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You aRe getting on my NerVes

I  need to vent.

Here’s the story:

I received an envelope from my health insurance company. It was a “Check Summary Statement” and a check for $3236.00.

The attached reimbursement check has been issued in response to a request for reimbursement from you or your health care provider … If this service was provided by a non-network physician, payment is being made directly to you. As result, you are responsible for paying the provider the full amount of the check, in addition to any applicable copay.

What are all these charges and who is this doctor? I called my daughter (the patient) and ask her. She has no clue. I looked up the doctor. His office is in NYC on the UWS. He specializes in mesotherapy treatment, cellulite, weight loss, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy . . . there’s more, plenty more but not a word about nerves. I called the insurance company and tell them that this charge is a mistake. “Looks like a scam to me,” I said. I wanted them to investigate this claim and get back to me with their findings.

That evening I got a phone call from the chiropractor. She said I would be receiving a check and could I send it to the office so they can forward it to the doctor. Apparently, a while back, my daughter was asked if she wanted a nerve test. They have a  doctor who comes into the office periodically.

So this is the doctor they use? A weight loss guru?

Office outpatient visit is $350 and then an additional $250 charge for prolonged office visit? Umm, what else? Oh yeah, the nerve test (nrv cndj test) was $4000.00. So I call my daughter and ask her about it. She said the test took all of 5 minutes, the results were normal and there was no self care management training ($180.)  (Can someone tell me what a diagnosis of “other lesion of median nerve” means?)

I told the chiropractor that I was waiting to hear back from the insurance company before I released the check. $4550 for a five minute visit? Seriously, this is the doctor you use and no one has complained? She said it was the going rate. Totally disgusted and, on top of it all, I waited 2 weeks and the insurance company never called me back. So I sent the check to her and I’m done with it. (Maybe if I tag the insurance company I’ll get a response.)

Anyone know the going rate for this 5 minute nrv cndj test?

So my husband goes to the podiatrist and he puts in a claim for an office visit. Claim denied. Seriously!!!!




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i feel spongy

Today I feel . . . I feel . . .  I feel spongy.

So, I’m driving to physical therapy, the sun is out. I have this uneasy feeling and I can’t figure it out. Maybe it’s those warm sunny rays — maybe, no wait, I know the feeling. I’ve felt it before and there is a word for it, and the word is spongy. Yes! But it’s not the sun’s rays that I am absorbing, it’s the bits and pieces of other people’s anxieties floating around in the air. Then again, if I’m feeling it doesn’t that make ’em mine?

And if you are wondering how my torn meniscus is doing — the answer is, “much better, thank you.”

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We are Family . . . feeble feeble feeble family!

It is Saturday and beautiful out. The sun is shining. I have been recently diagnosed with a torn meniscus. First doctor called me and said, “surgery, you need surgery!” I went for a second opinion and the doctor said, “no surgery, physical therapy . .  it will take time . . .”

So there you have it — a new word added to my vocabulary — meniscus. I’ve heard the word before but I never paid attention to it. Now it’s become a major part of my vocabulary.

Elevator? Escalator? I have a torn meniscus.” “Taxi, just a few blocks please, I have a torn meniscus!” “Aleve, please, my meniscus is hurting.” “Happy hour, sure … just as long as I’m sitting – – I have a torn . . .

meniscus:  A crescent-shaped fibrocartilaginous structure that only partly divides a joint cavity.

torn:  Past part of tear

tear:  A hole or split in something caused by it having been pulled apart forcefully.

Put it together and what have you got? A big pain in the knee!


Napping, reading, wobbling around  — not too much but just enough to fall up the stairs and hurt my other knee (not too much, just a little.) And Drew sleeps. All this crazy activity while Thera prepares dinner.



Tomorrow? What’s happening tomorrow? Probably more of the same. Well, almost. I can already hear the buzzing of Thera’s brain, “So this is what they do on a beautiful sunny weekend day? Not for me, I’ve got fill my tomorrow up and get out of here!!!! 

And fill it up she did!


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This Ain’t No Stinkin’ Reflexology

Reflexology involves the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

So I’m laying on the table — all covered up, my coat and purse are safely secured in a locker in the hallway. I made an appointment for a 30 minute foot reflexology session.  At first I was disappointed. I walked in and it was a nail salon. But as soon as I told them I had an appointment for REFLEXOLOGY they directed me to a separate area behind closed doors — dim lights, quiet, no perfume scent or chitter chatter in the air. Nice!

I’m on the table, face up, covered in blankets, glasses off — relaxing. And then it’s time. Rub, rub, squish, squish up and down my leg NOT my foot. Okay enough with the leg. Lets get to the foot. Thirty minutes means 15 minutes per foot and so far it’s all leg. Where’s the pain?  Rub, rub, rub. Why so much time on the leg? And what’s with the oil? Work those points! Let’s feel some pain. Enough with the rubbing, oily, squishy stuff. Get out the pencil eraser and dig in. Hammer, knuckles, come on now — what’s with this gentle pampering of the feet — well, actually more like legs . . . too much time on the legs. And then more oil and hot stones. Not what I was after at all.

And then after a painless 30 minutes I am led to a chair in the back room. There’s a glass of cold water and a paper cup of green tea. I am told to drink the water and then sip the tea.  I take a sip of the water. Too cold and too much. I find the water cooler and empty the contents of the glass down the drain. I sip the tea but I can’t relax. My phone is still in the locker. Has anyone called me? Did I receive any texts? So hard to relax. I grab my hot tea, get my coat and phone and pay. Yes, texts and messages! I see that Rachel and Thera texted me. How much should Rachel tip on a haircut? Damn, I wasn’t there for her. I hope she managed! Thera said, “Don’t buy lemons!” Ah, thank goodness I got the message.

I’ve been searching for years for the a good reflexology place . . . no luck. Well, awhile ago I did go to a place on Sunrise Highway in Bellmore. Sitting in the back room with my feet in someone’s hands. I was about to say “harder is okay,” when he found a pressure point on my toe and I almost jumped out of the seat. Yes, this is what I was waiting for! Working those points. I felt great afterwards. The only distracting part I remember was the quacking. I kept hearing quacking. Was it dinner or Rachel? No, it wasn’t Rachel… my phone was on silent.

Went back there twice.. both times disastrous. Each time they sat me down in the brightly main room in the pedicure section. Rub, rub, rub, legs, legs, legs! No pressure and lots of oil and chatting amongst themselves.

Haven’t been able to find a decent place anywhere. Suggestions? Near Merrick, NY or East Village?

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Lake George, New Grandbaby . . . What About Me?

I was on the brink of doing it myself but I really didn’t want to mess up my bathroom, ruin a few towels, stain my clothes and fingers, and possibly get some dye in my eyes. Luckily, Nancy finally found the time to color my hair. I checked my date book and it said — Nancy hair 1:00 on Wednesday.

Wow, couldn’t wait. I wake up everyday and all I see are large patches of white. Not looking good. Not feeling good about it. So this afternoon I ate an early lunch and drove off to Nancy’s. I already decided to go lighter this time around. I usually don’t like it when my hair fades but what caught my eye this time was my glasses — my black frames. They popped out when my hair was faded. I liked it.

Nancy and I discussed the color and then it was a go. Bruce was roaming around the house with his iPad and he showed me the new grand baby pics. Ah, those proud grandparents. I just hope Nancy still has time for me when I call.

O Happy Day!

Ah, not a gray, at least not for today. Tomorrow I’ll probably be covered in white — paint, that is. I’m planning on painting the deck handrails. At least it’s not oil-based.

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“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Read the above quote this morning in the New York Times Sunday Styles section while sipping on my banana, peanut butter, and almond milk shake. Apparently it is Kate Moss’s infamous quote. I’ve never heard it before but I’m finding it very inspiring . . . yes, inspiring me to get skinny . . . because I do agree — skinny feels good (to me.)

I’m not sure Drew agrees so much with my version of skinny  (I know I won’t reach that level of skinniness but I’m shooting for age appropriate skinny.) He always thought I needed more meat on my bones (and chest) when I was real skinny. I’ve been wearing a bra now for 10 years . . . well, 50% of the time — every part is just too saggy with all this weight. I think if I had been skinny all these years I wouldn’t have so much sag. I’m sure I would have some — it does come with age and probably the only way to avoid the sag is surgery which is not on my bucket list.

Anyway, I was reading the Sunday paper and jotted down the quote. Maybe I should post it in my car so when I go to Trader Joe’s and I pass the bon bons I keep walking. I could save all my bon bon money and buy the pillow from Kirna Zabete — It’s a Jonathan Adler needlepoint pillow. (Which is why it was in the Styles section.) Pricey but cute. After all, needlepoint is a lot of work. I’m always looking at crafty things in stores thinking, “That’s expensive. I could do that myself.” But I don’t  . . . so much work. The store is located in Soho — from the looks of the website it seems like an upscale store for skinny people.

Now “Stupid is as stupid does,” keeps popping in my head. Why is that?

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