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This Ain’t No Stinkin’ Reflexology

Reflexology involves the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

So I’m laying on the table — all covered up, my coat and purse are safely secured in a locker in the hallway. I made an appointment for a 30 minute foot reflexology session.  At first I was disappointed. I walked in and it was a nail salon. But as soon as I told them I had an appointment for REFLEXOLOGY they directed me to a separate area behind closed doors — dim lights, quiet, no perfume scent or chitter chatter in the air. Nice!

I’m on the table, face up, covered in blankets, glasses off — relaxing. And then it’s time. Rub, rub, squish, squish up and down my leg NOT my foot. Okay enough with the leg. Lets get to the foot. Thirty minutes means 15 minutes per foot and so far it’s all leg. Where’s the pain?  Rub, rub, rub. Why so much time on the leg? And what’s with the oil? Work those points! Let’s feel some pain. Enough with the rubbing, oily, squishy stuff. Get out the pencil eraser and dig in. Hammer, knuckles, come on now — what’s with this gentle pampering of the feet — well, actually more like legs . . . too much time on the legs. And then more oil and hot stones. Not what I was after at all.

And then after a painless 30 minutes I am led to a chair in the back room. There’s a glass of cold water and a paper cup of green tea. I am told to drink the water and then sip the tea.  I take a sip of the water. Too cold and too much. I find the water cooler and empty the contents of the glass down the drain. I sip the tea but I can’t relax. My phone is still in the locker. Has anyone called me? Did I receive any texts? So hard to relax. I grab my hot tea, get my coat and phone and pay. Yes, texts and messages! I see that Rachel and Thera texted me. How much should Rachel tip on a haircut? Damn, I wasn’t there for her. I hope she managed! Thera said, “Don’t buy lemons!” Ah, thank goodness I got the message.

I’ve been searching for years for the a good reflexology place . . . no luck. Well, awhile ago I did go to a place on Sunrise Highway in Bellmore. Sitting in the back room with my feet in someone’s hands. I was about to say “harder is okay,” when he found a pressure point on my toe and I almost jumped out of the seat. Yes, this is what I was waiting for! Working those points. I felt great afterwards. The only distracting part I remember was the quacking. I kept hearing quacking. Was it dinner or Rachel? No, it wasn’t Rachel… my phone was on silent.

Went back there twice.. both times disastrous. Each time they sat me down in the brightly main room in the pedicure section. Rub, rub, rub, legs, legs, legs! No pressure and lots of oil and chatting amongst themselves.

Haven’t been able to find a decent place anywhere. Suggestions? Near Merrick, NY or East Village?

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A Big Head and Other Fine Highlights of the Day

I called Drew yesterday morning. I was in the city and was hoping to catch him before he left for work. I called him at home with my iphone. Click, click, click, click . . . I put in my secret password and made the call. The answering machine picked up. I didn’t leave a message.

Took a quick walk on the High Line with Hannah. It was way too hot. Ended up sitting in a coffeehouse drinking iced tea to cool off. Hannah had an iced cappuccino and an arugula salad. Met Pam and Jan there. Jan wanted to see the big head in Madison Square Park so we took a walk over to the east side.

A big head, a comfy bed, a cute pup -- a fine time was had by us.

It was a big head . . . a really big white head — in the middle of the park. Took a cab to Pam and Jan’s room on Restaurant Row — The French Quarter. Cute room, tiny, but most importantly it was air-conditioned. Hot day. We told Rachel to meet us at the restaurant at 5:00. Phone call at 4:00: A shrieking Rachel, “I’m locked out of my apartment. I wanted to take a quick nap before dinner.” “Where are your keys?” says me. “Probably on the kitchen counter.” Ahh, a Rachel moment.

Hey, did I tell you about Hannah’s “Rachel moment”? Sunday night we are parked outside of Hannah’s apartment. The car is packed with her luggage and an air conditioner. She looks for her keys and can’t find them. They are in Merrick in her bag in her room.We are in the city. Luckily we found her roommates, unloaded the car, put the air conditioner in the window, and took Hannah home with us. (Sibling side story.)

Dinner at Sosa Borella on 50th and 8th Ave. — still good. And, as usual, Rachel was late. Why on earth she decided to take a taxi in the height of rush hour — from East Village — I’ll never know. And she’s surprised when it takes forever! We had already finished a carafe of sangria and all the appetizers by time she sat down.

Pam and Jan left for the ballet at 7:00 and we sat while Rachel slowly nibbled at her food and ordered another sangria. Afterwards, Hannah went uptown and Rachel and I took a cab going down. I jumped out of the cab at 8:06 and made the 8:08 LIRR. Drew picked me up and I walked in the door and checked the home phone messages. The first message was long and just a bunch of psycho babble. What the hell was it? Who does this? Could this be a butt call?  “That sounds like you,” says my drew to me. And — you know  what — it did sound like me — and it went on and on and on. It was me. Gotta learn how to use my phone. I keep forgetting to END my phone calls.

Still waiting for the original copy of the Bank of America reference letter I requested almost a month ago.

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Remote Control Roulette

He says: What do you want to watch on tv?

He means: Let me play with the remote and scan every single movie and tv show available and then I’ll fall asleep with the remote in my hand and that will determine what we will watch.

This game usually lasts between 45 – 60 minutes and it’s so one-sided. Sometimes I even say, “How bout watching this or this. This sounds good.” But there is no stopping Drew. When he gets the remote in his manly hand he is in command (sort of.) I am usually sitting up on the couch at the beginning but I soon lay down under the blanket on the couch. First I stare at the tv and get dizzy, then I stare at the ceiling, then I fall asleep. By the time Drew has settled on a movie or a reality cooking show we are both dozing.

Sometimes we settle on a show with commercials. The commercials come on and Drew’s thumb (yes, the damaged one) is again in motion. Occasionally, he will forget to go back to whatever it is we are watching and we miss all the important stuff — the killer reveals himself, the winning run is scored, Kirstie falls on DWTS, American Idol decides, someone gets chopped  — there’s no telling what. Other times he’s ready to put a show on but gets distracted. He starts deleting this and then decides to tape something else. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Resident Evil marathon today. Dinner at an Afghan restaurant near Drew’s new office — real tasty. Not sure what town it is but it was on Hillside Avenue near Marcus Ave. Will have to get the name of it.

Tomorrow is Family Day — Reservation at Poco in East Village for brunch, then off to see The Book of Mormon. Can’t think of a better way to spend Easter Sunday in the City!

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Like Walking In the Rain

and wishing on the stars up above THAT THE SUN WOULD COME OUT!

Light rain, showers, rain — It’s all wet to me.

All week long I looked outside my hotel window and saw Bainbridge Island in between the raindrops. Today it is not there. I’ve been told that Mt. Rainier is hovering out that way too. A rumor, I suppose.

It’s not even noon yet and I am eating potato chips and M&Ms — maybe I should finish off this bottle of wine. I think I am overdosing on wet and dreary. My raincoat is great. I keeps me warm and dry. But you know what is even better? Staying inside with a cup of hot tea and a tasty fresh sandwich on sourdough.

A view from a bridge: An island and a mountain -- yeah right!

I checked the hourly forecast for Seattle on weather.com. Rain, light rain, showers — it’s not looking good. But I have to get going. The bed has to be made and the towels replaced. Wonder how far I have to go to walk off my breakfast of 2 croissants and a half bowl oatmeal?

(Spoke to Hannah today and she is not happy. Her landlord is raising the rent $400 a month in June. There oughta be a law . . . but from what I can see — there isn’t. Suggestions anyone — Under $3000/3 bedrooms/pref. East Village?)

I’m back in the room. I thought once I started walking it would get better. It didn’t. I was out for 3 hours walking in the rain/showers/light rain. My destination was the Queen Anne neighborhood. I got pretty close but then turned back when the puddles were knee-deep. Picked up a sandwich on sourdough.

I think I’ll curl up on a pile of pillow next to the door and wait for Drew to get off work.

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Sorry, no exact matches were found,

but other tickets may still be available.

I ran off to deliver Meals on Wheels this morning but not before Hannah’s phone call, “Tickets for LCD go on sale at 11 am today. Rachel and I need 2 tickets each. I’m busy and so is Rachel.” (That was code for HELP, OMG.) Drew was home and spoke to her. Lucky break, he was taking the day off and will be able to try for the tickets.

When I walked in the door at 10:54 am, drew-in-pajamas was sexily (apparently this is not a word and the spell check wants to change it to senile) sitting in front of his computer. In just 6 minutes the tickets will be going on sale. They were playing at MSG, plenty of tickets.  Since I came home early I thought I would take my laptop and sit next to him — just another opportunity to be close to Drew. We were on just as the tickets went on sale. Ticketmaster web site was a mess. They were on sale, they were not. Then they were on sale again. And then they were gone. I quickly scoured the internet for tickets and lo and behold  . . . plenty of tickets already available for double the price. How can that be?

Tired and full. Saw Blue Valentine and went to Melting Pot for dinner  (Thank you Tanya.)  Drew and I enjoyed a very super filling early Valentine’s dinner. The best part was finishing off the chocolate with a spoon. Full and tired

Tomorrow meeting the girls in the city for brunch. But first I go for a foot massage with Lucy in the East Village. Looking forward to it! I can’t believe I have to eat again tomorrow. I am sooo full! Most definitely better take my cholesterol pill tonight! More tomorrow and maybe a pic of the squirrel in my yard.

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