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Always Busy in New York City

Tuesday in the city. Sun was out. Walked over to B&H Photo to buy a camera case for my Canon G12. Felt like I was in Disneyland. So big, so many lines, so many pointers, “This way,” they would say as they point that-a-way.

When I finally found the case I wanted I had to wait on a line. I gave him the case and he handed me a ticket and sent me to the first floor to pay for it. Zig zag to the escalator that took me to the first floor. I waited on the cashier line and when I paid I said, half kidding, “I feel like I’m in Disneyland  (chuckle chuckle.)” She nodded in agreement, chuckled along with me, handed me a receipt, pointed, and said, “Step around the corner and wait on line to pick up your merchandise.” Or did she say — follow the yellow brick road? Whatever. Actually, it wasn’t like Disneyland at all. The lines were short and fast-moving.

Met Hannah in the west 20’s and made a paper exchange — nothing illegal. And Hannah got a free take-out spicy eggplant lunch out of it thanks to mommy. Walked down Eighth Avenue. Had no time to sit down and sit and eat so I bought a banana. Just didn’t feel like eating a banana while walking down the street so I stopped into Pinkberry. Chocolate frozen yogurt with fresh mango — a perfect refreshing lunch.

Walked over to 14th St and saw an apartment that was for sale. Nice apartment. The downside was the price and 14th street. The upside was this:

Afterwards I walked over to Crocodile Lounge and met Rachel for a Bloody Mary and a few bites of a mini pizza. I mentioned the apartment building a few doors down. And she said she knew which one it was. “Oh, you mean, the one with the pee sign?“Yes,” I said. “I love that sign I took pictures of it,” she squeals. “Me, toooooo!” I squeal back.

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Whipping With Scallions

Barely made it through the seder last night. My leg has been hurting for days and Sunday I felt a twinge in my back — only the right side. Sometime in the afternoon the day of the seder my back went out. I took aleve, I iced my back. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the night. I think I mentioned this in yesterday’s post.

Well, I barely made it through the night. Didn’t think I would be able to get up off the couch by time everyone left. Hannah did a lot of the cooking yesterday. I walked around the table and placed the silverware — that was about all I could handle.

The seder was fun. We Skyped, read, we sang, we drank, we whipped each other silly with scallions, and we ate. The Moroccan carrot swiss chard salad was a hit. Next year we will have to triple the recipe and, as usual, Cousin Paulie’s cheesecake was loved by all. Hardly anything left the next day. I was fading quickly throughout the meal.

Tanya and Thera have become the new Pam and Jan. Jumping up to help even before I get out of my chair. Rachel took forever to eat. I think the dishwasher was running and all the food was put away before she took her last bite.

I’m tired and have to lay down now and ice my back and already it is late. Probably take another aleve to get me through the night. Made it through the second seder at Eli and Jenny’s. Took lots of pictures with my new camera. Did I mention my new camera that I think I got for my birthday? It’s a Canon G12 and I think I like it. Still small enough to fit in my pocket.

Damn, Drew’s relaxing on the couch. Gotta go annoy him.

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