Other People’s Blogs

“Did you get my email? I started reading this blog and it made me think of your blog. It was funny,” he said.
“So you’re telling me I should start writing my blog again?” she said.
“Yes, I think so. And you can write about NYC apartment hunting,” he said.
Well apparently he thinks she’s funny and her writing (as does this other person’s blog) reminds him of . . . of . . . what’s her name . . . Damn I can see her face. . . She can hear her voice (in writing, of course). Going through the alphabet now – A, B, C — He reaches for his computer – Erma Bombeck! Yes, that’s it. She had already gone through the alphabet twice and couldn’t come up with a name.

Wish I could remember the blog Drew was referring to but much time has passed and I haven’t a clue.

Alrighty now, got that squared away. Wish I had more to say right now but my phone is pinging (texts), my back is hurting, and I have a lot of reading to catch up on. But I’m attempting to keep up with my posts and my goal for now is at least once a week. consider this the once!

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