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Always Busy in New York City

Tuesday in the city. Sun was out. Walked over to B&H Photo to buy a camera case for my Canon G12. Felt like I was in Disneyland. So big, so many lines, so many pointers, “This way,” they would say as they point that-a-way.

When I finally found the case I wanted I had to wait on a line. I gave him the case and he handed me a ticket and sent me to the first floor to pay for it. Zig zag to the escalator that took me to the first floor. I waited on the cashier line and when I paid I said, half kidding, “I feel like I’m in Disneyland  (chuckle chuckle.)” She nodded in agreement, chuckled along with me, handed me a receipt, pointed, and said, “Step around the corner and wait on line to pick up your merchandise.” Or did she say — follow the yellow brick road? Whatever. Actually, it wasn’t like Disneyland at all. The lines were short and fast-moving.

Met Hannah in the west 20’s and made a paper exchange — nothing illegal. And Hannah got a free take-out spicy eggplant lunch out of it thanks to mommy. Walked down Eighth Avenue. Had no time to sit down and sit and eat so I bought a banana. Just didn’t feel like eating a banana while walking down the street so I stopped into Pinkberry. Chocolate frozen yogurt with fresh mango — a perfect refreshing lunch.

Walked over to 14th St and saw an apartment that was for sale. Nice apartment. The downside was the price and 14th street. The upside was this:

Afterwards I walked over to Crocodile Lounge and met Rachel for a Bloody Mary and a few bites of a mini pizza. I mentioned the apartment building a few doors down. And she said she knew which one it was. “Oh, you mean, the one with the pee sign?“Yes,” I said. “I love that sign I took pictures of it,” she squeals. “Me, toooooo!” I squeal back.

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