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it’s 100 percent true

Something happened . . . and I realized that it was time to start-up my blog (again.)

From: Rachel cell

To: Ice-mommy


November 13, 2011 4:03 AM

someone stole my phone while I was out. I don’t know what to do.

it’s 100 percent true

I’m not even sure where to go with this. Was this intentional? The last time Rachel lost her iPhone she was passed out on the LIRR after a night of music and drinking. It¬†was just about the time the 4G came out. Pam and Jan were in town. We met in the city and while Rachel was sick in bed — missing work — me, Jan, and Hannah went to the LIRR Lost and Found. After spending hours at the Lost and Found waiting for phone to charge, waiting for Yankee Stadium to pop up on the background, we found out it wasn’t hers. While we were gone Pam and Rachel went for massages and watched movies all day. Anyway, Rachel at a small discounted price went out the next day and purchased a new iPhone 4.

So here we are — the 4S is here. And I get this email from Rachel. She clearly had too much to drink and emailed me as soon as she got home. I’m surprised I didn’t get a phone call . . oh wait, that’s right, she didn’t have a phone! Probably good that she didn’t have a phone handy — cause I was SLEEPING!

The last time she called me from Mooney’s phone to tell me someone stole her phone while she was passed out on the train — way after midnight. She also called me once from a bar in Albany because she said someone stole money from her checking account. She went to take out some money and it was gone. I had to explain to her that checks take time to clear — no one stole any money — that was way way after midnight — and I’m pretty sure the call was made from a drinking establishment!

Babble babble — so Rachel used FindMyPhone on Sunday morning and tracked it to the bar– it wasn’t stolen just lost. I called the bar and they had it. Phone was recovered and the 4S will have to wait.

Drew and I drove in that day and we four went to brunch. Rachel was happy, Hannah was temporarily tattooed from her night of drinking and she still had her phone.

And this story — it’s 100 percent true!

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What Would Steven Ezra Do?

I’m gasping for air. The accumulation of dust bunnies is horrifying. Every thing I touch is just covered with the stuff — and there is a lot of everything all over the place.

Drew left for Boston on Monday. Before he walked out the door he said, “I’d really like to start exercising, maybe set up the nordic track¬†downstairs but there’s no room down there. It’s a mess.

Okay, okay, I’ll clean it up while you’re gone,” I said to my studly, manly hubly.

I started in the far corner. What do you do with ¬†cassette tapes, old stereo equipment, and piles of magazines — including every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for probably the past 10 years. Me? I piled them all up in the corner for Drew to look through. Oh, did I mention the pile of old scratched up record albums?

The carpet is pretty gamey. I don’t know how anyone can exercise on it. I don’t even like to walk barefoot downstairs.

Books are piled high on the floor. A few weeks ago I attempted to clean up the books that were piled in front of the bookcases in the back room. What to do? Bring them downstairs and pile ’em up! I’m thinking that a good way to get rid of some of these books would be to donate 10 books a week. I’d like to mention this to my drew but I know he’ll start to break out in a sweat and get all defensive – – – “why do you go right to my stuff, we don’t have to get rid of anything, even if I never ever touch it or know it exists. Once I see it I know I’ll need it.” (Oh, wait, who is that talking me or he? I think we!!)

Drew likes his books, broken electronics, and old credit card receipts. Ah, ever take a look at his night table?

Here I am babbling. Today Hannah sent me a text, “WRITE IN YOUR BLOG.” So I’m writing. When it comes to cleaning up and throwing things out — Hannah is worse than Drew. So I really don’t want to go into detail about my time spent downstairs.

But what I will share with everyone is what goes through my head every time I tackle a new corner downstairs. Whenever, whatever I touch — I hold it high and shout out loud, “What would Steven Ezra do?

If you know Steven, then you know what he would say: All together now —- “Throw it out, Aunt Vicki!”


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Experts say that it takes 21 days to create a habit

Well, I really thought I had this one wrapped up. But I have proved the experts wrong. After 6 months of writing on my blog every day I am quickly falling apart. Is it the heat? I don’t think so. Am I spending too much time vacuuming? Nope, pretty sure it’s not that. So what has rocked my world so much that I have let this habit of 6 months fall to the wayside?

And the answer is: My iPhone. Who needs a computer when I can check my emails and download a million apps to get me through the days of my life? Last week I downloaded because I thought I would like to post from my iPhone. So I downloaded the app and I attempt to sign in to my the account. I need my password. And, as usual, I don’t remember it so I have a temporary one sent to my Gmail. And then I sign in to the account on my iPhone — not so easy to type a whole post. But the most annoying part is that when I go back to my computer I am logged out of my account. So, once again, I have to request a new password. Why make it easy on myself? I always choose a password I am sure I will remember. Yeah, right!

Finished The Psychopath Test the other day. ¬†So I’m pretty sure I’m not a psychopath. Oh wait a minute, according to the book — if you are reading the book and think that you might be a psychopath then you aren’t one. But what does it mean when you know you’re not a psychopath.¬†Started reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn for the second time. The first time was on the plane to Seattle sniffing bathroom fumes from my last row seat. My back room at home smells so much better. I was able to get through a few chapters and then I received an email from my library — the book I requested is ready for pickup. I am now ready Bossypants by Tina Fey. It’s gonna be a quick funny read.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit РAristotle

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Time to Wrap It Up – – One Month Later

Fourteen phone calls which probably amounts to at least 2 hours of waiting to talk to a live person and an additional 10 – 12 hours of live person nonsense. . .

Four faxes: One sent and never received, two were WRONG, and one was right but the original was never received in the mail.

One overnight FedEx letter sent from the executive office: WRONG.

One original letter in the mail also WRONG.

A second overnight FedEx letter sent from the executive office received on July 5, one month from the original request: Finally an original reference letter with no mistakes.

Original request for a bank reference letter made on June 6th which I was told would take 24-48 hours to process: Nobody seems to know or care — except me!

My experience with B of A: Priceless   Pretty, pretty, pretty sad, maybe even scary! 

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What is your case number? Oh, and by the way, we are all very sorry.

Still I am not happy with Bank of America. If I get the letter tomorrow I‚Äôll be sure and report back and I will also keep the executive customer relations number handy and use that any time I have a reason to call. Lucky them.”
(Quote from Thursday’s post.)

I am reporting back — a day late but the story is the same.

I did receive the FedEx letter on Friday. I also received the letter that I was told was mailed on June 24th which, according to my crazy thinking, was the original of the correct fax I received the week before. Well, the letter I received in the USPS mail was WRONG, VERY WRONG! It was a copy of another fax I received that was WRONG, VERY WRONG!

No worries, I have the FedEx letter that was sent from the CEO Customer Relations office. I open it, great this is what just what we need. I call Drew to tell him and that’s when I noticed it — The account number was wrong on one of my accounts. I quickly checked my accounts online to be sure . . . maybe all the other letters and faxes were wrong but nope, not the case.

Speaking of cases —¬†Can you believe this? I have a case number at Bank of America because I am unable to get a correct copy of the reference letter I requested on June 6th. So, once again, I called. At least when you call the Executive Customer Relations office you don’t have to press a million numbers to get to anyone — and right now that is the only good thing.

I tell the Executive Rep what happened. She is so sorry¬†and she says she is, as we speak, contacting the person who sent the letter. “Okay, she just responded and she is very sorry. She has corrected it. I could have her call you to discuss the best way to get the letter to you,” says the rep. “FedEx it. I want it Tuesday and have her call me and give me the tracking number asap. Tell her to make sure to check off ¬†“No signature required,” I respond, “She can leave the number on my answering machine.” “Okay, well sometimes Federal Express will not leave the package if they think . . . ” she rambles. I cut her off, “No signature required, they will leave it. I need it and I’m not sitting home waiting for it.

I had to call back for the tracking number and that’s when I asked, “So whatever happened to my original request on June 6th? It was processed on June 11th. Where is it?” Everybody wants to make it right and everybody is sorry but nobody seems to care what went wrong. I’d like to know why this has become such a mess. Faxes that were sent from B of A to my local branch and never received . . . letters that were requested and never received . . . all with the wrong information.

Everybody’s sorry but they can’t be that sorry . . . otherwise that letter would be in my hand already — (next day by noon.) As it is, it’s promised by Tuesday at 3:00 pm. Right now it is sitting at the local FedEx Facility in Hicksville (with note: Package not due for delivery) — a mere 15 minutes away! (Can I get someone to read it to me?) I should have insisted on a Saturday delivery. Silly me I thought they would just send it overnight to get it to me asap.

The executive rep I spoke with said that she is contacting the person who actually sent out my original reference letter (requested on June 6th) to see what address it was sent to. What address it was sent to? Is she kidding? “What do you mean what address? It’s my address listed on my account!”¬†

Ahhhh, she said she would get back to me on this. And, yes, she was very sorry. I went to bed at 2 in the morning last night. No phone call!

Still I am not happy with Bank of America.

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Maybe I should have a category called Bank of America

Didn’t receive the letter from Bank of America so I went to and found some names (needs to be updated.) Ended up calling the Executive Customer Service number. I didn’t have to press a million buttons and I reached a live person right away.

The rep said she understood why I was so upset and would look into it but the first thing “we have to do is get you the reference note.” So she is sending it Fedex overnight.¬†I have a tracking number and I think as soon as I finish this I will check it to see if it is real.

Still I am not happy with Bank of America. If I get the letter tomorrow I’ll be sure and report back and I will also keep the executive customer relations number handy and use that any time I have a reason to call. Lucky them.

I have a Chase credit card and twice over the many years that I’ve had it I didn’t receive a bill. Their customer service is totally useless. They refused to credit the late charge and even went as far as saying, “You pay your bill on time and we don’t make any money off of you. I can’t reverse the late charge.”¬†Yes, it’s true someone really said that to me but first I was told that it wasn’t their problem I should take it up with the post office. I had to call the executive office to get the charge taken off. Actually I called to let them know why I didn’t want to do business with Chase Bank and the person I spoke with at the executive office was not happy and immediately reversed charges and apologized. I still have the card but I don’t use it anymore. I should probably cancel it.

Anybody have a bank they like doing business with? I’m open for suggestions!

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I Can Track Hannah’s Flight Wherever I Am

This is great. All day, wherever I am I can track Hannah and Sam’s journey back from Istanbul. Right now they are somewhere between London and New York sitting in First Class. Wonder if I can use my iphone to type my blog? The space bar on this computer is driving me crazy.

So how smart is this phone anyway? Is it smart enough to screen my incoming texts and respond to them appropriately? Let’s start with a list of mommy responses:

Yay! ¬†— truueeee –what do you want me to do about it? — ginger, lemon, and honey tea — ? — kk — idk — pick up the phone and call — did u get a receipt? — look in the oven — call me — take a Tylenol — no, I’m not in the city . . . I could probably get a pretty good list together. I think mommies all over the world would like this feature.

So who is writing these yahoo news articles? Today another blurb caught my eye:

Peter Falk, TV’s rumpled Columbo, has died

. . . Somehow fittingly, Falk ‚ÄĒ the perfect choice to play Columbo ‚ÄĒ failed to be the first choice. Instead, the role was offered to easygoing crooner Bing Crosby. Fortunately, he passed.

Did he say “fortunately?” OMG, so how does Bing’s family feel about this? Fortunately?

Ah, I better check Hannah’s flight status . . . click, click, click, click: Flight is early by 14 minutes. While I’m at it better check my email, and, hmmm, the weather — Tomorrow will be much warmer than today.



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