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“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Read the above quote this morning in the New York Times Sunday Styles section while sipping on my banana, peanut butter, and almond milk shake. Apparently it is Kate Moss’s infamous quote. I’ve never heard it before but I’m finding it very inspiring . . . yes, inspiring me to get skinny . . . because I do agree — skinny feels good (to me.)

I’m not sure Drew agrees so much with my version of skinny  (I know I won’t reach that level of skinniness but I’m shooting for age appropriate skinny.) He always thought I needed more meat on my bones (and chest) when I was real skinny. I’ve been wearing a bra now for 10 years . . . well, 50% of the time — every part is just too saggy with all this weight. I think if I had been skinny all these years I wouldn’t have so much sag. I’m sure I would have some — it does come with age and probably the only way to avoid the sag is surgery which is not on my bucket list.

Anyway, I was reading the Sunday paper and jotted down the quote. Maybe I should post it in my car so when I go to Trader Joe’s and I pass the bon bons I keep walking. I could save all my bon bon money and buy the pillow from Kirna Zabete — It’s a Jonathan Adler needlepoint pillow. (Which is why it was in the Styles section.) Pricey but cute. After all, needlepoint is a lot of work. I’m always looking at crafty things in stores thinking, “That’s expensive. I could do that myself.” But I don’t  . . . so much work. The store is located in Soho — from the looks of the website it seems like an upscale store for skinny people.

Now “Stupid is as stupid does,” keeps popping in my head. Why is that?

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House Paint

Finally coming together. I think the house looks great. Tomorrow the shutters will get painted with a fresh coat of  black raspberry. Can’t wait. I ended up keeping the same color for the shutters. Always liked purple but now my house no longer looks like an eggplant.

Tomorrow I should be able to post a picture of the freshly painted house. Really tired now. Drew left for Columbus for the week. I cooked anyway — spicy chicken thighs with tomato and chickpeas. Easy, quick dish I made early because I knew my nephew, Steven Ezra, was coming by and he always needs some good fuel for the body. We ate the chicken with roasted broccoli. Followed by a serving of vanilla bon bons — mm, my favorite. Did I say spicy chicken thighs? Yes, they were suppose to be spicy — guess I need new cayenne. Have leftovers that will probably take me through the week til Drew gets home.

Very tired tonight. Have no stories to tell.

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