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Sittin’ On My Lawn in the Shade

. . . waiting for my drew to come home from Staples with bubble wrap. Yup, he is on a mission. A mission to clear the house of excess speakers. I’m not sure of the arrangements but he is going to be driving my car to Virginia with three pairs of speakers where he will meet someone who will exchange three pairs for one. Now he is at the point where he can’t figure out how to fit all these speakers in my car and he seems to think it’s my fault and I should be solving his problem.

Oh, the many chores of being The Good Wife. I made him an omelette this morning. He took a bite and something was crunchy. He spit it out. He said it felt like burnt paper. I couldn’t identify it. I felt it, sniffed it, but didn’t feel like tasting it — even though I am not afraid of drew’s germs. I’m okay with double dipping but I draw the line at double chewing.

Hmm, now I got me thinking — Did I ever chew someone else’s ABC gum? I can’t be sure. But I am sure that if I did chew someone else’s gum — it would be someone I knew.

Eh, enough . . . where was I? Ah, yes, Drew and his problem. Well, I think Drew hasn’t gotten over the fact that there was a bit of a crunch in his omelette this morning and now is taking it out on me in other ways. (Of course he’ll deny this but by time he reads this post it will be old news and all the world (well, my world) will have read it.

I spent hours today gardening. Weeding, moving some fairy roses, planting a white floribunda rose, a pretty hydrangea, and some herbs followed by the usual — one Aleve.  Doesn’t sound like much but it took me hours. I’m feeling good — is it the Aleve, or is it the gardening?

Beautiful day today but what’s with all the mosquitos?

A Busy Day

Drew’s back with bubble wrap, “I definitely could use your help . . . ” Hubby calling, must go . . . help . . . him.

OMG, what fond memories of baking 50 pounds of sand (a few pounds at a time) to put in the speakers — and now — now we have to empty 50 pounds of sand into a bucket in the middle of the living room. Those damn speakers better be worth all this bother and time and gas and tolls!!!!!

8:05 PM and we are done!!! Time for dinner and drinks! No, make that drinks, dinner and a bon bon.

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Little Patches of Pretty

Not too hot. Not too sunny today. Spent hours in the garden — digging, clipping, thinking, planting. Always amazed at how long it takes to do so little. I guess that’s what happens when you can’t make up your mind. Might still move some things around but had to get some planting done today.

I find it’s easier to work in patches. Still so much to do. Took an Aleve this afternoon and now I’m ready to get back into the dirt!


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Lordy Lordy Wish I Just Turned Forty

I read somewhere that 60 was the new 90. So what does that make 60? The new 30? 40? I’m okay with 40. I remember 40. I didn’t have a belly hanging over my pants. I didn’t have all this extra stuff . . you know, the spare tire — with plenty of spare.

I remember the day I went to the gynecologist for a check up and I said to her, “I just feel so bloated. I keep walking into tables and doors. There is just too much of me.” “Hmmm,” said she, “Why don’t I send you for a sonogram to check it out?

So I went. But before I went I happened to see a weight loss ad in a magazine. And there in front of me was a before and after picture. And that’s when it hit me — all that stuff I have dripping all over my body — it’s a before picture! I have a belly because I am fat. I have all this extra stuff and my pants are too tight because I am expanding all around. Ahhh! I went for the sonogram and found out I had fibroids but, apparently, this has nothing to do with the shape of my ever expanding body.

I want to be skinny again. I feel like one of those sponges — the ones that are tiny and expand to full size when wet.

So we went to the Bell House last night. Very nice place. There’s a bar in the front and the concert is in the back room, the room with no seating. I thought we got there late but, no, the first band didn’t even come on. We sat in the bar and had a drink. I liked the way it felt — sitting — ahh, so comfortable, relaxing.

First band came on around 8:30. We went in and stood in front. Enjoyed the first band — full of energy, personable, and fun.– Jesse Malin and the St. Marks Social. Drew looked at me and said, “He (Jesse) looks like Rick Danko.”  I  was thinking the same thing. (Such a like-minded couple we are.) Anyway, band over, break time — we head over to the bar and sit for a bit. Ahhh, feels good. Needed that.

Alejandro Escovedo came on around 10:00 pm. We made our way to the front again. If I’m going to stand I at least want to see the band and not the back of some guy’s tall head. It’s always the tall ones that are up front! I felt good. By 11:11 PM I was exhausted. My legs were aching. My shoulder hurt. Every part of my body was aching except for, maybe, my face. By midnight I thought I would pass out but I didn’t. I made it to the end. I did survive and so did Drew. He even bought tickets to another concert in June.

Came home and took an Aleve. Fell asleep on the couch, could barely get up the stairs to the bedroom!

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its all i want, is to fall apart with you . . .

Drinking coffee, eating breakfast, listening to music, reading the paper with my drew on Saturday morning. Tonight we are going to see Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys at the Bell House in Brooklyn. We’ve never been to the Bell House and the tickets are general admission. I don’t know if there is seating.

Every time we go to a concert and we have to stand I say to Drew, “That’s it. I’m not going to another concert unless there are seats.”  But sometimes you just don’t know.

A while back, Hannah and Drew were going to the Wellmont Theater to see the Decemberists. I was staying home because it was general admission. Then hours before they left I saw online that there were seats upstairs and I bought one ticket. I don’t mind sitting alone at the concert. We would have plenty of family time together while sitting in rush hour traffic driving to New Jersey. We walked into the theater and there were seats in the main area after all. (I snuck in and sat with my honeys.) 

So when Drew said, “What should we do? I know you don’t like to stand but I can’t figure out if there are seats or not,”  I responded by saying, “That’s okay, I don’t want to be too old to go to a concert. I’ll take an Aleve and wear my comfortable sneakers ,” (and Drew will take cotton for his ears) and we will make it work. There is always room on the floor. I can rest and then text Drew to come and  help me off the floor — slowly, carefully — in a way that doesn’t hurt his back. Or we can leave early.

And so Saturday morning, Drew played Alejandro Escovedo’s new album, Street Songs of Love. And the following lyrics caught my attention:

its all she wants/ is to fall apart with me/

all i want/ is to fall apart with you/

My thoughts exactly!!!!!

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Whipping With Scallions

Barely made it through the seder last night. My leg has been hurting for days and Sunday I felt a twinge in my back — only the right side. Sometime in the afternoon the day of the seder my back went out. I took aleve, I iced my back. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the night. I think I mentioned this in yesterday’s post.

Well, I barely made it through the night. Didn’t think I would be able to get up off the couch by time everyone left. Hannah did a lot of the cooking yesterday. I walked around the table and placed the silverware — that was about all I could handle.

The seder was fun. We Skyped, read, we sang, we drank, we whipped each other silly with scallions, and we ate. The Moroccan carrot swiss chard salad was a hit. Next year we will have to triple the recipe and, as usual, Cousin Paulie’s cheesecake was loved by all. Hardly anything left the next day. I was fading quickly throughout the meal.

Tanya and Thera have become the new Pam and Jan. Jumping up to help even before I get out of my chair. Rachel took forever to eat. I think the dishwasher was running and all the food was put away before she took her last bite.

I’m tired and have to lay down now and ice my back and already it is late. Probably take another aleve to get me through the night. Made it through the second seder at Eli and Jenny’s. Took lots of pictures with my new camera. Did I mention my new camera that I think I got for my birthday? It’s a Canon G12 and I think I like it. Still small enough to fit in my pocket.

Damn, Drew’s relaxing on the couch. Gotta go annoy him.

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Bouncy Brisket and Other Holiday Dishes

Fresh brisket is an inexpensive boneless cut that requires long, slow cooking to break down the collagen in the connective muscle tissues to achieve tenderness. With a little bit of time and the proper cooking method, even the toughest piece of meat can be made palatable. Brisket is one of the least tender cuts of beef . .

I found the above information on the web. Every year it’s the same thing — where should I buy my brisket? This year I went to Fairway and bought what looked like a nice  healthy hunk of meat. I couldn’t see the layer of fat on the bottom, looked like there was hardly any fat but I was sure there was some – has to be — I think the slow cooking and the  glob of fat tenderizes the meat as it cooks.

So I browned and drowned my brisket as I always do and then baked it in the oven for hours. Drew had to cut a thick layer of fat off the brisket. Was it better than Stop n Shop brisket or Waldbaum’s? I don’t think so. I think the key is to get small pieces and use a large glass baking dish. I make it because it’s a great make ahead dish and everyone (except Hannah) eats it but I’m getting tired of making it and wondering about the tenderness of the meat.

Matzo balls are in the pot now. Swiss chard and carrot dish looks good and I have enough asparagus to feed 20 but it will probably be gone by tomorrow.

And, my back is out. Took 2 Aleve and iced my back but I’m still wobbling around. I think that pain in my leg has something to do with this fiasco. Not happy. So I thought I would quickly write this and be done with it. Nothing exciting but just over 300 words.

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