I started this blog because of my darling husband’s prodding. “Write. Do something. Start a blog. Get a job. Clean the house.” I chose to write a daily blog. Good therapy. Keeps me writing, and, who knows, one day something useful might come out of all this.

I like watching my garden grow, wearing comfortable shoes, a strong cup of coffee in the morning, and all the other stuff too — like reading, writing, traveling, photography, collecting body parts . . .

But enough about me: If you’re wondering who is on the masthead then you apparently have somehow stumbled across my blog. These are my girlies: Rachel, properly accessorized, with a drink in her hand, and Hannah, who looks like she is about to stomp on a colony of little people — scary but cute. Both girls currently live in the East Village, NYC and they love it. I live in Merrick, NY with my stud-hub, Drew. We are empty nesters except when the girls come to visit.

This blog is about anything that is floating around in my head at the moment. I am trying to focus. It will take time. Bear with me.

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