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“So I’m reading with my thing and my thumb hurts”

. . . so says Drew to me one morning. His thing, for those of you who are wondering, is his Droid. The lighting in our house is awful. It’s hard for drew to find a good reading spot, so my stud hubby has taken to reading his thing, especially in bed. Lights out, Droid on. And now it seems it is too much for him. Maybe he needs an iPad — a nice big screen might give his thumb a rest.

I don’t need as much light as he does. Right now all I really need is a good book. I brought 3 books with me on vacation: Foreskin’s Lament by Shalom Auslander, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, and Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland Oregon by Chuck Palahniuk. The only book I read was the Palahniuk book. I was so excited to read that Katherine Dunne wrote her book, Geek Love, while in Portland. For me, that was the highlight of his book. Geek Love is one of my favorite books. I’m always buying a copy of it as a gift — wish I kept track of who I gave it to because I don’t want to repeat gift giving! I lent it out years ago and never got it back — that was years ago when I actually wanted the books back. Now I am happy to read a book, pass it on, and make room in my bookcase.

Fugitives and Refugees was a quick read and I finished it before we ever got to Portland. I started reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on the flight to Seattle but I remember looking down at the book, seeing double, sweating, and, soon after, throwing up. Haven’t opened the book since. Thinking maybe it is time to start one.

Marinating a chicken for tomorrow’s dinner — Roast Chicken with Oranges, Lemons, and Ginger. Really need to post some recipes but now I think I’ll start on tonight’s dinner –vegetable soup with matzoh balls, baby arugula salad, broiled salmon, and broccoli rabe.

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cables, chargers, face creams, and a bra

So hard to keep track of all the essentials nowadays. I think I’ve outgrown my backpack. Now I have to use a real suitcase. The one screwup, a very important one, is my albuterol inhaler. I brought two from home. Yesterday afternoon we headed over the bridge to the Aladdin Theater. Walked there, it was sunny, misty, cloudy, rainy.

Headed over to a coffee shop. I used my inhaler and rested. Then walked around the neighborhood stopped in a great store called Rejuvenation, 3 more bars and the theater.  Really liked the bars around here. Can’t remember the name of the first one we stopped at.


Second one was Jolly Rogers — watched the Yankee game for a bit while eating fried pickles and cajun wings. The Yankees were winning when we left and my breathing — not so great.


Next stop — The Lamp for a quick dinner before the show. Yankee game on TV — score tied.  (the Lamp next to the Aladdin Theater — get it — Aladdin’s Lamp — ha ha.) Grabbed 5th row seats in the theater next door and watched the Yankees blow it on Drew’s Droid — minutes before the show started. Great place to see a concert. Drew was a bit surprised at the age of the crowd — not young. (Dave Alvin, Peter Case, Chris Smither — not so young either!)


When we got back to the hotel I took a close look at my inhaler — it expired 5 years ago. Do I contact my doctor and have him call in a script and risk paying full price because my insurance might not cover it? I thought about it all night long. Yup, I made the call — better than ending up in the hospital gasping for air. Rite Aid pharmacist called insurance company to get me a vacation over-ride — only paid copay . . . how sweet . . . an override — what did they think I do with an extra inhaler —  albuterol dealer?!

Planning on breakfast at the Bijou Cafe tomorrow — oyster omelets and fresh muffins. It’s near the Powell Bookstore — if it’s raining, that’s where we will be.

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The Town That I Live In: NoMe

Pulled this off the internet: “For all your non-kosher lunch needs, Chicago’s Potbelly Sandwich Shop is opening its first New York location in FiDi.

OMG . . . looks like four letters is the new six or above!
Another play , another day in the city — a cold one! Drew and I drove in to see The Other Place. It’s part of the MCC membership. We were seeing the 2 o’clock matinee. We left the house at 12:30 and drove in. That was cutting it a bit too close for me. For Drew — plenty of time, “Don’t worry we’ll make it.” We took the midtown tunnel, scrambled around the West Village (or is that now WeVi.) We found a parking spot, picked up our tickets, and I practically knocked over everyone in front of me — cutting the line and rushing to the bathroom —  which only led to another line.

Not sure about the play. Certainly not a happy one. Interesting and short, I like that . . and a bit confusing. It’s nice to walk out of the theater and be in WeVi. It’s not nice when the temperature is below freezing and it is almost April. We  walked into Barnes and Noble to warm up and think of our next move. Let me rephrase that: I went in to warm up. Drew went in to thaw his fingertips so he can play with his Droid and download something or other. “It’s free today,” he said. “So how much does it cost normally?” I ask. “99 cents,” he mumbles.

Text to Rachel and Hannah: Play over.

Drew and I walk past Cafe Reggio — which was newly painted in a bright green —  over to the Olive Tree Cafe on Macdougal. Sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Drew reminisces, “This place hasn’t changed. You know, this is where I used to play backgammon with your brother all night.” I’ve heard this before, “Yes, I know.” All the while Drew is playing with his Droid. “I think you’re worse than Rachel with her iphone,” I say in between sips of my Stoli Vanilla and pineapple. “Whaaat?” he squeals back.

He repeats, “This place hasn’t changed . . .” to the bartender. And then he asks if they still have backgammon sets (yes, they do) and says something which translated in real talk would mean “Wow, I’m so old. You probably weren’t even born when I hung out here.” I think he said this before Hannah arrived but I can’t be sure.

Hannah met us (Rachel busy) and she gobbled down a veggie burger and sipped an Irish coffee – but not before showing her id. Then she took us to Dove and we had some very tasty drinks. Mine had ginger and vodka in it. Can’t remember the name. We chatted with the very happy bartender. I think Hannah would be a perfect fit behind that bar.

It was cold, we were hungry and Hannah has to get back to EaVi to meet her friends. We sent her off in a cab and walked over to the Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia St.  Mmmmm, delicious.

Made it to our car without freezing to death and drove back to NoMe.

Late breaking update from Hannah —  (ps i like how you just try to make daddy look like he did dumb things and conveniently left out that you tried to take my underwear out of my bag at the bar) xoxoxo

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