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I Can Track Hannah’s Flight Wherever I Am

This is great. All day, wherever I am I can track Hannah and Sam’s journey back from Istanbul. Right now they are somewhere between London and New York sitting in First Class. Wonder if I can use my iphone to type my blog? The space bar on this computer is driving me crazy.

So how smart is this phone anyway? Is it smart enough to screen my incoming texts and respond to them appropriately? Let’s start with a list of mommy responses:

Yay!  — truueeee –what do you want me to do about it? — ginger, lemon, and honey tea — ? — kk — idk — pick up the phone and call — did u get a receipt? — look in the oven — call me — take a Tylenol — no, I’m not in the city . . . I could probably get a pretty good list together. I think mommies all over the world would like this feature.

So who is writing these yahoo news articles? Today another blurb caught my eye:

Peter Falk, TV’s rumpled Columbo, has died

. . . Somehow fittingly, Falk — the perfect choice to play Columbo — failed to be the first choice. Instead, the role was offered to easygoing crooner Bing Crosby. Fortunately, he passed.

Did he say “fortunately?” OMG, so how does Bing’s family feel about this? Fortunately?

Ah, I better check Hannah’s flight status . . . click, click, click, click: Flight is early by 14 minutes. While I’m at it better check my email, and, hmmm, the weather — Tomorrow will be much warmer than today.



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“You’re a little off today,”

HE says this morning after biting into a bit of undercooked egg white. Just one bite mind you — HE doesn’t like yucky egg whites.  I offered to toss his undercooked eggs in the trash and cook up a new batch but HE said no. It’s not a big deal. But then HE took a bite of the other egg and, yet again, a bit of yucky egg white. If it wasn’t a big deal I don’t know why HE had to even mention it twice. HE ate every bit of food on his plate. I think I even saw him licking the plate when I turned to pour a cup of coffee.

I was distraught. I try very hard to make the perfect eggs every time. It’s hard for ME because I can only eat cremated eggs. Anything less and my stomach is a mess for the day. But this isn’t about the eggs. It’s about something more serious than a bunch of cooked ovum. It’s about my world.

“Yes, I feel a bit off this morning,” ME says. And I know why. My world has shifted. I have an iphone and all of a sudden life is different. Now when I get a one word text message that answered a question I asked 5 hours ago, I no longer have to go back to the sent text screen to find out what I asked earlier. I’ve downloaded a bunch of apps already. I can’t wait to use my Kayak flight status app tomorrow to check Hannah’s flight. I can check my email all day long, make a reservation on Open Table, look up a recipe on Cook’s Illustrated, and read a book anywhere, any time!

Of course now I need more friends. My iphone is sitting across the table from me and it is so silent.

My life is changing. I don’t have to go home to check my email. I can do it on the street, in a store, even in a park!

Ah, what’s that sound outside? It’s the mailman –Gotta run!

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I Just Love This

I know its old news but I just need to get this out of my system. Here’s an excerpt of an article I read on Thursday morning.

Cars set on fire in Vancouver following loss

Angry, drunken fans ran wild Wednesday night after the Vancouver Canucks’ 4-0 loss to Boston in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals . . .

Later, looters smashed windows and ran inside department stores. The Bay became a target, with windows smashed to allow looters to get to the expensive Coach and Burberry purses. Merchandise went flying into the street.

Women rampaged through the main floor makeup department, tossing each other products and squealing in delight.

Angry drunken fans? Did all this really happen in Vancouver? We’re talking Vancouver, BC. Is this the same city that we visited last year where people would walk up to us when we were looking at a map and say, “Do you need help?” So many friendly happy smiley faces. Wait, am I getting them confused with the Seattle crew? Maybe, must be a west coast thing. Don’t remember being around so many friendly happy smiley faces
when I was living in San Francisco. Could they be happier now or was it the crowd I hung out with. Well, not really a crowd. I don’t think I ever really hung out with a crowd. One, two, maybe three at the most.

And “squealing in delight?” Who is writing this stuff? I could see this happening in Vancouver. But what an image I have stuck in my head . . .  friendly happy smiley squealing faces, oh my!

Eh, done for today. Maybe I’ll actually have something interesting to write about tomorrow – or not!

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Loose Ends

Today is a very very very hot hot day. Hannah is home and she is packing, repacking, and drying her underwear in the backyard. She’s leaving for Turkey tonight. It’s amazing what goes on in her head . . . the decisions — black socks, hair gel, big backpack or small one, one skirt, two skirt, red shirt, blue shirt . . . and the list goes on. Hannah is an overpacker . . . she didn’t get it from me.

“I guess I’ll start packing,” I just heard her say to Sam. What could she be thinking? Sam(antha) is her travel partner. They have travelled overseas together before and continue to be friends. Good sign.

Text just received from Hannah (using Sam’s phone) — she is at JFK flying Business Class to Istanbul: “It’s hannah. I’m in the lounge. It’s mad fancy. They have free food and drinks. I could get used to this. Xo”

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My stud-hub, the fashionista!

As promised:

From running through the house with his cute plastic blue shovel to munching on sweet organic blueberries in the kitchen, Drew is super stylish, happy, and snuggly in his crispy new winter coat. It’s so warm he doesn’t even have to zip it up. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!

A real drew treat!

I think he made a good choice. Don’t you?

Rachel’s flight is delayed. I’m not surprised — if she doesn’t make it home for dinner tonight, there will be leftovers. Not even sure if she is planning on coming home for food but a mommy has to cover all bases. (There’s something about Delta that screams DELAY.)

I’m a little distracted right now. I’ve been tracking Rachel’s flight and I get different information from each site (Delta, flightview, JFK.) I’m going to go with 16 minutes til landing on flightview. I’m guessing that she is on this flight. It seems the logical choice. Plenty of time to drive to the airport but, yet, not too late to arrive home even with delays.

Just stuck my finger in the acorn squash I baked up for dinner and it is definitely lacking in flavor. I miss my farm shares but I didn’t renew this season. Too much waste. Too many potatoes one week, not enough greens another. Need to find a good local greenmarket when the spring rolls around. Don’t know why we can’t get all those delicious fruits and veggie that you can buy at every farm stand out east. Love those strawberries — red and juicy all the way through. Not like the ones we get around here — white and dry in the middle.

Baking up some acorn squash with apples & cinnamon and roasting up a batch of broccoli with garlic and olive oil. Plan on serving it with sautéed tilapia fillets with lime.

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