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Momma Gadda Iphone

This was, like, one of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make in a long long time! To buy or not to buy an iphone. It’s not like I won’t use it. It’s just that it is going to mean I have to send an extra $25 plus tax to AT&T every month. When I told Drew that was my main issue he said, “Forget it, it’s not worth it!” So here I am –setting up my iphone. Bought a nice thin case and the AppleCare Protection plan too.

I’ve already sent one text, made two phone calls, and tried to sign on to my wireless network but I can’t seem to get the password right. Now it is asking me to set up my voicemail and I am following directions. I put in a password, I started recording a message and it is not working. Earlier I tried signing in to iTunes and couldn’t remember my Apple password. Finally figured it out and every step I take is more confusing than the next. But I am getting there!

I have to register the phone but I can’t get that plastic wrapping off the package. I’m sure this will get easier. I know it will. I know it will. Did I mention that my space bar is not working (sporadically) on my computer?

Called Rachel for some iphone advice. I now have a few very important free apps — Yelp, WxQuickie, Droid Light, and Kick Lite.  The Compass is already on the phone. Now I have to rearrange my home page and continue the search for more apps. I connected both of my Gmail accounts to my phone and I finally typed in the correct password for the house wi-fi. It’s not that I didn’t know the password, it’s just that my fingers are too fat .

Phone’s ringing. Wow look at the time. It’s Drew, “Hey babe, do you want me to . . . ”  He was offering to pick up dinner because he thought I would be busy with my new toy. Awwwwww, how sweet!  Cooked dinner and set up my voicemail. I am woman, hear me roar!

Weather report: Tomorrow will be about the same temperature as today. Yay, gotta love it!

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Why is this day different from all the other days?

Because today is June 10th and I can officially renew my AT&T contract.

As a valued AT&T customer, you may qualify for discounted equipment pricing with a new two-year commitment.

Decisions to be made. I have Hannah’s iphone here but I don’t know her password so I can’t play with it. I’m seriously thinking of getting one. Carol and Cheryl have an iPhone. I really feel like I should get one too. Drew thinks I need one, Hannah thinks I should get one, and apparently Steven Ezra doesn’t think I should get one because I’ll use it too much.

After all, I am a valued customer. Will I use it too much? I can’t be sure. But just think, I can check my email all day long from anywhere! I won’t have to run home periodically during the day just to see who emailed me. And with the price of gas that is quite a savings. I can find out where the local Starbucks is — even though I have been totally disappointed in their iced latte and cappuccino. What do you think happened?

The other day I ordered an iced latte and I asked for less ice and milk, “It’s okay if the cup isn’t filled to the top. I just want to taste the espresso,” I was sure to mention. But still it was weak. Not happy, not happy at all. A few months ago I ordered a tall cappuccino and it was so milky I poured it out. I should have returned it but I was in the city and rushing off. I used to like their coffee but I find their espresso not as strong and satisfying as it once was.

So, where was I. Ah, yes, the iphone — should I stay or should I go — to the AT&T store to pick up my new iphone? Well, for now, Hannah wants me to wait til she gets back so she can come with me to the store. I’ll wait til she gets back. Sometime this week she’ll be on the Greek Island of Lesbos and I will still be using my Nokia flip phone.

A heavy dose of black licorice and dark chocolate will keep me happy until Hannah gets home.

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It’s the iPhone or No Phone

Soaking wet. No, I’m not at the Arctic Monkeys concert — no rain last night but sweat pouring down my face, burning my eyes, couldn’t see a thing — so crowded. hot, sticky. Luckily, Rachel had the same hot sweaty issues that I have so we walked out of the crowd and sat by a tree while Hannah and Drew made their way in and around the crowd.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes, sweat — breaking out in a sweat, stress sweat. Drew gave me the ultimatum this morning, “It’s the iPhone or no phone,” he roared in my face. Maybe it’s because, this morning, I didn’t make him eggs, and I didn’t chop up any veggies for his cottage cheese. He made his own breakfast — a milkshake. Maybe that’s why he was such a tyrant.

My AT&T contract is up for renewal on June 1oth. I mentioned to Drew that my phone is falling apart. It’s not reading my SIM card. The screen is messed up. I sometimes joke about getting an iPhone because I’m the only one in the family who can’t check emails at all times. I can’t check the weather report or just browse the web, for that matter. I’m beginning to feel left out. I could be writing my blog on the train, at the dinner table, or in the lady’s room at the theater.

I don’t know what to do. Hannah thinks I should get one. Steven Ezra doesn’t. Carol and Cheryl have iPhones. And that makes me want one. Whenever I’m with Hannah she shows me the apps she has downloaded. I love the weather app (warmer than yesterday.) She showed me something on her phone yesterday. Sorry to say I can’t remember what it was but I did say “When I get an iPhone I want that app!” So sad.

I could wait for the iPhone 5 to come out. I don’t know. I’ll have to think. How would my girls feel if I had the 5 and they had the 4. Would I be a cool mom?

Tomorrow I’ll be sure to make Drew some eggs and toast.

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How I save over a thousand dollars a month

The following is a small sampling of very important texts that I received from my girls:



did you see cc’s daughters.

they re so adorable


How did you know i had a lot of pimples

omg i love the archie stamp

Ah i just saw the biggest rats ever

on rachel’s block

I really don’t want to do laundry

I have so much cellulite 😦

I wore my gold watch last night and now it’s missing

I just put my check in an envelope and forgot to put a note. Is that bad

Zooey deschanel plays bones’ cousin on bones

Should I take off yoga on wed the 20th

i broke my glasses 😦

I might be going back into the city tomorrow night. I’ll decide last minute (repeat three times)


Uggg. crossing my fingers i don’t get sent home from work. My eye looks like that again. Cept this time it’s my other eye.

Sent home

my fridge is broken

About to call Fraunces Tavern



I’m out of indian ramen;(

so my eye looks like it did last saturday

what should i wear for the admitted students day

Earthquakes in Burma

I’m awake

Just made it. can’t breathe


call me in the morning

green pancakes and green beer

law and order is on THREE channels right now

call me at 7:45 please

esp help me and tell me where it is in the morning

You home?

Go on fb

have you seen the new dyson cordless vacuum??

According to AT&T’s website a text, without a plan, costs 20 cents per message. Last month we had just under 8000 messages. (And I mean just!) It would have cost me 1600 dollars if I didn’t already have the unlimited text plan. Whew, so that’s how I save money.

In February, Rachel went to a wedding in Toronto. She had her iPhone and as soon as she drove across the border she received a message from AT&T re: international rates. So she called me!

I told her to text if she needed to (50 cents a text/international rate) but don’t use the internet. Hours later I received an email from her:

Free wifi at hotel.
We got here. I’ll try to write down directions before we leave so I don’t have to turn data on again.
Sent from my iPhone

I responded:

well if you have to use it then use it….. hopefully I won’t have to sell the house to pay the bill 

She came home and said she didn’t use it. I was just joking when I said “hopefully I won’t have to sell the house.”

Luckily Rachel was only in Canada for 2 nights and one full day. A week after her return AT&T froze the account. Apparently she rung up charges over 1000 dollars. I called AT&T. I didn’t care for the woman I spoke to but she did back date an international plan that would only cost me 119 dollars. I was pretty sure she could have refunded me for the entire amount since it was clearly a mistake. She even said, “even though you used the hotel’s wireless you were still roaming. You probably pressed something by mistake and didn’t deactivate it.” Then she wanted to show me what I had to do on the iPhone so it wouldn’t happen again. Ahhhh, headache. I hung up, but not before she told me to call back on March 19th to cancel the international plan.

March 19th was a Saturday. Drew and I saw a play that day and then met the girls at St. Andrew’s Pub. While eating and drinking I realized the date and found a semi-quiet corner to make a phone call. Spoke to someone at AT&T. He didn’t understand what was going on, my bill was a mess and he said that whatever this other woman did wasn’t helping any. I would still have charges. He said he would call me when the bill was posted and credit me. We set up a phone date for the next Sunday. I had faith. My girls didn’t. I walked around all Sunday with the phone in my hand. He never called. I called and spoke to someone and just said I’ve been waiting for a phone call since 10 this morning blah, blah, blah . . . This guy wanted to transfer me to the international department but then I said, “there’s a mistake on my bill and he was going to credit my account.” “Oh,” he said, “I can do that.” And so he did.

And I saved even more money. I didn’t even have to pay for the international texts — we’re talking around 5 dollars!

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Cheryl has an iphone — Jan has an itouch

I want an isomething.

I sit in the car and write some really good stuff in my head. It’s easy. The music is blasting. I stare out the window, occasionally Drew will point to a passing car, or comment on a lousy driver — I smile and continue the drama going on in my head. It always reads so well. A beginning, middle, end, and lot of good stuff in between. I keep thinking that when I get home i could write this all down for tomorrow’s post. But instead I come home and dribble out a few broken sentences — sort of like this — and it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. And now I am wordless. So that is why I am thinking I want an isomething. I’m just not sure which one. An ipad seems big but the others seem too small.

On Friday Hannah was showing me the apps on her iphone. I love her weather app — today will be warmer than yesterday. I love it. And she also has a compass. What more can I ask for?

“AT&T lets your phone talk and search at the same time.” Oops that was my tv talking.

Think I hear Drew’s car in the driveway. Quiet day and not much to say. Getting tax info together, listening for the squirrel (nothing today) and making dinner. Tilapia again. Can’t make any high smokin’ meals til my fan is fixed. How did I live without it?

Where’s that book I just took out of the library? Can’t remember who recommended it — either Carol or Janet. Found it —  A Blessing On the Moon, by Joseph Skibell. The first page passed the readability test so I took the book out. Also took out the memoir, Blood, Bones, and Butter, The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef, by Gabrielle Hamilton. Read about it in the NYT Book Review. “Magnificent. Simply the best memoir by a chef ever. Ever.” — Anthony Bourdain

Must return to my kitchen to finish up dinner — tilapia again, string beans, and quinoa salad.

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