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I’ve spent the last 2 days thinking of what to write for my first twitter. (Is that correct — my first twit, twitter, tweet?)

I lost interest in Facebook a while back. It seems like a bunch of kinda private conversations gone wild and whether or not I care to read them doesn’t matter, they are posted on my wall every day. I’ve been unfriended by a few people. I get these threatening messages — respond or I am done with you! Well, I guess everyone else, if anyone, of my Facebook friends reading this will probably dump me now.

I started thinking of the reason I don’t mind posting and blabbing away on my blog and I know I’ve mentioned this before. It’s because you come to me and if you don’t want to read my post then you don’t have to. I could be writing this and nobody is reading it . . . well, maybe just a few friends and family that I quiz on a weekly basis. Yes, guilt is effective!

So why not twitter? All I have to do is come up with one, yes, just one, witty, cute, mind-boggling, eye-opening, brilliant . . . quote that people will repeat over and over again and remember for . . . sorry, getting carried away — just a simple sentence or two will do!

The idea to twitter came to me this weekend when Rachel sent me a text. I read it to Drew and he said, “Tell her she should twitter that.” So I wrote back, “Dad said you should twitter that.” And she responded, “I already did, before I wrote you.” Later that night I asked Rachel how can I access her twits and she told me I needed an account. And so a twit was born.

Now sallymaxwell can follow lucytheskunk!

The following took place before this was posted:

txt to rachel:  “Am I allowed to mention licht Eskimo on my blog?

she to me:  “No. Licht Eskimo is off limits.”

me to she:  “I hate autocorrect. (I meant) lucytheskunk.”

she to me: “Fine

me to she: “Yay. Don’t worry your little tush. I only have one follower and it is YOU!


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