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A Good Egg

OH what a glorious morning . . . my drew is home!

HE: Squirting grapefruit juice all over as he digs into his morning half, while reading the paper and trying to get his stereo to respond. . .  which eventually it does — loudly!

ME: Getting first dibs on Ask Amy, drinking coffee, and mentally calculating how old the half dozen eggs are so I can figure out what to make my drew for breakfast. A nice fresh egg that has a strong upright, rich colored yolk shouldn’t be wasted on an omelette. However, I quickly think back and realize that I can’t even remember when I bought these eggs AND Drew has been gone for two weeks.

It’s so upsetting when I flip an egg and the yolks breaks. Happened this week in the apartment. Made eggs for Hannah . . . flipped ’em and one yolk started leaking. I tried to stop it. The last thing I want to serve is a leaky yolk on a pretty plate. (Come to think of it — we bought those eggs the same time we bought the ones I have at home –My birthday in April.)

So an omelette it was . . . and quite a pretty one.

A pretty omelette on a pretty plate.

A pretty omelette on a pretty plate.

I drank my banana, peanut butter, almond milk shake, Drew ate his pretty omelette and we read and giggled over Ask Amy!!!!

A lovely morning.

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Lox and Bagels With a Schmear of Ask Amy

This morning over breakfast and a nice strong cup of coffee I read Ask Amy. Drew read it first. “Who writes these letters? This one sounds made up. Not sure I like Amy’s answer,” he said in between bagel bites.

I am 25 and recently ran into an old friend . . . ” the letter began. Apparently when he was in high school his friends (the popular ones) smoked weed and drank. His mom  disapproved and so he stopped hanging out with them.  Now he runs into this friend only to find out that this popular group all graduated college and are living on their own while he dropped out of college, lives with his parents, and has no friends. He ends with, “I should have stayed friends with these guys even though they did drugs because now I look like a loser in comparison. They made all the wrong choices and are winning in life. What’s left for me?

Duh, 25? What’s left for you? My guess is that if he did remain friends with these guys in high school then he probably still would have dropped out of college, live with his parents, have no friends, and do drugs now.  Gee, let’s see if I can pull out a quote from Amy’s answer. “My instinct is that your relationship with your parents might be at the root of your problems.

So Drew and I read this and both of us were beaming. “Hey, we are such good parents.” We just made it difficult for the girls to hang out with friends (very few) that we didn’t care for. “Who are you with? Nice, but I have to pick you up in 10 minutes — early dinner tonight. I know 4 o’clock is a bit extreme but I’m hungry.” Hannah and Rachel were both home this weekend so we made them read Ask Amy. I don’t think we got the credit we deserved. A smile and a nod would have been much better than a giggle.

So our girls are alright. They like tasty cheese, fresh bread, good wine, and keep good company. Hannah says her hands shake and blames it on Drew. Rachel will never forgive me for the dark circles under her eyes. Some things are unavoidable.

Business as usual today. We took a ride to Best Buy, headed over to Iavarone Bros. and now  we’re snacking on some good wine, fresh bread, and tasty cheese — all in good company. (It’s a family thing.)

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Marry for love or benefits?

I spend way too much time thinking of what I coulda, woulda, shoulda done in my life — and didn’t.

I shoulda been a teacher. (English, perhaps?) Then I would have a pension and benefits for life. Isn’t that so?  Who would think that a major concern in life is “what about health benefits?”

Hannah just received a letter in the mail today from Empire Healthy NY. They are raising rates again — another 7%. I don’t have the letter anymore but I had the feeling that they really didn’t want to do this but they had to. Awwwwww. Hannah thinks I’m obsessed with the cost of health benefits. We ran into Nancy R. at Duane Reade yesterday and I mentioned the cost of one semester of benefits. Apparently I’ve been bringing this up a lot lately. I don’t remember being so concerned about all this when I was younger. I wasn’t even insured way back then. I didn’t have benefits til I married Drew. Let me make it perfectly clear: I married for love and the benefits followed.

Drew thinks I should blog about current issues (health insurance?) and Charlie Sheen. This is my first mention of him and, if you ask me, it’s old news already. So I’m done with him. (Don’t ask!)

I don’t know why I have such a hard time keeping up with this blog on weekends. You’d think there was so much happening in my life that I could fill up pages and pages. We shopped for books, we shopped for cheese and eggs. Now we have to decide where to go for dinner. Busy day. Munching on cheese and eggplant caponata right now. Iavarone’s has a good fresh caponata. They have good fresh lots of things.

At this time I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to correct any mistakes they find in my posts. Cousin Paulie emailed me with quite a few already. Nancy pointed out that  I misspelled Iavarone. Hannah said I switch between Ask Amy and Dear Amy, and, yes, to all who mentioned it, I do know that I don’t always capitalize names. I’ve corrected some. Will get to the rest soon.

Dinner: undecided, at the moment full on cheese, eggplant, and crackers.

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you’re too old to go to a rock concert

(Thank you, Drew, for that comment.) That’s how my Monday began. Actually it began when I lifted my head off my pillow and  I still heard the buzzing in my head from the night before. Drew’s been stuffing cotton balls in his ears during concerts for years now. I, however, never had this problem of ringing . . . buzzing . . . static . . . in my head after a loud concert until last night. I love my silence . . . now what, do I stand under the shower to drown out the noise? Do I listen to music, keep the tv on all day long . . . or, maybe, make this static in my head my totally personal mantra.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with this blog. I thought I would start out every morning writing about Ask Amy and all the comments my stud hub makes in the morning and end with my dinner menu. But I’ve strayed from that already and I’m bored with it. Amy was boring today, by the way. Now I think maybe I will change the format of this page and set it up like my newsletter. Maybe some recipes, family secrets, photos. It’s just so much easier to use a pencil, eraser, some tape, and an xacto knife. Okay, maybe not. I better get on this right away. I am, for now, striving for at least 300 words a day. Today I’m finding it hard to get to 300 words but I think I’m pretty close.

Dinner tonight was vegetarian hot and sour soup, quinoa and broccoli salad, and roasted cauliflower.

Still hearing lots of static. I thought by now it would be gone. And you know what it sounds like . . .  cicadas – –  lots of them. I have a head full of cicadas! Good night.

Ah, and there you have it — 300 words . . . exactly!

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happYness meter

I read Ask Amy this morning. A 14 year old girl wanted to have sex with her boyfriend. The girl confided in her grandmother first and grandma said whatever pleases you but don’t tell your mother. She then went to her mom and her mom suggested they wait 6 months to see if the relationship lasted.  “You didn’t comment,” blurbs Drew “and you already read Amy’s answer!”  Wow, what’s to say . . . 14 and the mom says wait awhile? Will my girls come to me when they are ready to have sex . . . I’m sure they will — but they haven’t yet!

i’m definitely taking off on friday, are you free for waffles? c

Of course I’m free for waffles. I love those belgian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries from International Delight Cafe. Carol and I met at 11:15. I was only kidding when I said I shouldn’t eat a waffle because I gained 5 pounds. I didn’t expect Carol to jump on it . . . “we can order egg white omelettes instead. I had a waffle yesterday at home,” she quipped. “What how could you do this to me? You knew we had a waffle date? I’ve been dreaming of this all week,” I shot back at her. “It was a snow day, I had a waffle.” She didn’t care. I felt betrayed but I didn’t let on. I ordered my waffle and Carol ordered a veggie egg white omelette with rye toast and sweet potato fries. So I gave her a bit of my waffle and I picked at her sweet potato fries which, by the way, were the best . . . nice and crunchy. (There is something seriously wrong with eating an egg without the yolk.)

We chatted about books we read. “What are you reading now?” “Can’t remember the title.” “What’s it about.” “Um, I’m not sure.” “Who’s the author?” “I don’t know something with a C in it.” “I have to go to the bathroom.” “What were we talking about?” We talked about the kids. “Busy, happy. Yours?” “Yeah, busy, happy.” We talked about the Andys. “Mine’s fine and yours?” “Ditto.”

And then Carol brought up Oprah. Apparently Goldie Hawn was on her show yesterday and she is now on a mission to teach people to be happier. I googled Oprah and Goldie and decided to take the happiness quiz.  I did pick up some interesting tips. Did you know that:  A Harvard University study has shown that spending just 10 minutes each day sitting and breathing — doing absolutely nothing — will increase your happiness. (Just 10 minutes? Wow, I am overdosing on this stuff!) — Research from Dan Buettner’s book, Blue Zones, shows that while having a child is stressful, a parent’s happiness rises after the child turns 18 years old…and it keeps rising! (Yes!!!) — For ultimate happiness, watch between half an hour to one hour of TV per day.  (Ultimate happiness??) — Experts at the National Institute of Health say you should have at least two close friends for maximum happiness. (Yay, I’m happy to the max!) —Studies show that money can make you happier, but only to a point: According to Princeton University, happiness maxes out once you earn $75,000 per year for a family of four. (Interesting!?)

Goldie’s Happiness Quiz

Well that’s that – –  I’m happy. I’m prettaaaaay, prettaaaaay, pretty happy!

Dinner tonight: undecided


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Big in Burma

So much for my morning routine. Today I woke up to almost 2 feet of snow and no internet access. Newsday was sitting on top of a pile of snow at the foot our the driveway and the NY Times was nowhere to be seen. Our morning routine was all askew. Drew shoveled a path to the paper. At least we had Ask Amy.

On a typical day, Drew starts out reading the Times. Me, I read Newsday first, saving Dear Amy for last, sometimes making a sound here and there letting drew know if I think it’s a good or bad letter. He usually reads it after me. I say usually because this morning was not like the others. We had to share one paper. He read Ask Amy before I did. Afterwards, I read it through  — question and answer – and then commented on it. “No, no, you can’t do that. You’re influenced by Amy’s answer. You have to say what you think before you read her answer,” Drew yells. I have my way, Drew has his, and this is what he does: He reads the question, commenting through the whole article. It’s like listening to Howard Stern on the radio when he says, “And let’s hear what so-and-so has to say about . . .” He plays the piece and continues to talk through the entire recording. Drew listens to Howard every day. So let’s see, the other day it was The Donald and today it is Howard. Oh how my man-honey is influenced by the media. So this morning we argued over Amy —  over the proper reading of Amy.

No tasks today or maybe it was shoveling out the driveway and uncovering all 4 cars.

I was gchatting with Janet last night and I mentioned my blog. I sent her the link, she started reading and responded by saying her life was so boring she wouldn’t have anything to write about. Ah, life in Burma, traveling all over the world, eh, what a bore!!!! I always picture her life as exciting and . . . well after her comment I’m feeling good. My life is exciting! Yesterday I folded laundry and today I have another load of clothes to wash . . . you go girl!!!!! (that’s me!)

Maybe green salad, simple sauteed bay scallops, and broccoli with garlic and parmesan cheese for dinner tonight.


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Breakfast with Drew

It’s snowing again. I’m sipping my coffee, drinking my banana peanut butter milkshake, and reading Ask Amy. Drew is sitting across from me delicately eating his freshly-made-by-me-with-love cottage cheese and veggies sprinkled with just the right amount of sea salt and ground pepper, and he’s reading the paper. He looks up at me with loving eyes, a curd of cottage cheese hanging from the tip of his darling nose, he smiles and blurts out, “Somebody tried to give you their seat last night.”

I KNOW. I KNOW!” Did he really need to remind me of this. Totally unnecessary. We were coming home from the Decemberists concert at the Beacon. Subway was packed and I was getting squished. And when I get squished I make squishy faces. I heard this voice, look down, and realized that this woman was saying something to me. “Would you like a seat?” OMG, I was horrified. Me? Was she talking to me? Drew was giggling and I couldn’t get my arm free to hit him. I smiled and politely declined. . . all the while burning up inside. I spent so much money at the Clinique counter a few months ago. Two different face creams and an eye cream, not to mention the facial cleansers that I  use every day in the shower. Did the saleslady really mean it when she said to use it in the morning and evening? I thought it was a ploy to get me to use it up twice as fast. Damn that subway lighting! Damn Clinique! Damn that sagging skin!

I see how I have to give you tasks. You didn’t mention in your blog that I told you to do this years ago. Your task today is to go online and find us a place in Sedona. Call up some realtors,  find someone you feel comfortable with and yada, yada, yada.” Drew has seen too many episodes of The Apprentice. He said something like, “You better watch out, this could catch on. I can give you a task every day maybe even daily . . . ” Oops, sorry that is when I zoned out to my very special place —  like when I’m listening to the radio or listening to the lyrics of a song — and I realize I didn’t hear a thing — I forget to listen.

How long should this be? Should I write about my aches and pains. I’m feeling fine today but only a few days ago I woke in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and feeling queasy. My heart was beating fast. I sat in the bathroom feeling just awful and all the while thinking about what I had read online about heart attack symptoms and how they are different for men and women. No pain in the left arm, that could be a guy thing. Sweating, heart racing . . . I sat for a while. It passed and I went to bed. Maybe it was the overload of meat (chicken and ribs) I ate that weekend (after months of barely any) or the two shots of tequila I had during the Jets game on sunday. I felt I had to drink the tequila because the week before I had three shots and they won. I guess I blew it because I passed on the third shot the other day and they lost! Is it really all about me?

This morning Hannah sent me a text,  “You should put an about me on. ” I send one back, “About you?” At this point I am thinking she felt left out and I should be writing something about her. “About you,” she responds. Oh, ME. Well, I think that is harder than writing this blog. I’ve thought about me and I’m not sure what to write. How do I define myself. Certainly not by my employment. What career path have I chosen? Where did the time go? Who am I?

Let’s tackle the important things: today I will fold the laundry that’s been sitting in the dryer since yesterday and shovel snow. Oh, and dinner tonight is broccoli peanut soup, cajun style catfish with broccoli and brussel sprouts. More tomorrow.


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