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Always Busy in New York City

Tuesday in the city. Sun was out. Walked over to B&H Photo to buy a camera case for my Canon G12. Felt like I was in Disneyland. So big, so many lines, so many pointers, “This way,” they would say as they point that-a-way.

When I finally found the case I wanted I had to wait on a line. I gave him the case and he handed me a ticket and sent me to the first floor to pay for it. Zig zag to the escalator that took me to the first floor. I waited on the cashier line and when I paid I said, half kidding, “I feel like I’m in Disneyland  (chuckle chuckle.)” She nodded in agreement, chuckled along with me, handed me a receipt, pointed, and said, “Step around the corner and wait on line to pick up your merchandise.” Or did she say — follow the yellow brick road? Whatever. Actually, it wasn’t like Disneyland at all. The lines were short and fast-moving.

Met Hannah in the west 20’s and made a paper exchange — nothing illegal. And Hannah got a free take-out spicy eggplant lunch out of it thanks to mommy. Walked down Eighth Avenue. Had no time to sit down and sit and eat so I bought a banana. Just didn’t feel like eating a banana while walking down the street so I stopped into Pinkberry. Chocolate frozen yogurt with fresh mango — a perfect refreshing lunch.

Walked over to 14th St and saw an apartment that was for sale. Nice apartment. The downside was the price and 14th street. The upside was this:

Afterwards I walked over to Crocodile Lounge and met Rachel for a Bloody Mary and a few bites of a mini pizza. I mentioned the apartment building a few doors down. And she said she knew which one it was. “Oh, you mean, the one with the pee sign?“Yes,” I said. “I love that sign I took pictures of it,” she squeals. “Me, toooooo!” I squeal back.

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Pizza, pancakes, fried green tomatoes, and good coffee

Time: Saturday night around 9:30

Place:: Hemingway’s, Wantagh

Cell phone rings. It’s Rachel. (uh oh)

Hi,” I scream into the phone. “What are you doing?” she asks. Not a good sign. (“Did she really say that to you too?” comments Hannah when she read this draft.)

Eating dinner. Why? You want to come home?” I jokingly say. “Well, no. Not if I can help it.” she responds. And from then it was pure psycho-squealing from Rachel’s end. “What? What are you saying? I can’t understand you?” I yell over the roar of the crowd. “Have you talked to Hannah?” I think I hear her say. More squealing. This goes on for a while. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Meanwhile, Drew is staring at my plate. “Are you finished eating?” He’s eyeing my last bit of food. It’s sitting there too long for him. I’m trying to decipher whatever it is Rachel is saying and, at the same time, keep Drew’s fork off my plate til I am ready to hand over the goods. Ah, it’s not easy being a slow eating multitasking mommy.

What was the call all about? Rachel locked herself out of her apartment. Her keys are inside and she is outside —  in between is a locked door. With nowhere to go she decides to call mommy. (Oops, what was that she mumbled? Something about a seat at the bar?) Can we pick the keys up from Mooney at her workplace on our way to the city tomorrow? Answer: yes. Meanwhile Hannah’s roommates will save Rachel from a night on the street. Hannah is here in Merrick and Rachel is in Hannah’s bed in the city. Lucky for Rachel we had already planned on driving in for Sunday brunch.

An early Sunday morning text from Rachel says she’s in her apartment. Josh has a key and he was there. What a rainy awful day — drove to city and stopped off at Clinton Street Bakery. We send Hannah out in the rain to get our name on the list. “She said to call in 1 1/2 hours and she will let us know how long,” she reports back. I make a face. It’s raining, I’m hungry. Waiting an hour is okay but hours . . .  Hannah sees my reaction and has that constipated look that she occasionally has — you know the look, when things don’t always go as planned and you switch to plan b — well Hannah does not live in a world where there is a plan b. She wanted to take us to Clinton St. for the great pancakes and that was that. Drew and I glance at each other. What to do. What else? Pick up Rachel and go to Crocodile Lounge to drink bloody marys and share a small pizza to hold us over. A toast to change: Columbia and California!

Hours later, sitting in Clinton Street Bakery, we were a happy family. Drew and Rachel ordered some eggy dishes. Hannah and I ordered blueberry pancakes served with warm maple butter. We all tasted the fried green tomatoes which, by the way, weren’t green and drank good coffee. Mmmmmmmmm . . . so much to eat!

A Happy Family Brunch on a Rainy Day

No dinner tonight– just some green tea.

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