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What Would Steven Ezra Do?

I’m gasping for air. The accumulation of dust bunnies is horrifying. Every thing I touch is just covered with the stuff — and there is a lot of everything all over the place.

Drew left for Boston on Monday. Before he walked out the door he said, “I’d really like to start exercising, maybe set up the nordic track downstairs but there’s no room down there. It’s a mess.

Okay, okay, I’ll clean it up while you’re gone,” I said to my studly, manly hubly.

I started in the far corner. What do you do with  cassette tapes, old stereo equipment, and piles of magazines — including every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for probably the past 10 years. Me? I piled them all up in the corner for Drew to look through. Oh, did I mention the pile of old scratched up record albums?

The carpet is pretty gamey. I don’t know how anyone can exercise on it. I don’t even like to walk barefoot downstairs.

Books are piled high on the floor. A few weeks ago I attempted to clean up the books that were piled in front of the bookcases in the back room. What to do? Bring them downstairs and pile ’em up! I’m thinking that a good way to get rid of some of these books would be to donate 10 books a week. I’d like to mention this to my drew but I know he’ll start to break out in a sweat and get all defensive – – – “why do you go right to my stuff, we don’t have to get rid of anything, even if I never ever touch it or know it exists. Once I see it I know I’ll need it.” (Oh, wait, who is that talking me or he? I think we!!)

Drew likes his books, broken electronics, and old credit card receipts. Ah, ever take a look at his night table?

Here I am babbling. Today Hannah sent me a text, “WRITE IN YOUR BLOG.” So I’m writing. When it comes to cleaning up and throwing things out — Hannah is worse than Drew. So I really don’t want to go into detail about my time spent downstairs.

But what I will share with everyone is what goes through my head every time I tackle a new corner downstairs. Whenever, whatever I touch — I hold it high and shout out loud, “What would Steven Ezra do?

If you know Steven, then you know what he would say: All together now —- “Throw it out, Aunt Vicki!”



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Cleaning With Ezra

I am exhausted. Steven, my nephew, came back today to finish cleaning up the laundry room. Filled up two vacuum cleaner bags and tons of garbage bags. The living room is filled with give-away stuff. I want to say we did it but it is more like he than we.

I picked Steven up from the train today and drove right to Home Depot to pick up a steel shelf. It weighed 60 pounds and I couldn’t lift it the other day so I waited for him.

I tried to keep an eye on him while he went through everything in the laundry room because his first choice is always, “I think we should throw it out.

I kept offering him food. “Wanna take a break and eat something,” I ask in between wheezing (from all the dust.) “No thanks, Aunt Vicki, I want to get this done.” Damn, who says this? Doesn’t everybody want a break? He wouldn’t stop til it was all done. We found all my windup toys — can’t get rid of them. Boxes and boxes of old pictures — can’t rid of those either. But there was plenty of stuff that we (he) did get rid of. Trying not to think of it — getting a headache.

Feel like I have to rent a van just to donate all this stuff. Thinking I should check through it because I know that there is something in that pile that Hannah wants, needs, and will probably never use again.

I can’t wait to clean out the garage!!!! Oh, by the way, that’s Steven Ezra.

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