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At least you have flowers to brighten up your stay

What a way to start a vacation. We flew Delta from JFK to Seattle. Our seats weren’t together. They were 2 middle seats. Drew was pretty sure we could change them at the airport and he was right. “The good news is that we are sitting together. The bad news is we are sitting in the last row by the bathroom.” How bad could that be? I was sitting with my honey.

Next time we say NO WAY . . . the aroma of coffee, bathroom freshener, mixed in with the actual smell of an airplane bathroom in constant use was too much for me.  It was a bad idea and it was the first time I ever threw up on an airplane. It was quick and I felt better right away — enough said.

A wet cold day in Seattle — went down to the desk and asked a question. She started telling me places to go. “And if you want to get some shopping in there’s Nordstrom and Macy’s . . .” Ahh, stop right there. Then I asked her if it was going to warm up at all because if not I’m going to buy a scarf. “Oh, a great place to buy a scarf is right up this way,” she points on the map and says, “Nordstrom Rack.” No, no, no, I didn’t come all this way to feel like I’m back home.

Walked around the Waterfront, Pike Place Market, and, as usual, in circles. The flowers and the seafood in the market all looked incredible.


Bought a turkey sandwich on sourdough and went back to the room for lunch. The sandwich was delicious — even the lettuce and tomato was tasty. Checked my email, watched a Law and Order and ate my sandwich. Then I went to search for a Hallmark card for Drew’s dad. He’ll be 92 in a few days and I really didn’t think it would be so hard to find a nice card with lots of words. I found a Walgreens and saw two cards that would have been nice but one was printed in silver ink and the other had print so light I had a hard time reading it. Oh well, struck out on that one. Passed through Pike Place for the third time today and bought some flowers, cheese, and snap peas.

Just like home

Went to the front desk and got a vase. “What pretty flowers,” she said as she handed me the vase, “At least you have the flowers to brighten up your stay with all this rain every day.”

Sushi soon with Drew — if I can stay awake.

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My stud-hub, the fashionista!

As promised:

From running through the house with his cute plastic blue shovel to munching on sweet organic blueberries in the kitchen, Drew is super stylish, happy, and snuggly in his crispy new winter coat. It’s so warm he doesn’t even have to zip it up. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!

A real drew treat!

I think he made a good choice. Don’t you?

Rachel’s flight is delayed. I’m not surprised — if she doesn’t make it home for dinner tonight, there will be leftovers. Not even sure if she is planning on coming home for food but a mommy has to cover all bases. (There’s something about Delta that screams DELAY.)

I’m a little distracted right now. I’ve been tracking Rachel’s flight and I get different information from each site (Delta, flightview, JFK.) I’m going to go with 16 minutes til landing on flightview. I’m guessing that she is on this flight. It seems the logical choice. Plenty of time to drive to the airport but, yet, not too late to arrive home even with delays.

Just stuck my finger in the acorn squash I baked up for dinner and it is definitely lacking in flavor. I miss my farm shares but I didn’t renew this season. Too much waste. Too many potatoes one week, not enough greens another. Need to find a good local greenmarket when the spring rolls around. Don’t know why we can’t get all those delicious fruits and veggie that you can buy at every farm stand out east. Love those strawberries — red and juicy all the way through. Not like the ones we get around here — white and dry in the middle.

Baking up some acorn squash with apples & cinnamon and roasting up a batch of broccoli with garlic and olive oil. Plan on serving it with sautéed tilapia fillets with lime.

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