post.  Judy mentioned Genie Hamp and Joe asked about her whereabouts. Genie and I were good friends way back in high school and then some. So, I don’t know why but, I decided to be helpful. “Don’t know. Last I heard she was in Florida.” I hit return. (I am so full of information.)

Ahhhh, what have I done!  Before you know it, Judy is saying hi, Carol says she misses me — awwwwwww. Ricky wants to be my friend and Stephanie popped out of nowhere. Should I start twittering? Maybe this will get my blog readership up. How quickly would it take me to hit the one million mark?

SHED ALERT: The phone call yesterday said that the shed installer would be here between 9 and 12 noon today. I called Wood Kingdom an hour ago to find out his timing. She tried calling him, no answer. Then she comes back to the phone and says, “He should be there soon. You’re his third stop.” “And how long does it take to install the shed?” I ask. “About 3 1/2 hours.” Why was I so nice to her? I hung up and was wondering why on earth she would give me a  9-12 window when I am the third installation. In real time it’s now 2:03 pm. Still waiting at 3:16. Still waiting at 4:26. Here they are 4:35. Shed up in less than an hour and I forgot to take a picture — tomorrow.

I am in such a constant state of squirrel anxiety. Is there such a thing? I had some cleanup work done yesterday in the attic and today I looked in there and I see the vent that is hanging under the attic fan (original point of squirrel entry) is sagging and needs to be taped up. Maybe the tape didn’t hold or, maybe Stanley has returned with a vengeance. I  called my guy, John, and asked him to come take a look on the roof and make sure the screening around the fan is all intact. (He did and all was fine.) Now I hear a clicking noise and I know it is my noisy refrigerator . . . but I am still scared. I just tip toed over to the fridge and kept my ear flush against the door. Doesn’t sound like a squirrel to me.

Ahhh, there’s a squirrel on my lawn. Helppppp meeeeeeee!

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Bob Dylan and Me

I thought it would be hard to write 300+ words a day, every day, but it’s not. I realize I should be editing more carefully. Sometimes I read what I wrote and it makes perfect sense to me but I can’t be sure if anyone else understands what I am trying to say. But, hey, this is not Pulitzer Prize material. This is me blabbing about me and those around me. I know if I go back to an older post I’ll find something to correct or something that doesn’t sound right. But the point is, I’ve kept up the writing. At this time I’d like to take a break to pat myself on the back — good girl, keep it up. Pat. Pat. Pat.

This morning Drew told me that he doesn’t read my posts every day. He waits a few days and then catches up. That does not help my numbers any, my dear darling dandy drew. And then he said, “Shouldn’t this be on Facebook? It’s so personal. Don’t you think the people who know you should read it?” “No, I dont’ think so. I certainly wouldn’t want to log on to Facebook and have a 300+ word post every day about someone I may or may not know so well. Nope, let them find me.

You could reinvent yourself like Bob Dylan (Again?)” Drew’s excited now. “If people don’t know you why not create a whole new world?” Now, why would I want to do that? Should I write about what it’s like to be one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses, or Hugh Hefner’s wife, or how about Joan River’s plastic surgeon? Nah, I don’t think so. I think I’ll write about me and if that is not exciting enough, then I don’t know what is! Really now, I’m busy. My market list today: Kosher salt and dishwashing soap. I’ve managed to write about something everyday. And for those of you who are thinking, “Where does she find the time — such adventures, always writing?” Well, okay, a job would be nice — a meaningful one would be even better, but I don’t havea job therefore I have the time.

And you know what else  you should know about me — I did reinvent myself and all the telemarketers know my name!

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