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Come To Mama

I’m seriously thinking of posting a link to my blog on my Facebook page. Why? Because Drew keeps bugging me about it. “What are you doing? Blogging?” he asks this morning. “No, answering an email before my dentist appointment,” I answer back.

“Why don’t you post your blog on Facebook?” He blurts this just because he does. So I’m thinking — why not? The good thing about it is that you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to (Now I’m hurt.) And it won’t clutter up anyone’s Facebook page with chitter chatter. You go to it NOT the other way around. Okay, I like it. I’ll do it.

So I went to my Facebook page and was about to click on “link” but wasn’t sure so I emailed Hannah.

Me: so i was thinking of adding a link to my blog on Facebook . . . do i go to my profile page and click link and just add it? xoxoxoxoxo

Hannah: No you have to edit your personal information and there will be a part that says website. If you add in where it says link you will be adding it to your wall, not your profile (which can also be good) xo

Me: confused

Hannah: okay. when you go to your Facebook click on “info” under your picture. then go down to “contact information” and click “edit” on the right hand side. when you click “edit” you will see it says “website” with a box for you to paste something. you paste it there and press save. if you paste it with the link button then it will be pasted onto your wall. does that explain it better?   xoxoxoxox love you

As I write this blog I’m thinking of what to make for dinner tomorrow night (tonight is catfish and greens) and what color thread to use to sew up Drew’s pants. (These are 2 things that will make Drew very happy — all that and clean underwear, now that’s a good wife!) The book, Art and Madness: A Memoir of Lust Without Reason, is on the table right next to this computer. I started reading it last week and it is only a 2 week book. I think I like it but I put it down and it is not calling my name. I’m staring at it, I’m touching it, but nothing is happening. I only want to sew pants and fold clean underwear. I really need a book that calls out to me . . . or a life!!!!

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0 bloggers like this post

Do you have to be a blogger to like my post? Can’t you just be a friend or a relative, or, perhaps, a stumbling-upon-my-blog stranger? I say I’m writing this for myself and I am. But sometimes when I look at the numbers and I see a spike in readership I get very excited. So maybe in a way I really would like more people to read this. Why would they? I don’t know.

I am not a blog reader. I’ve checked out quite a few blogs. I’ve looked them over once or twice — no, usually once. Like I said, I am not a blog reader. I’ve given my address out and days later when I run into someone who knows of my blog they say, “I’ve been so busy, I need to catch up on your blog.” I say,”No, you don’t. It’s okay, I don’t need to hear excuses, I understand.

So what makes a good blog? Apparently not my life. I’m pretty much done with the squirrel talk — for those of you who keep saying, “Enough with the squirrel already. Move on with your life!” (Actually only one person said that to me but I must treat her with kindness — she is one of my faithful followers and I hope she brings her computer to Hawaii.)

Why is it that when the weekend comes around I find it hard to get my 300 words out. Wait, it’s only Friday.

So, Hannah sent me a text last night, “What should I wear to admitted students day?” How do you answer a question like that? I’m surprised she didn’t call the admissions office to find out. She was going up to Columbia today for Admitted Students Day with her roommate, Anna. The two of them were accepted into the MPH program. I’m pretty sure the two of them were looking at each wondering what to wear. Or do you think it was all Hannah and Anna had already picked out her outfit?

I say: You’re already accepted — go naked, my girlie,  and don’t forget to accessorize!

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About a Blog

“Whoa this sounds good.” Yes, you guessed it, Drew’s morning comment. He speaks and I  jot it down, along with whatever else he said. So I’m looking at my note at this very moment and all I can make out is the above quote. Now if I can remember what Ask Amy was about without searching through the paper that would be just dandy, wouldn’t it? But here I am, sitting at the dining room table – – breathe deep, deeper, stop thinking and it will come. Ah, nope, nothing. Must have cicada on the brain!

The following definition was taken from wikipedia: The personal blog, an ongoing diary (yes, yes, I think this is me) or commentary by an individual (eh, not so much), is the traditional, most common blog (you mean I am not marching to the sound of a different drummer?). Personal bloggers usually take pride in their blog posts (well I try to but on a daily basis there are bound to be mistakes), even if their blog is never read (Boo hoo, maybe recipes would help). Blogs often become more than a way to just communicate; they become a way to reflect on life (sounds like therapy to me, I like it), or works of art (I’m all for adding pictures). Blogging can have a sentimental quality.(Sentimental? I don’t think so but I’ve been wrong before.)

So I’m writing a personal blog. I still need a category. I also need to write the About You section but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it – – working on it now. But first I better put a load of dirty clothes in the washer. (You know I could be twittering this!)

Hannah is a vegetarian. In fifth grade Hannah and her friend, Meredith, decided to give up meat. What amazed me the most was how Hannah gave up her favorite food – –  McDonald’s hamburger – –  just like that! No looking back. It is now 13 years later and she is still totally vegetarian (not vegan, she loves her eggs.) Drew and I gave up meat some time during the summer. It happened when we went to a Pretenders concert in Central Park, Hannah picked up a PETA newsletter and left in the backseat of Drew’s car. He read it. And that was that. I’m fine with no meat. I made fish and prepared lots of  lentils, beans, squashes, apparently stuff with lots of carbs. Why am I writing this now? Because we started eating meat again, but not too much.

Last night we had a great vegetarian meal. I made the hot and sour with tofu instead of pork. Tonight I decided to make some ethiopian dishes – – collards with nit’ir qibe and doro we’t (ethiopian chicken stew.) I went to Waldbaum’s for a Murray’s chicken but they only had Perdue. The label read “cage-free.” Seemed like a marketing ploy. They got me, I bought a chicken. Is Murray’s a better, happier chicken? Is it better to be cage-free and then slaughtered? Does it taste better? Do I feel better about this? I searched the internet for answers. I thought about the book I read by Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals, and seriously folks, I’m not feeling good about this. I’m going to make the chicken because it wouldn’t be right to waste a dead chicken. I was okay ordering ribs at a restaurant but, still, as in the past, I am not okay when I have to buy dead meat. Oops, babbling am I?  Probably time to put the clothes in the dryer. Gotta go.

“You never have to worry if the fish on your plate had to suffer. It did.” (from Eating Animals)

Great, I love my veggies, but don’t plants have feelings too?

Way over my word count.

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Day One

I am drinking my coffee this morning and drew says, “Get a paper and pencil so you can write down your chore for today.” So I obediently do so . . . which was a surprise to my drew. And then he gives me a chore, “Go to WordPress.com, blah, blah, blah.”

So that’s how my day started. For years drew has been bugging me to start a blog. It’s not enough that every once in a while I actually put together the SommerTimes newsletter to tell all the world about our family. Now, after all these years, when all around me is quiet I thought I would make him happy and start this blog. What to write — I don’t know — and I’m not even sure I know what I am doing.

I’m not sure about blogging because when I write I like to let it sit a bit and  – – – well, sometimes it takes time before the right words come to me — like now, for instance. Hey, but if it keeps drew happy, I’m happy. Blog, cook, blog, cook . . . . happy, happy drew!

It’s 12:08 pm and I’ve signed on to skype hoping to talk to cheryl. Nothing yet. Think I will head out and get some other chores done.

I mean, I feel like I should write some more but then what will I say tomorrow? Do bloggers blog once a day? Or is it okay to blog as you live? Is it like Facebook? Too much constant useless information, or like Twitter . . . hmm, wonder what rachel has twatted lately? Something about her sty? or her new glasses?

Should I capitalize names? What if I misspell a word? Who will notice? Will anyone care?

Oh, the hell with it, let the world know about my aches and my pains, my soups and my salads, my drew and my girls . . . let’s see if I can even get this posted for now. Drew, are you out there? xo

OMG, now what. . .  am i suppose to pick a category? I see uncategorized checked off . . . don’t i want to be somewhere? Tomorrow I’ll deal with it. Already I am getting a headache trying to figure out how to set this up . . .

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