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What Would Steven Ezra Do?

I’m gasping for air. The accumulation of dust bunnies is horrifying. Every thing I touch is just covered with the stuff — and there is a lot of everything all over the place.

Drew left for Boston on Monday. Before he walked out the door he said, “I’d really like to start exercising, maybe set up the nordic track downstairs but there’s no room down there. It’s a mess.

Okay, okay, I’ll clean it up while you’re gone,” I said to my studly, manly hubly.

I started in the far corner. What do you do with  cassette tapes, old stereo equipment, and piles of magazines — including every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for probably the past 10 years. Me? I piled them all up in the corner for Drew to look through. Oh, did I mention the pile of old scratched up record albums?

The carpet is pretty gamey. I don’t know how anyone can exercise on it. I don’t even like to walk barefoot downstairs.

Books are piled high on the floor. A few weeks ago I attempted to clean up the books that were piled in front of the bookcases in the back room. What to do? Bring them downstairs and pile ’em up! I’m thinking that a good way to get rid of some of these books would be to donate 10 books a week. I’d like to mention this to my drew but I know he’ll start to break out in a sweat and get all defensive – – – “why do you go right to my stuff, we don’t have to get rid of anything, even if I never ever touch it or know it exists. Once I see it I know I’ll need it.” (Oh, wait, who is that talking me or he? I think we!!)

Drew likes his books, broken electronics, and old credit card receipts. Ah, ever take a look at his night table?

Here I am babbling. Today Hannah sent me a text, “WRITE IN YOUR BLOG.” So I’m writing. When it comes to cleaning up and throwing things out — Hannah is worse than Drew. So I really don’t want to go into detail about my time spent downstairs.

But what I will share with everyone is what goes through my head every time I tackle a new corner downstairs. Whenever, whatever I touch — I hold it high and shout out loud, “What would Steven Ezra do?

If you know Steven, then you know what he would say: All together now —- “Throw it out, Aunt Vicki!”


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If I wasn’t so tired, I could be rich

Dammit, I waited too long! I know there was a story behind this title. Apparently I wrote this on August 12 at 12:25 am. Now I have no clue what it’s all about. Oh well, maybe I should just use it and move on. . . probably something I read.

August 12th, that’s 3 days ago. And I have no idea what the above title is referring too.

Okay, so how about some pictures?

Years ago Pam came over with an old red and rusty chair. She said it was her dad’s and she didn’t want to throw it out. She thought it would look good in my garden. Hmm, whatever. The chair was hidden behind a tree in my garden for years. But then I had the old shed ripped down and replaced with a nice new one . . . and so the chair stuck out like a sore thumb — a dirty, rusty one, at that.

So today I will post pictures of the rebirth of the old red rusty chair:

Aww, how pretty!!!!

Tomorrow: maybe some pics of my pepper plant!

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Go Ahead, I’ll Help You

Law and Order is on,” says my drew as he plays around with the remote.

OMG, your kidding, that’s what is missing from my life. I haven’t had a chance to sit mindlessly in front of the tv with Law and Order on while I write my blog.

“Well it’s on now. Start writing,” he says.

“But I haven’t been able to get past the titles.”

“Come on now, I’ll help you,” he cheerfully says.

He is lounging on the couch, eyes half closed, seems to be paying attention to the tv show. He’s looking cute, as usual. Wow, I think I’m getting it back. Yes, yes, I am. And I don’t think it’s Law and Order at all. I think it’s my drew. His scent (and snore) is getting my creative juices going.

Problem is I don’t think I have ever seen this episode. It’s hard to write and pay attention. I might have to continue this during the Yankee game tonight.

“Look at this,” my drew says as he glides through the tv guide  –Law and Order is on for hours. Wow, I think I am back in business.

Ahhh, I don’t know I still am having a hard time getting out the words. What should I write about?

“I thought it was going to be about me trying to help you?” says Drew.

“Yeah, well, help already,” I say.

His response: “I can’t write it for you.”

Hmmm, okay, maybe not BUT you can provide the material!

Yankee game on. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I hear Drew’s voice. “You’re doing your thingie?’

I respond with a slight nod of the head.

“See how I got you going?”

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Exciting, but not so much. Writing this on my iPhone. Eh, much easier on my computer.
Happy 4th.
Tomorrow — fedex from B of A.

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Momma Gadda Iphone

This was, like, one of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make in a long long time! To buy or not to buy an iphone. It’s not like I won’t use it. It’s just that it is going to mean I have to send an extra $25 plus tax to AT&T every month. When I told Drew that was my main issue he said, “Forget it, it’s not worth it!” So here I am –setting up my iphone. Bought a nice thin case and the AppleCare Protection plan too.

I’ve already sent one text, made two phone calls, and tried to sign on to my wireless network but I can’t seem to get the password right. Now it is asking me to set up my voicemail and I am following directions. I put in a password, I started recording a message and it is not working. Earlier I tried signing in to iTunes and couldn’t remember my Apple password. Finally figured it out and every step I take is more confusing than the next. But I am getting there!

I have to register the phone but I can’t get that plastic wrapping off the package. I’m sure this will get easier. I know it will. I know it will. Did I mention that my space bar is not working (sporadically) on my computer?

Called Rachel for some iphone advice. I now have a few very important free apps — Yelp, WxQuickie, Droid Light, and Kick Lite.  The Compass is already on the phone. Now I have to rearrange my home page and continue the search for more apps. I connected both of my Gmail accounts to my phone and I finally typed in the correct password for the house wi-fi. It’s not that I didn’t know the password, it’s just that my fingers are too fat .

Phone’s ringing. Wow look at the time. It’s Drew, “Hey babe, do you want me to . . . ”  He was offering to pick up dinner because he thought I would be busy with my new toy. Awwwwww, how sweet!  Cooked dinner and set up my voicemail. I am woman, hear me roar!

Weather report: Tomorrow will be about the same temperature as today. Yay, gotta love it!

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I Need To Be Fed With Eggs

said Drew this morning:

Grade A, Cage Free with Harissa


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Lake George, New Grandbaby . . . What About Me?

I was on the brink of doing it myself but I really didn’t want to mess up my bathroom, ruin a few towels, stain my clothes and fingers, and possibly get some dye in my eyes. Luckily, Nancy finally found the time to color my hair. I checked my date book and it said — Nancy hair 1:00 on Wednesday.

Wow, couldn’t wait. I wake up everyday and all I see are large patches of white. Not looking good. Not feeling good about it. So this afternoon I ate an early lunch and drove off to Nancy’s. I already decided to go lighter this time around. I usually don’t like it when my hair fades but what caught my eye this time was my glasses — my black frames. They popped out when my hair was faded. I liked it.

Nancy and I discussed the color and then it was a go. Bruce was roaming around the house with his iPad and he showed me the new grand baby pics. Ah, those proud grandparents. I just hope Nancy still has time for me when I call.

O Happy Day!

Ah, not a gray, at least not for today. Tomorrow I’ll probably be covered in white — paint, that is. I’m planning on painting the deck handrails. At least it’s not oil-based.

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Never enough hours in the day for shredding

My shredder can’t keep up with me. It pooped out on me again. I’ve been shredding for hours and the shredder can’t take it. It is now on break, once again. I don’t know how long this will last but there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to wait until it is ready to shred again.

I’m trying not to read each document I shred but I’m afraid I’ll shred some important piece of information. Or, maybe even a credit voucher that I forgot about and can’t be replaced — like the one I threw out years ago. I was cleaning out the files — just like I am doing today — no shredder then, just a big garbage bag — and threw out an airline voucher. Can’t remember how much it was for but it was from an airline that was going under and this precious piece of paper was all there was to prove that I was able to use a credit towards another flight somewhere somehow. Well, as precious as that piece of paper was, it went right into the garbage and that is probably why I save so much crap now. I’m pretty sure tomorrow I am going to need one of those pieces of paper that I shredded today.

While the shredder is on coffee break maybe I should try to clean off the dining room table. This is where my organizational skills really kick in. I go through all the papers on the table and make various piles. I’ll throw something out and I will probably move a few things to the kitchen counter to be brought downstairs to be filed (or shredded.) Then I will take the new piles of stuff and stack em up to make one pile. I will then take the pile and move it to the other end of the table. Voila! Done.

Hmm, break over — time to shred.

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Loose Ends

Today is a very very very hot hot day. Hannah is home and she is packing, repacking, and drying her underwear in the backyard. She’s leaving for Turkey tonight. It’s amazing what goes on in her head . . . the decisions — black socks, hair gel, big backpack or small one, one skirt, two skirt, red shirt, blue shirt . . . and the list goes on. Hannah is an overpacker . . . she didn’t get it from me.

“I guess I’ll start packing,” I just heard her say to Sam. What could she be thinking? Sam(antha) is her travel partner. They have travelled overseas together before and continue to be friends. Good sign.

Text just received from Hannah (using Sam’s phone) — she is at JFK flying Business Class to Istanbul: “It’s hannah. I’m in the lounge. It’s mad fancy. They have free food and drinks. I could get used to this. Xo”

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Sittin’ On My Lawn in the Shade

. . . waiting for my drew to come home from Staples with bubble wrap. Yup, he is on a mission. A mission to clear the house of excess speakers. I’m not sure of the arrangements but he is going to be driving my car to Virginia with three pairs of speakers where he will meet someone who will exchange three pairs for one. Now he is at the point where he can’t figure out how to fit all these speakers in my car and he seems to think it’s my fault and I should be solving his problem.

Oh, the many chores of being The Good Wife. I made him an omelette this morning. He took a bite and something was crunchy. He spit it out. He said it felt like burnt paper. I couldn’t identify it. I felt it, sniffed it, but didn’t feel like tasting it — even though I am not afraid of drew’s germs. I’m okay with double dipping but I draw the line at double chewing.

Hmm, now I got me thinking — Did I ever chew someone else’s ABC gum? I can’t be sure. But I am sure that if I did chew someone else’s gum — it would be someone I knew.

Eh, enough . . . where was I? Ah, yes, Drew and his problem. Well, I think Drew hasn’t gotten over the fact that there was a bit of a crunch in his omelette this morning and now is taking it out on me in other ways. (Of course he’ll deny this but by time he reads this post it will be old news and all the world (well, my world) will have read it.

I spent hours today gardening. Weeding, moving some fairy roses, planting a white floribunda rose, a pretty hydrangea, and some herbs followed by the usual — one Aleve.  Doesn’t sound like much but it took me hours. I’m feeling good — is it the Aleve, or is it the gardening?

Beautiful day today but what’s with all the mosquitos?

A Busy Day

Drew’s back with bubble wrap, “I definitely could use your help . . . ” Hubby calling, must go . . . help . . . him.

OMG, what fond memories of baking 50 pounds of sand (a few pounds at a time) to put in the speakers — and now — now we have to empty 50 pounds of sand into a bucket in the middle of the living room. Those damn speakers better be worth all this bother and time and gas and tolls!!!!!

8:05 PM and we are done!!! Time for dinner and drinks! No, make that drinks, dinner and a bon bon.

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