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Bob Dylan and Me

I thought it would be hard to write 300+ words a day, every day, but it’s not. I realize I should be editing more carefully. Sometimes I read what I wrote and it makes perfect sense to me but I can’t be sure if anyone else understands what I am trying to say. But, hey, this is not Pulitzer Prize material. This is me blabbing about me and those around me. I know if I go back to an older post I’ll find something to correct or something that doesn’t sound right. But the point is, I’ve kept up the writing. At this time I’d like to take a break to pat myself on the back — good girl, keep it up. Pat. Pat. Pat.

This morning Drew told me that he doesn’t read my posts every day. He waits a few days and then catches up. That does not help my numbers any, my dear darling dandy drew. And then he said, “Shouldn’t this be on Facebook? It’s so personal. Don’t you think the people who know you should read it?” “No, I dont’ think so. I certainly wouldn’t want to log on to Facebook and have a 300+ word post every day about someone I may or may not know so well. Nope, let them find me.

You could reinvent yourself like Bob Dylan (Again?)” Drew’s excited now. “If people don’t know you why not create a whole new world?” Now, why would I want to do that? Should I write about what it’s like to be one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses, or Hugh Hefner’s wife, or how about Joan River’s plastic surgeon? Nah, I don’t think so. I think I’ll write about me and if that is not exciting enough, then I don’t know what is! Really now, I’m busy. My market list today: Kosher salt and dishwashing soap. I’ve managed to write about something everyday. And for those of you who are thinking, “Where does she find the time — such adventures, always writing?” Well, okay, a job would be nice — a meaningful one would be even better, but I don’t havea job therefore I have the time.

And you know what else  you should know about me — I did reinvent myself and all the telemarketers know my name!

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Marry for love or benefits?

I spend way too much time thinking of what I coulda, woulda, shoulda done in my life — and didn’t.

I shoulda been a teacher. (English, perhaps?) Then I would have a pension and benefits for life. Isn’t that so?  Who would think that a major concern in life is “what about health benefits?”

Hannah just received a letter in the mail today from Empire Healthy NY. They are raising rates again — another 7%. I don’t have the letter anymore but I had the feeling that they really didn’t want to do this but they had to. Awwwwww. Hannah thinks I’m obsessed with the cost of health benefits. We ran into Nancy R. at Duane Reade yesterday and I mentioned the cost of one semester of benefits. Apparently I’ve been bringing this up a lot lately. I don’t remember being so concerned about all this when I was younger. I wasn’t even insured way back then. I didn’t have benefits til I married Drew. Let me make it perfectly clear: I married for love and the benefits followed.

Drew thinks I should blog about current issues (health insurance?) and Charlie Sheen. This is my first mention of him and, if you ask me, it’s old news already. So I’m done with him. (Don’t ask!)

I don’t know why I have such a hard time keeping up with this blog on weekends. You’d think there was so much happening in my life that I could fill up pages and pages. We shopped for books, we shopped for cheese and eggs. Now we have to decide where to go for dinner. Busy day. Munching on cheese and eggplant caponata right now. Iavarone’s has a good fresh caponata. They have good fresh lots of things.

At this time I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to correct any mistakes they find in my posts. Cousin Paulie emailed me with quite a few already. Nancy pointed out that  I misspelled Iavarone. Hannah said I switch between Ask Amy and Dear Amy, and, yes, to all who mentioned it, I do know that I don’t always capitalize names. I’ve corrected some. Will get to the rest soon.

Dinner: undecided, at the moment full on cheese, eggplant, and crackers.

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