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SUNday in MY Garden with ParTs




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Oh My Aching Tush

I know I’ve been focusing way too much on my body parts lately. I really don’t mean to, it’s just that I am so aware of them at all times. They are always hanging around me. And if not hanging, then aching, or itching. I spent most of today in my garden. Filled a few containers with flowers, planted some annuals and a pretty pink hydrangea, and spread some mulch.

I would have liked to plant all the flowers but I had to take a break. My tush still feels black and blue from the other day when I battled with the vinca.

house color and planting

Here’s my new technique: I surround myself with all the plants, tools, and any other materials I need. I sit in one spot and plant as much as I can — within my reach — without bending too much. This way I limit the amount of times I have to get up. Sometimes I find myself stuck in a sitting-on-the-hard-ground-position and I think of calling out for Drew (weekends only) to help me up but I jiggle around until I am in a standing position.

I did this three times so there are three small sections filled with flowers and mulch. Looks good but there is a lot to be done. I didn’t wear gardening gloves and I don’t know how I will get my hands cleaned up. My eyes are an itchy mess. Could be allergies, could be that I rubbed them with my dirty hands.

Have to get ready for Sylvia’s surprise birthday party. Looking for a long scarf — one that falls gently over my belly (and hides it!)

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