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A Short but Tasty Life

As promised:

And I think we already have another just picked pepper for our dinner tonight!

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If I wasn’t so tired, I could be rich

Dammit, I waited too long! I know there was a story behind this title. Apparently I wrote this on August 12 at 12:25 am. Now I have no clue what it’s all about. Oh well, maybe I should just use it and move on. . . probably something I read.

August 12th, that’s 3 days ago. And I have no idea what the above title is referring too.

Okay, so how about some pictures?

Years ago Pam came over with an old red and rusty chair. She said it was her dad’s and she didn’t want to throw it out. She thought it would look good in my garden. Hmm, whatever. The chair was hidden behind a tree in my garden for years. But then I had the old shed ripped down and replaced with a nice new one . . . and so the chair stuck out like a sore thumb — a dirty, rusty one, at that.

So today I will post pictures of the rebirth of the old red rusty chair:

Aww, how pretty!!!!

Tomorrow: maybe some pics of my pepper plant!

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“by the way, I’m really disappointed in you”

Finally, someone actually noticed that I haven’t been posting on a regular basis — not really on any basis, at that. I thought I might just disappear and the world would go on as before because, after all, who the hell is reading this anyway?

Nothing exciting going on. The sky is blue, the clouds are puffy and white, a bit too hot but not in my backyard. My flowers are always thirsty — just not enough rain. I have a few soaker hoses snaking through the garden beds but I could use a few more. My lawn is burnt but when the rain comes, I know it will spring to life, not so sure that’s the case with my flowers.

Went to Maximus for a haircut the other day. Tommy cut it very short. I like it short, until the grays start showing (tomorrow.) Went to Nancy’s the next day for color. I walk in and she looks at the back of my head and says, “You’re almost there, why not go all gray or at least blonde?

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, did she really say that? “What are you crazy!!!! No way, not gray and not blonde either . . . hit me up with dark brown and lots of it!” And so my hair is short and dark brown. Yes, feeling good about that.

Met Carol for lunch today . . . catching up on all the gossip. We ate and chatted for 2 hours. Sorry, nothing to report. Think it’s time to open up a bottle of wine.

I really don’t know who you are anymore.

Thank you, Hannah, for noticing.

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I’m a sucker for cheap plants

but I still manage to pay top dollar for them. You know, if you go to Home Depot at the right time you can get some pretty nice plants. Today I took a ride to Martin Viette to stroll through the nursery and also say hello to a friend who works there. Nice perennials. I found a few interesting ones that would look good in my garden but, at one point, I decided to wait a few weeks when everything goes on sale. So I kept walking back and forth. Should I buy or should I wait? That took up a large part of my day.

I decided to buy some gardening gloves instead. I had a great pair of heavy duty gardening gloves . . . perfect for handling roses. Can’t find them and I didn’t like the selection they had at Martin Viette. So I strolled back to the shade perennials. I kept thinking of that empty dark spot in my garden and I knew that Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’ would look terrific there. So, once again, I circled the area. Walking, touching, checking the prices, and then I struck . . . I grabbed the hosta and as I walked towards the cashier I picked up a blue mouse ear hosta — adorable. I think it will look good in a pot. Pictures when I plant them — maybe tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

Stopped at Home Depot for some paint and couldn’t decide what to buy so I walked thru the gardening section. Found the Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’ on sale for five dollars less than I paid. But I think mine looks much better. Was tempted to pick up a few variegated boxwoods for $7.98. I didn’t buy them but I think I should have. Instead I bought a pair of good sturdy gloves, just what I needed for $3.98.

Day complete.

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Sittin’ On My Lawn in the Shade

. . . waiting for my drew to come home from Staples with bubble wrap. Yup, he is on a mission. A mission to clear the house of excess speakers. I’m not sure of the arrangements but he is going to be driving my car to Virginia with three pairs of speakers where he will meet someone who will exchange three pairs for one. Now he is at the point where he can’t figure out how to fit all these speakers in my car and he seems to think it’s my fault and I should be solving his problem.

Oh, the many chores of being The Good Wife. I made him an omelette this morning. He took a bite and something was crunchy. He spit it out. He said it felt like burnt paper. I couldn’t identify it. I felt it, sniffed it, but didn’t feel like tasting it — even though I am not afraid of drew’s germs. I’m okay with double dipping but I draw the line at double chewing.

Hmm, now I got me thinking — Did I ever chew someone else’s ABC gum? I can’t be sure. But I am sure that if I did chew someone else’s gum — it would be someone I knew.

Eh, enough . . . where was I? Ah, yes, Drew and his problem. Well, I think Drew hasn’t gotten over the fact that there was a bit of a crunch in his omelette this morning and now is taking it out on me in other ways. (Of course he’ll deny this but by time he reads this post it will be old news and all the world (well, my world) will have read it.

I spent hours today gardening. Weeding, moving some fairy roses, planting a white floribunda rose, a pretty hydrangea, and some herbs followed by the usual — one Aleve.  Doesn’t sound like much but it took me hours. I’m feeling good — is it the Aleve, or is it the gardening?

Beautiful day today but what’s with all the mosquitos?

A Busy Day

Drew’s back with bubble wrap, “I definitely could use your help . . . ” Hubby calling, must go . . . help . . . him.

OMG, what fond memories of baking 50 pounds of sand (a few pounds at a time) to put in the speakers — and now — now we have to empty 50 pounds of sand into a bucket in the middle of the living room. Those damn speakers better be worth all this bother and time and gas and tolls!!!!!

8:05 PM and we are done!!! Time for dinner and drinks! No, make that drinks, dinner and a bon bon.

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Lots of Eggies, Plenty of Painting, a Bit of Rain, and Janet’s First Time

A busy Memorial Day Weekend. Lots of  omelettes were made, the deck railing was primed, the gazebo is up, Rachel surprised us, and Janet arrived. Ended up with a friend and family filled bbq ending with a dose of South Park — which, by the way, was Janet’s first time (watching South Park, that is.)

Where's Vicki?


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Little Patches of Pretty

Not too hot. Not too sunny today. Spent hours in the garden — digging, clipping, thinking, planting. Always amazed at how long it takes to do so little. I guess that’s what happens when you can’t make up your mind. Might still move some things around but had to get some planting done today.

I find it’s easier to work in patches. Still so much to do. Took an Aleve this afternoon and now I’m ready to get back into the dirt!


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