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We made it to the ocean

No rain — can’t believe it. Left Portland yesterday and headed west. I think it’s going to be a nice weekend in these parts. Enjoyed some sunny freezing time at the beach yesterday.

Drove to Nob Hill in Portland for breakfast and ate at Besaw’s — an excellent recommendation from the bartender at the Tugboat Brewing Company. I think it was our best breakfast on this vacation. I had oatmeal pancakes with brown sugar, craisins, and real maple syrup. Drew had Croque Madame (Gruyère shaved ham with eggs over medium on sour dough bread.)  Discovered a tasty hot sauce made in Portland — Secret Aardvark sauce, no secret now.

Haystack Rock

Headed west — no rain, maybe even see some sun — thought we’d drive up the coast for a bit and get in some ocean sites.

First stop was Cannon Beach. I put on my down vest and scarf and headed toward the water. I probably could have worn my sunglasses (and a heavier coat!) Stopped at Visitor Information before heading north. Told the woman working there that we weren’t staying in Cannon Beach. She didn’t seem happy. I think she wanted us to stay and pay — for something, anything in the area. She recommended the park. For 5 dollars we could drive in, park, and see a beautiful view. After I said out loud, “That’s a great idea,” and not really meaning it, she recommended a nice place to stay in Astoria — the Cannery Pier Hotel.

So there we were, an hour later, in the parking lot of the hotel, sitting in the car looking online for a deal. I even called (from the parking lot.) We decided to go for it. I was getting nervous. People were walking in to the hotel and I was pretty sure that if we sat around any longer the rooms would be booked. I jumped out of the car and ran to the door almost knocking someone down. When I got to the reception desk there were already two people checking in and they each had a separate room. I was sweating and out of breath from my mad dash out of the car. Drew eventually showed up.

A room? The hotel was pretty full, but, yes, they had a room. And she gave a us a price that was lower than all the online sites we checked. Sometimes it just pays to go directly to the source.

Astoria, OR

The room is incredible. This is one of the nicest places we’ve stayed in. All the room have views — this is where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. There’s a huge clawfoot tub in the bathroom. Left the shutters open and watched tv . . . saw a few minutes of Daria and a bit of Monk while soaking in the tub.

Leaving today.

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