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What Makes YOU Feel Grown UP?

  • Here’s what makes ME feel grown up:
  • A large handbag
  • A huge wallet
  • Wearing a bra
One, two, three Look at Me, I'm all Grown Up!

One, two, three
Look at Me,
I’m all Grown Up!

Last week I went shopping at Century 21. I needed pants — pants to replace the pants I bought last month — pants that were a size smaller than the ones I bought last month. I couldn’t return the large pants  (some of which still have tags) because Century 21 won’t accept returns after 30 days. It was Day 32 when I read the back of my receipt to find out this very important bit of information.

So I ran through Century 21 last week — 2 pairs of pants, a large handbag, belt, scarf, and a huge wallet — I was out of there in less than an hour. The bag was large–  could hold files, a huge wallet, small notebook, camera, phone, mints, kindle, and assorted other stuff — this bag was way bigger than any bag I ever owned AND it was purple. Unpacked the bag later that day and decide to look online to see if this Kipling bag was a good deal. I check the tag and find out that it’s a diaper bag!!!! Oh, so that’s what those pouches are for — baby bottles! And then I check the side pouch and it opens up to a changing pad!!!! AHHHHH, no this is not what I want. This is going back!!! Next —  the cute Betsey Johnson belt that I bought — I cut off the label and peel off the security sticker and with it comes part of the belt. Great! Well now I have two items to return. OMG, I AM babbling…

As soon as I filled my huge wallet with credit cards, tickets, receipts, money etc. I felt grown up. I never owned a huge wallet like this — with a zipper and so many compartments! I’m used to grabbing a credit card and some money and stuffing ’em in my back pocket and anything else I would give to my drew to hold!

So today I’m on the return line at Century 21 and EVERYBODY, and I mean EVERYBODY on the line has the same type of wallet as I do!!!! Grown ups, grown ups everywhere. Every time I grab my wallet and unzip it I feel so grown up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of nice to be able to actually find what you are looking for. It just takes some getting used to.

And now I find myself wearing a bra all the time. I don’t know when this happened but it did. Of course, it is the first piece of clothing that comes off when I walk in the door. Large handbag — why on earth do I need to carry around a piece of luggage like that? I don’t know but I do . . . sometimes.

So let’s review: A large handbag, a huge wallet, and a bra.

What makes YOU feel grown up?

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