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And Stanley is His Name-O

He’s back and he’s chewing away in the crawl space. I don’t get it. For 3 days there was no sound of a squirrel and now he’s all over the place again. Could he be getting in and out? I don’t think so. Shouldn’t he be dead already — no water, no food? I think so! Every time I look out in the yard I see a squirrel sitting on the deck staring at my house. I don’t like this one bit. I keep stomping and banging on the floor, hoping he’ll run off and find himself in a trap eating White Rose creamy peanut butter. It’s not working. He just quiets down for a few minutes and then starts chewing away again. Stanley, please, I don’t want you to die! I want you set free. Picking up another trap today.

Just received a notice that Verizon is raising its rates soon. Called about the rates — totally confused. And my valued customer discount of 20 dollars a month is expiring in April. Guess paying your bill on time for 2 years doesn’t make you a valued customer. She told me to call back in April when it expires to see if I can get another discount but regardless of that my bill will be going up ten dollars. She was very nice and wanted to keep my business. (Did I mention the Cablevision word?) Called back a few minutes later for another reason and was given different information about the rates but this woman wasn’t interested in keeping my business, even when I did mention the C word. We didn’t click. Think it’s time to call Cablevision and hear them out.

Ordered Drew a coat online today and if it fits we will be twins. How cute. Oh, right, Drew’s new coat — well, it has already been returned. Drew was just falling in love with it when the zipper snapped and, poof, no more love. There’s nothing in the stores so I called Land’s End and found last year’s style. Why last year’s? Because when I read a review someone mentioned that the zipper was no longer 2 way. Not acceptable and apparently I am not the only one who thinks that. People have been complaining and they are changing back. Anyway, found the coat I wanted and managed to get free shipping. If it doesn’t fit I can return it to Sear’s. Nothing to lose.

Dinner tonight more leftovers and okra.

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