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I Walk for Lettuce

You know what it’s like — it starts with one piece of cake and the next thing you know you find yourself on the floor, recouping from a major sugar coma, an empty cake platter cracked in pieces next to your head. Right? You know what I’m talking about. Am I all alone here? Somebody say something! I know Jan understands.

Years ago, Pam and Jan brought over a flourless chocolate cake and after dinner we all had a piece. My girls couldn’t finish what was on their plates — too rich, they said. I poopooed them and grabbed their plates. “I’ll clean up. Go away,” I so desperately say. And then I proceed to lick the plates clean. How could anything that is chocolate be too rich? I was glad that Pam and Jan left early that night because I didn’t want to share the rest of the cake. Jan and I could have finished the whole thing in one sitting. But instead it was me —  all by myself! By the next day when the rest of the family was ready for another taste the cake was gone. Happens a lot in this house. “MOMMMMMMEEEEEE, where’s the cake?” As if they didn’t know.

Sugar is my weakness. For Drew, it’s carbs. Give him a piece of bread and he’ll eat the whole loaf and ask for more.  I’ve been serving cheese and veggies, instead of crackers and staying away from fresh breads, potatoes, all that white stuff. For dinner I spiced up some turkey burgers and made a mashed turnip dish. Instead of serving bread I thought it would be a good idea to wrap the burgers in lettuce — crunchy, fresh head lettuce. (Funny but head lettuce is basically white.)

I went to Pat’s Farms and only circled the block once to get a spot on the street. They have the worst parking lot ever. If I can’t park on the street I just keep on driving. Loaded my basket with whatever it was on my list and passed the head lettuce. The whole pile looked pretty measly and the price was $1.99 a head. Not worth it. Didn’t buy it.

Went home, felt guilty that I wouldn’t spend 2 bucks on Drew to make him happy so I put on my sneakers and took a walk to Associated. Their lettuce was $2.99 and looked just as bad. Not good, had to find lettuce so I headed towards Stop & Shop and went directly to the produce department — $2.59! What am I going to do? I caved and bought the lettuce.

I had a good power walk home. Worked up a good sweat, me and my puny looking head of lettuce. Had to peel most of it away to get to the crunchy part. It made Drew happy. Mission accomplished!


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